Astra Zeneca: Peer Reviewed By Bill Gates, Soros et al…

Astra Zeneca was initially an “agrochemical” company producing toxic and debilitating fertilizers, herbicides, and nuclear weapons before launching into the Big Pharma Vaccine industry!  

But I get ahead of myself –

UCHealth in Colorado is working with Astra Zeneca to provide willing candidates for their vaccine trial.   Astra Zeneca in collaboration with Oxford is utilizing a different methodology for their vaccine verses the mRNA version adopted by other pharma companies.

Astra Zeneca is injecting an ‘inactive cold virus’ in combination with a protein supposedly identified on the outside of SARS-Cov.   Note:   NOT CoVid 19 – but SARS which was first identified in 2002.

Proteins are naturally occurring in every human body.   Thousands of these proteins act within healthy immune systems to attack bacteria and viruses.   When the immune system is compromised, the proteins become confused and can attack the wrong cells while allowing a virus to multiply and further invade.

The obvious question would be – if a person’s immune system is compromised, then injecting a foreign protein substance will only create additional havoc!   If a person’s immune system is compromised – the solution would be to fix the immune system – not inject more foreign data.

The survey to identify potential candidates for the Astra Zeneca trial at UCHealth includes some interesting questions:   1.   If you have tested positive for CoVid in the past – that does not disqualify you from the trial.   In other words, a positive test does not necessarily mean you have been diagnosed with COVid 19 – a differentiation 2.   You should be in good health, and 3.   Your occupation puts you at increased risk of contracting CoVid.

I decided to complete the online survey to see if I would qualify.   Just for funzies!   When I stated I had an underlying condition, I was rejected.   So I resubmit declaring I am the healthiest person on the planet – and behold – I was accepted!   TA-DA!   Which obviously means that healthy people, who are not at risk for the virus, are the only ones included in the trial.  The age range for acceptance is 18 – 54, the same group with the lowest risk.   Extra – Ta-Da!

The Astra Zeneca vaccine is only safe for those people who would not be a risk factor for getting the virus – and the vaccine could damage your healthy immune system causing complication not associated with the virus at all!   So if you experience severe neuropathy or encephalitis, that doesn’t count…

Despite these bogus trials, the vaccine will be given first to Healthcare workers, those people at ‘higher risk’, and essential workers (think government).   Once you have been vaccinated, that data will be transferred to the Colorado Immunization Registry where it will be subject to hacking and your health records compromised.

Dr. Gary Lukesan is leading the trial. His specialty is cardiology, with no training in virology or epidemiology.   He is not board certified, and has some rather unpopular reviews.

UCHealth gets all its funding from NIH.   They primarily service Medicaid and Indigent patients.   In other words – they service the old and aged, the drug addicts, and those of poor health, but those people are not valid participants in the Astra Zeneca trial.  WHY?  Because their immunity is in the twallete – and twallete people will die.

Before Astra Zeneca indulged in the pharma industry, they were an agro-chemical company operating under the name Imperial Chemical Industries.   They produced fertilizers, insecticides, dyestuffs and explosives.   During WWII, they were part of the UK’s nuclear weapons program. They branched into pharmaceuticals in 1957 with the guidance of McKinsey & Company.   McKinsey is a consulting firm that helps rebrand people and companies to conform to marketing strategies.   At the time, Fred Gluck was advising ICI, while simultaneously an acting Director at Amgen, Inc.   Amgen produces biopharmaceuticals in California. Gosh!   No conflicting relationship there!

Gluck still serves on a number of boards including the International Executive Service Corps.  

Founded by Rockefeller, IESC has established a footprint in South Sudan, Morocco, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Lebanon, Mali, Afghanistan, Liberia and China – where they worked with the Chinese government to deploy senior business executive leaders as volunteer experts to China. Their funding comes from USAID.

Another notable board for which Gluck administers is the Kavli Foundation.   They award prizes to scientists based on recommendations of:   Chinese Academy of Science, Max Planck Society, US National Academy of Sciences, The French Academy, and the Royal Society.

The Royal Society acts as an advisor to the UK Government, the European Commission, and the UN!  WHOA!

Comprised of roughly 1600 members including the current royal family, all members must be nominated by other members and subject to an approval process.   As of 2014 the Royal Society began publishing the “Open Access Scientific Journal”.

The Royal Society list of Donors includes – Astra Zeneca.

Other donors include the Kavli Foundation, GlaxoSmith Kline and Google.

Everything “Open Access” has its roots in the Budapest Open Access Initiative formed in 2002 by the Open Society Institute, ie George Soros.   The Max Planck Society declares itself to be a co-founder of the Open Access Initiative/Movement. Other signatories include a number of Canadian academics and universities as well as Harvard affiliates.   Open access was the basis of the Chinese Thousand Talents Program wherein scholarly science research conducted at universities across the US and Canada was given away to – China.

According to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Website: The Plan S Principles will be adopted as of 2021, “with all scholarly publications on the results from research funded by public or private grants provided by national, regional and international research councils and funding bodies, must be published in Open Access Journals, on Open Access Platforms, or made immediately available through Open Access Repositories without embargo.”

Apparently, this mandate was already adopted across the EU and EU Commission as of 2018 via cOAlition S.

Further, as of 2021, all scientists delivering research who wish to be published by a peer reviewed journal – must first be vetted according to the information allowed as per the journals under the auspices of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation trutherators.   In other words, if your science doesn’t agree with Gates – you can find your research twaletted.   Any agency that wants to advertise in their periodicals must also align with the Gates mandated version of information/truth of be twaletted.

They are even so kind as to provide a full list by country of those organizations that have climbed aboard the Gates train and will provide funding to scientists needing to appear scholarly – under their open access program.   The US list includes NIH, US Department of Energy and the EPA among others.

There is one source of funding for China – Chinese Academy of Science, which of course includes the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Funding sources for the UK include Oxford, London School of Economics, Open University OU and just about every government and university throughout the Kingdom.

SCIENCE is only science when it substantiates the view of the Royal Society which dictates/reiterates the truth as espoused by the EU, EU Commission and the UN, the college dropout Bill Gates, and the protocols of George Soros et al.   Astra Zeneca is not based on Science – but on chemical toxicity.   

And thus – the CIRCLE is complete.  

The Clinton Foundation – Grease two

Chelsea Clinton got her Masters in Public Health Education. That means you work on health education – to the public, as in explaining how it works. Ironically, she goes to work for McKinsey and Company, a company that specializes in business acquisitions and management consulting performing quantitative and qualitative consulting including restructuring and downsizing. Odd, but I don’t see what that has to do with ‘Public Health’. Because, it doesn’t.

She then goes on to work for Avenue Capital Group – a Hedge Fund that focuses on distressed debt and equity securities. Not exactly sure how that matches ‘Public Health’ education.

From there she worked for the “Clinton Foundation”, no surprise. Then NBC suddenly hires her as a ‘special correspondent’... with absolutely NO experience at a whopping starting salary of $600,000 which was more than many of the seasoned ‘journalists’!  Whoa!

Okay, so maybe her Bachelors Degree was something of worth…. Nah, it was in History. As in I want to be researcher or librarian, or some such thing. So now we have a history major with a switcheroo to Public Health working in one of the largest and most prestigious business acquisition companies, then in a hedge fund company and finally as a journalist given obvious preferential treatment – but the Clinton’s are just your “Average Family, Guy Girl”… Certainly, no strings pulled there…  Awwww, how sweet….

Her esteemed husband just tanked his hedge fund losing 90% of its value in just a few short years. The value loss is purported to be in excess of $25 million. Oops. Like father – like son…

According to the latest Clinton Foundation Form 990 filed for 2014, Chelsea is now considered a part and parcel of the foundation – although she receives no salary or compensation as an officer or director because those individual salaries are required to be specifically illustrated.   SURPRISE!  A total of $2.2 million was reported, in contrast to the official ‘other category’ of wages reported as a whopping $24.9 million for which delineation is not required. Hmmmm, do you think that’s where her salary was hidden? Hello?  Hello?  Gee whillakers, can’t imagine…

Again, total salaries, benefits and such amounted to about $34.5 million, IT expenses – as in Hillary’s email server – amounted to over $2 million, travel and conferences were over $20.4 million (that’s for ONE year people), office rent was $4.6 million (that’s $383,333 per MONTH), and some ambiguous expenses listed as ‘Other’ totaling about $4.3 million – as in not representative or worthy of discussion.

After all was said and done – they spent $5.1 million on actual grants – as in their total charitable contributions, on total expenditures of $91 million. That equates to about 5.5% on expenses and about 2.8% on revenues, which were $177.8 million… Yeehah!! Included in revenue was government grants of about $15.2 million – as in which governmentz??… The Saudis and Qataris??  Hello?

Yawn. They lost money on ‘program related investments’, as in they invested money and lost it so they decided to call it a Foundation investment instead of a personal investment which would be subject to an annual cap on losses of $3000. Whohooo!   Now it is 100% a write-off.

They lost money on fundraising, to the tune $1.1+ million, and lost money on their CDI Farming Program, which of course is one of their mainstay definitions for their 501(c)(3) status as a Foundation.

However, they did spend $12.3 million on the Clinton Presidential Center, more than TWICE as much as they spent on Grants, and a fancy way of saying a museum for Bill and Hillary, against feeble revenues of just $3.5 million. Another loss. Tch. Tch.

Their fundraising events showed a net Loss of about $1.1 million. Their largest Grant, $2 million, was to the Alliance For A Healthier Generation which is chaired by Chelsea Clinton. Oops..  Again, no conflict of interest there. Oddly, this organization is apparently also funded by The Department of Defense Healthy Base Initiative. What’s that?  Sounds like a Clinton arm twist to me.

Endowment Funds have gone from a minimal $250,000 just three years prior to $150,791,965 as of 2014. WOW! That’s a 600% increase in three years!  Gimme!

About $55 million in contributions to the Foundation came from just 8 ‘unnamed’ individuals. Ewww, we can guess who these unnamed are – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait – come to mind… Soros, of course.

They had $3.6 million in ‘speech revenues’ that went to the tax free Foundation as opposed to Bill and Hillary individually. Huh, how does that work? I think it’s called “tax evasion”.

Most importantly, they took a whopping $177.8 million in revenue and spent just $91 million leaving a nice tax free package of $86.5 million or about 50%. Gee, for a charitable organization, they sure aren’t very ‘charitable’.    But then – they believe government should fund welfare, not silly wealthy, mainstream wealthy – individuals… Unless, of course, they are running for office, and then any guy, person, who has more money than them – is subject to defamation and denigration and should be anteing up or be ridiculed hence forth!  Oh, but that only applies to those making more than ummmm  $250 million per year – as in the “Middle Class”.

Because it isn’t about wealth, it’s about how pissed they are that someone else has – more!