Child Trafficking – A Game of Sex and Politics

Charges against former IMF Chief accused of being involved in a prostitution ring in France will most likely – be dropped. Previous charges against him for rape and for allegedly groping were also dropped. The political game is a game of the elite and child sex trafficking is big business.

But it isn’t just France –

In fact, when reviewing specific charges against most US politicians for sexual ‘misconduct’, rape, etc…, the outcome is continually – no charge.

Hedge Fund manager, Jeffrey Epstein was charged with having had sex with underage girls and sex trafficking. His punishment? House arrest for one year. But that didn’t deter him from monthly trips to New York and his Caribbean island. There was tremendous pressure by friends in power to drop charges. In fact, the State Attorney claimed that the girls involved were not credible witnesses.

An online pedophile ring whose server apparently originated in the very liberal Netherlands was shut down by Europol police. There were supposedly 70,000 members, but a mere 184 arrests across the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Italy and Spain.  No names.  No convictions.

Terry Bean, a huge supported of President Obama, was indicted on sodomy and sexual abuse against a 15 year old boy. Two years later, he is still awaiting trial.

Geoffrey Dickens, a UK Conservative MP, had a dossier of allegations of sexual abuse committed by eight high ranking UK politicians. He gave his dossier to then Home Secretary, Leon Britton, and it was apparently destroyed. The new Home Secretary, Theresa May, claims it never existed. In 2012, Tom Watson, a Labour MP, stated that there is “clear intelligence suggesting a powerful pedophile network linked to Parliament and to Number 10.”

But it is now three years later and what has been done?

In 2014, a witness, (a victim now in his 40’s) came forward and claimed that these pedophiles not only sexually assaulted and abused their victims (as young as ten), they also killed them as sport. The crimes were committed between the late 1970’s and 1980’s and said to involve high ranking politicians, MP’s, etc…   These allegations are only now being probed, thirty years later. But will the political heavy weights quash any indictments?  Why would we believe otherwise when nothing has been done in the past.  It’s a hush business, open your mouth and you are dead.

Roughly the same time period another sex scandal was being probed. In the late 1980’s The Franklin Scandal surfaced in which allegations of White House involvement was implicated.  Boys Town was the source of the victims.   In that incidence, the only person to be charged was one of the victims – she went to jail for 4 ½ years for perjury.

A New York based pedophile ring was brought down in 2012. The Madame of the ring, Anna Gristine, stated that her clients included the elite of the elite, bankers, politicians, entertainment execs, etc… None were named and none were charged. She spent four months in jail.  A previous Madame who was indicted for similar charges stated she was prepared to name names.  Shortly thereafter, she was found dead.  The police ruled it ‘suicide’.

In the 1990’s Marc Dutroux built a prison in his basement where the children would be kept in cages – sexually abused – and then killed. His clients? Wealthy elite, politicians, CEO’s, bankers, those in position of power and wealth. None were named and none were ever charged.

So, where do the boys come from in these pedophile rings?

“Boys Homes” would appear to offer an endless supply of potential victims as was the case in the renowned Kincora Boys Home in Belfast and the ‘alleged case’ of Boys Town in Nebraska and the Ballarat schools in Australia. Other sources include Foster Care children, cults, Hollywood, Catholic churches, and the homeless. The stories are incredibly heart breaking, but they do provide an ugly look at the who and where and why investigations into sex trafficking are making little progress. It is bigger than we can even imagine.

And as long as the political pressure remains the client, nothing much will change.

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