APEC Meeting in San Francisco – Xi Jinping is Center Stage

Xi Jinping is coming to town.   Gavin Newsom, who recently made a visit to China replete with a private photographer (Paid For By California Taxpayers) that attempts to depict Newsom as GQ material, has cleaned up San Francisco – temporarily for the occasion.   The ‘story’ is Biden is meeting with Jinping to discuss reinvigorating relations.   Secretary of State Blinken could make no inroads.   CSIS is still calling for a potential standoff war with China should they ‘make a move on Taiwan’.   It appears Newsom made some promise – pinky swear – that has intrigued Jinping despite the obvious pariah attitude taken by Washington.  What could it be?

The Tittle:   Governor Newsom’s trip to China was about delivering real climate action and creating opportunities for future collaboration and cooperation.

The Truth:   Newsom wants to be King of America and he is offering China a share of the spoils if China will rig the election in his favor 2028.

Unfortunately, the entire trip came across like a Hollywood extravaganza without George Clooney.   Meanwhile, back at the Center for Strategic & International Studies, they are busily prepping the US for a war with China over Taiwan.   According to CSIS, China is provoking and threatening Taiwan and a third war engaging the US is imminent.

According to The South China Morning Post – the US and China are planning on a Taiwan coup that would be mutually acceptable given the election is slated for January 2024.  This would appear to be one of the many bribes proffered by our esteemed Leaders of Malignancy.

Just in time to quell tensions, despite sanctions by the WH and one week after Newsom’s return, Chinese companies are being allowed to buy up US chip making equipment to produce advanced semiconductors.   The ploy is to lure China back into the grip of the US Royal Societies so as to quell the advancement of the BRICS.   Jinping does not strike me as the intellect who would allow a second burn.   It is more likely he is playing the weak Newsom by appealing to his grandiose ‘ego’.

The Rothschild Economist takes an even pithier view of China/US relations: 

“Chinese leaders will accuse America and its allies of stoking a new cold war. They sense an opportunity to dislodge the West from the centre of world affairs. Their criticisms will have an economic component, too. With global growth slowing, including inside China, leaders in Beijing will charge America and other rich Western countries with erecting protectionist barriers to free trade and imperiling the future of globalization.”

With this sort of analysis demonizing China just ahead of the so-called Biden-Jinping meeting, the outcome is likely to be rather predictable.   China will take the bribes today and deliver – never.   Why should they?

The idea that China has ANY desire to discuss Climate Change and fentanyl is laughably hypocritical.   Despite the US doling out billions to the Green Fund, there have been zero demonstrative actions.  Which fields the agenda that the money to bribe China will be laundered out of the fund whose cash balance is $7 billion+ on total assets of $11.7 billion as of 12/2022.  Annual expenses for 2022 were $638 million on income of over $2 billion.  Total project expenditures which includes the ‘administrative costs associated within the Green Fund’ have totaled a mere $3.8 billion since its inception in 2015.

FBI Director Christopher Wray claims that China is ‘the defining threat against America’.   Yet, Blinken, Newsom and Biden want to pal around with Jinping…   And the FBI and CIA are all aboard the hypocrisy train in a nonsensical bid to re-woo China away from the BRICS and into the Hellpit of fire called the West.   Somehow, Jinping won’t notice.   Somehow, the idea that Jinping doesn’t monitor every news piece to this regard coming from the West is quashed.  Because the beating drum demands the destruction of the anti-globalization movement.

Who and what are the defining responsible parties and actions that have taken China’s economy into a nose dive?

The Western version of an answer is:  China’s economy is stagnating, plagued by a real-estate crisis, high unemployment, dwindling confidence among investors, and other setbacks.  ‘Other’ would include a pullback of direct foreign investment of 2000%.   Ordered By The West in 2022.   In fact, the notion that it was CoVid ignores the reality of numbers which saw a doubling of foreign investment during the Pandemic.

The reasoning?  1.   Punishment.  2.   An attempt to derail/coup Jinping’s 2023 Re-election failed and the agenda is to make him appear worthless and weak among the People.

The APEC Meeting scheduled for tomorrow in San Francisco, includes 21 member economies.   In order to be considered a member, the country must have a Pacific Ocean border.   While Russia will be represented at APEC, the iCC warrant on Putin remains in effect and he will not be attending.  The two largest economies attending will be China and the US.

The APEC itinerary has been slated to include 3 initiatives:  interconnectivity, inclusivity, and innovation, ie, Sustainable Future via the “Aotearoa Plan of Action” via the Bogor Goals.   The Bogor Goals were created in 1994 during Clinton’s reign as a Manifesto to be achieved by 2020.   It didn’t happen, therefore, the Manifesto was amended to an end date achievement of 2040.

The fact that the US imposed trade sanctions on China and Russia in violation of the APEC Rules is certainly of significance and will likely be a point of contention in this San Francisco meeting.   Not terribly sustainable – and most assuredly NOT inclusive.  In addition, economies are hardly thriving given the actions of western nations in creating a climate of inflation, stagflation, and global instability.

But reality is far from the parallel universe we inhabit at the mercy of dictators and emotion driven chaos.

These Goals call for the ultimate elimination of trade tariffs and the acceptance of the successor Global Dominance of the World Trade Organization.  In other words, Bogor Rules stipulate that a global union of the UN, WHO, WTO, World Bank, etc… will become the defacto Monarchial Ruler.  

INTERNATIONAL ORDER: A Game of Chess Gone To Checkers

Germany is mollified that Russians are still permitted to own iPhones and shop for clothes at Zara. Finland wants to prohibit Russians from existing in or entering the country.   And the EU is proposing visa bans for ALL Russians.   Starbucks has left.   And Latvian/Russian gymnast is told to renege her Russian passport or be banned from participation!   In the REAL world this would be a form of genocide.   In the Klaus Schwab world – this is simply a means to a coup.

The animosity and destruction of all things Trump by the Cartel is only matched by their hatred of all things Putin.   Including any Russian who stands by their Leader. Or any Trump supporter who stands by MAGA.   The parallels are an interesting parlay of division and intolerance.   Undeniably creating an interesting potential alliance.

However, those ‘alliances’ extend far more than simply Russia.

This line of demarcation is the FAIL of the Globalization International Order.   Having LOST for a decade in their attempt to colonize Russia via a Navalny Coup, they are now resorting to banal schoolyard antics.   Trump voters don’t suddenly run screaming for Biden any more than Putin Russians run into the brick wall of Navalny.

That aspect of the Game is LOST.   If you want to win – you need a completely different schematic.   Assuming your intellect can fathom beyond historical successes.

As more millennials find themselves in the labyrinth of layoffs and firings, directly caused by the WH spending and inflation pogrom, they lose their liberal cloak in the process.   As historical democrats become ‘perplexed’ over the affect of the Biden WH initiatives – they move their faith vote elsewhere.   And pretty soon – the Liberal Order has completely annihilated their entire BASE.

All of these failures, give rise to the notion that these old decrepit men have lost their mental acuity.   And mistakes are more frequent than successes.   Their salvation is the Media, because they report a different upside–down perspective that belies reality. And the Media has been their ownership tincture wagon since the late 1800’s

Their only salvation would be to completely shut down ALL Social Media.

Of Course – that would be their final Death March given then manipulation of social media is their only recourse.   MSM has died.   Their credibility is twallette water.   As such, the same Social Media demonized as disinformation is their only salvation!

However, their only nuance of support came as a direct result of blackmail.   Not a stellar steel frame.   When the blackmail begins to crumble, their Mafia/Cartel foothold is simply a walk on metal spikes.

Coveting China while simultaneously declaring China the West’s Largess Enemy – was NOT a good chess move.   It took time, but Xi Jinping AWOKE and realized he was no different than the play of the Shah, of Assad, of even Hussein.   They were all once considered western allies – before – they weren’t.

Like Putin, there once was a time when Xi Jinping believed he was a part of the ‘inner circle’.   That belief gave him a sense of power.   That power was then stripped.   And like his predecessors, he came to realize the backstabbing nature of the western elites.  In reality we really have no ally left.   Even Britain is not enthused.

After ‘fighting’ on ‘behalf’ of Mali for nine years, the French have vacated and the government is declaring that the French aligned with ISIS terrorists in the country the entire time.   Calling on the UN to intervene – is unfortunately akin to calling for the fox to determine the fate of the chickens.  But the Western desire to own Africa is  their forefront that balances on the fence of vaccine deaths, to supporting ISIS genocide, to land grabs, to…vaccine induced polio.

But countries across the globe are slowly, like the US, coming to terms with the wisdom of ‘who is the good guy and who is the bad’.   And the answer is not what Americans might prefer.   A difficult evolution.   The realization that your country is actually the main antagonist of civil, societal, and military strife – takes some breaths.

The salvation within this reality is that those persons who are ‘representatives’, aka wolves of our country – have absolutely zero alliance with The People.   Their allegiance is to self, money, and more money.   That would include those we deem above such corruption, like Ted Cruz.

When Ted Cruz infamously became embroiled in an airline dispute over a cancelled flight, his argument was, “Do you know who I am?”   The answer should have been, “Yes, you are my employee! I pay you.   And I can fire you for incompetence!”

The question MOST conservatives are asking is WHY staunch republicans have done absolutely nothing to – READ & call out the Inflation Recession Act.   Why are there no Epstein investigations?   Why are they NOT demanding prosecution of Hunter Biden? Why are Joey and Huntey still embroiled in CCP stock ownership?   WHY are they defending the $3.8 trillion in spending over just 18 MONTHS?   What have they accomplished in their entire tenure?

While the Chinese may have once been viewed as the complacent servants within the ideal of International Cartel Order, that generalization has most recently imploded!   And even their most basic chess game has now become a game of checkers.

US Treasury Report Card: Janet Yellen F-

The Progressive globalist elites are so obsessed with destroying Russia, that blinded focus is more important than saving America.   Having admitted to botching the US inflation flags, Yellen is now working on a way to curb Russian oil profits so as to destroy their economy!   That is the focus.   “Yellen, acknowledging that “it’s virtually impossible” for the U.S. to insulate itself from global oil shocks, told the Senate Finance Committee that it was a desirable strategy to implement a cap on prices for Russian oil.”  

Apparently, opening up drilling and fracking again to curb oil shortages and return US jobs and revenues is NOT an option.   Instead, decimating Russia’s oil which is supplying the BRICS with necessary supplies is much more important.

Why?   Because Russia survived the onslaught of sanctions and still refuses to submit to a coup.

Controlling the global oil is paramount to the World Economic Forum Agenda.   Yellen has been made a fool, she failed and must now prove herself worthy to the elite with the task of tanking Russia’s economy.

What is the job of the US Treasury Secretary?  In addition to managing banks and taxes, “the department makes recommendations regarding domestic and international financial, monetary, economic, trade, and tax policy, and publishes statistical reports.”  

Yellen Report Card:  

Trade – Since appointment by the WH Handlers, the trade deficit has risen 37.5%. In 2009 the trade deficit peaked at $1.4 trillion. By the end of Trump’s term it had fallen to $800 billion.   It now stands at $1.1 trillion after 18 months of Yellen magic!

Economy – The GDP declined by 1.5% the first quarter 2022. Of the 9.3 million lost jobs as a result of Lockdowns, only 6.7 million have been added back = losing 28%.   12,000 more businesses closed than opened in 2021. The true number of VAX deaths and debilitations is still ‘unknown’.

Monetary –  Consumer price inflation stands at 8%, the highest in 40 years – with housing, food, oil, gas, and electricity increasing 100% to 300%.   And all US departments claim they have zero control over these price gouges… Leading Americans to question the purpose of the Federal Government.

International Finance – twalette water across every major economy from Europe to Asia.

Fiscal Report – 2021:      Assets declined to $4.9 trillion from $5.95 trillion = negative 18%.   Net Asset Deficit increased from ($26.8) trillion to $(29.9) = (11.6%) growth.   $4.8 Trillion was disbursed to government agencies for CoVid Relief – of which $1.6 trillion went to the Department of Treasury for rebates, $1 trillion to Small Business Administration for non-loans interest free, forgiven, $885 billion to Department of Labor for unemployment insurance, $464 billion to department of HHS – hospital rebates, $282 billion to Department of Education for student loan payments, Department of Agriculture $164.5 billion – farm subsidies, Homeland Security – $116 billion – vaccines , Department of Transportation $106 billion – subsidies, and OTHER – $241 billion.

According to the Auditors of the Treasury Report:

“…the federal government’s systems, controls, and procedures were not adequate to reasonably assure that the consolidated financial statements are consistent with the underlying audited entity financial statements, properly balanced, and in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (U.S. GAAP). During our fiscal year 2021 audit, deficiencies in the preparation of the consolidated financial statements included the following. • For fiscal year 2021, auditors reported internal control deficiencies at several component entities related to their entity-level controls, including the control environment, risk assessment, information and communication, and monitoring components of internal control, that could affect Treasury’s ability to obtain reliable financial information from federal entities for consolidation.

The entire list of deficiencies is several pages long –

In other words – the Auditors have determined that the entire Treasury Report is basically – hugely impaired and worthless.   Of the $4.8 trillion – at least $281 billion was ‘lost’.

Despite sugaring our economy with $4.8 trillion – our economy is now in a Recession!   How is that possible?   Yellen gets an F-. Given that she has done such a stupendous job for the US, she has now declared she is setting her sights on Russia with the objective of destroying their economy causing chaos and death.

BRAVO YELLEN – I am sure you are quite proud of your accomplishments.

Why DO The Cabalists Want RUSSIA?

ALL Focus is on Russia’s potential invasion of Ukraine.   The common justification is that Russia wants Ukraine’s resources.   But Ukraine’s Resources were already SOLD to payoff their insurmountable Debt.   The REAL Question is why do the Cabalists want RUSSIA!?

THE Reason Russia is not overwhelmed by New Sanctions is because they have been the brunt of a continuous slew since 2014:

  1. The United States suspends trade and investment talks with Russia as well as military-to-military cooperation.
  2. The EU imposes visa restrictions and asset freezes on 21 Russian and Ukrainian/Crimean officials.
  3. The United States imposes visa restrictions and asset freezes on 11 Russian officials, including the speaker of the Federal Council Valentina Matviyenko, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, and presidential aide Vladislav Surkov.
  4. EU-Russia summit cancelled.
  5. Sixteen Russian officials and Bank Rossia added to the U.S. Treasury sanctions list.
  6. Twelve individuals added to the EU sanctions list
  7. EU embassies in Russia ordered not to issue visas to residents of Crimea.
  8. The United States announces a ban on the issuance of export licenses for defense products or services to Russia.
  9. Bilateral U.S.-Russia presidential commission is reported to have been temporarily suspended.
  10. Seven Crimean officials and the Crimean Chernomorneftegaz oil company are added to the U.S. Treasury sanctions list.

IN Fact, Russia is still sanctioned for interfering in the US election with the defacto evidence being the repudiated Trump Dossier!    The List above is only relative to one month in 2014, and is not even close to the full extensive list.   The purpose of sanctioning is to break the economy.   Breaking the economy means the installation of a puppet president.   And installation of a puppet president means the Globalist Cabal is complete in their colonization.

There are those circulating false notions that Russia wants Ukraine for her resources:   A)   Ukraine’s resources are a speck of sand compared to Russia –   B)   Ukraine is in sovereign debt default to China, the IMF, and a number of private Hedge Funds.   C) The reason Zelensky had to get a loan from China was because he had failed to break the economy out of its death spiral and no one else would loan him a dime.

The Second Interesting Riff on Putin – In 2017, Klaus Schwab joyfully lists Merkel, Trudeau and Putin as graduates from the WEF Young Global Leaders Program.   To be a Young Global Leader, one must be under 38.   The WEF program was created in 1993 when Putin was 41. At the time of the recognition statement, Schwab was nearly 80.

The Daily News Break published a comprehensive list of persons who have gone thru the WEF Young Leaders Program.   It does NOT list Putin.   But the list is notable with Bill Gates being first up in 1993, and does in fact include Macron, Merkel, Chancellor Kurtz, Buttigieg, Nikki Haley, Samantha Power, Paul Krugman, Alicia Garza – co-founder BLM, Sanjay Gupta, Omidyar, Thiel, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Google founders and CEO, Annalena Baerbock, Jack Ma, Thomas Friedman – NYT, etc..

Hollywooders are also listed:   DiCaprio, Charleze Theron, Anderson Cooper, and Ashton Kutcher.  

Moscow, Russia, 13 October 2021 – “Russia will take a leading role in shaping the trajectory of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Today, leaders from the Russian Federation and the World Economic Forum announced the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Russia.”

There are 15 countries that have joined this trajectory: Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, Israel, Columbia, UAE, Ghislaine Maxwell’s Ocean Data, US, India, and Japan.

Their focus is AI, data, medicine and blockchain.

ANO Digital Economy will run Russia’s interest – a fully Russian NGO.   Integration in this particular segment of the 4th Industrial Revolution is not terribly notable as an admission of Cabalist guilt.   It was more likely a move to enhance Russia’s own advancement so as to not be left behind in the AI evolution.   Tapping knowledge is inevitable for future technology.   But having NGO control by Russia was paramount in the decision.

By contrast, the Biden Handlers have been busy destroying the economies of the US, EU, and Canada, for the implementation of Agenda 2030 and global depopulation to 1 billion total – according to Klaus Schwab’s book.   The agenda for Russia has been the installation of puppet globalist Navalny.  Which has been derailed every time – ramping up their anger tantrums.

Russia has continued the race of The Tortoise & The Hare building up military and cyber technology while stockpilingand building their Resources.   The Media defamation has gone ballistic – likely because Russia has repeatedly out-maneuvered their demonizing.   One such “expose” is to claim Russia Just Wants To Ingratiate Itself As A Super Power!   Well, isn’t everyone?

Russia Resources:   Less than 2 years ago the price of a barrel of oil was just $19.   The US was an independent exporter.   Today the US is an importer once again and the price of a barrel is $93, an increase of almost 400%. Where are we importing oil from?   Not Ukraine – Russia.

Heating oil is up 50% and rising.   Germany imports 40% from – Russia, not Ukraine. Russia now holds 21% of global gold reserves – not Ukraine. Of the large economies, Canada and Norway’s gold reserves total $-0-.   Russia’s soil is black-gold the best in the world. Lake Baikal, Russia; 395 miles long – 45 miles wide – 5,387 feet deep.   It contains ¼ of the worlds fresh water and contains more water than all the Great Lakes…combined!

So let’s rephrase:   Why would the Globalists want Russia?

UKRAINE’S Zelensky War – When The Blackmailer Gets Blackmailed

Every Headline Across the Entire Globe – ‘the imminent War instigated by Russia against Ukraine will occur in 24 hours!’    Every day for 2 months!   A GLOBAL distraction from reality!   And in the shadows of no media coverage is the fact that according to the Durham Probe Hillary Clinton has been found to have hired an IT company for the purpose of hacking President Trump’s server and spying on his every word – has it even been mentioned?

Does it qualify as Treason?

Ukraine War a Distraction?

WHY?   It could subject her to high treason. And that is pretty big news! And according to ‘Old Law’ would required hanging.   Typically, publically.

Huddled in their void of reality behind an abundance of leather, dead animals, porn tapes, and booze, damage control requires the most fearful of media propagandist posts – WWIII!   Everyone will focus entirely on this singular fear while the Cleaners attempt to create a viable solution to Hillary’s imminent hanging.

I imagine she is quite swinging with arms and head flailing about in irreverent angry pissiness as the obscenities are released like dark chocolate with a hint of sea salt… on a pot party.   Who to bribe?   Who to suicide?   The intricacy of woven machinizations is like a horror movie.   To believe that people are this sick is beyond comprehension.

Once in a fine while I read something hilariously epically funny by The Slog a blogger from the UK living in exile – France…and it relieves the tension!   Personally, I think we all should be exiled to Tuscany or Positano…   Of course that would have to be ‘pre-CoVid’.   No one wants to move to Europe at ALL right now.   The regime has become much too Heil!


Simultaneously, but not coincidentally, an article was released by the NGO, Quincy Institute, an obscure organization, which claims certain ‘US Senators were heavily lobbied by the Ukrainian government to instigate heavy sanctions and to send massive amounts of ‘free weaponry’ to the country. ‘ Those Senators were named as Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton, Ron Johnson, John Barrasso, and Jeanne Shaheen.   An interesting ‘Odd Lot” whose politics would seem unaligned.

The Quincy Institute is funded by:  Open Society, Rockefeller Fund, and Charles Koch – to name a few!!

Ted Cruz put forth a failed bill to punish any US companies doing business with Nord Stream II.   And Menendez has put forth a bill that is a whopper of sanctions should…something happen, sometime soon, in the near future, tomorrow perhaps – or not.   In the meantime Ukraine continued to court The Atlantic Council and suddenly blackmail would seem to be the means to the end. The obvious target would be Biden and Hunter.

Possibly seeing a distraction from her own Durham criminal probe, Hillary may think that a War would be the perfect means for burying – again – her Russia Dossier failure.

And suddenly, Zelensky is wondering what the eff just happened. He didn’t want his country obliterated, he just wanted out of his sovereign debt default. And the blackmailer got blackmailed.  Pedaling backwards, Zelensky was way over his head!

Not only do hundreds of major US corporations have offices in Ukraine, five European companies hefted a billion each to build Nord Stream II: Wintershall, ENGIE, Uniper, Shell, and OMV. They have also spent millions on lobby efforts to block sanctions. The parent company of Wintershall is Bayer – ‘promoting sustainability’.   ENGIE is French.   Shell is Dutch. Uniper is German. OMV is Norwegian.   And it becomes rather obvious these large stakeholders have NO desire to see their pipeline bombed by the idiot Brandon and his cohorts Blinkman and ExAustin.

While US and UK forces are supposedly leaving Ukraine after a month of training their military in the use of advanced weaponry – a militant Nazi organization operating in Ukraine is training 79 year old grandma’s how to use AK-47’s.   And now the war is clearly defined as a citizen death march.

What could Zelensky possibly have on the Biden’s that hasn’t already been revealed? Something massive enough that he unwisely chose to use that to ‘liberate’ his country from its debt load…  

NATO In Violation With 1990 Soviet Agreements!

CSIS, Center for Strategic & International Studies, has decided that they will be the source to create a plethora of Sanctions against Russia over Ukraine. Apparently, they want the sanctions to take affect without Russia doing anything to provoke them.   CSIS is of the opinion that Russia should be sanctioned merely because it exists.   It’s existence is now considered ‘A Crisis’!  But what were the 1990 Promises Made TO Gorbachev?

Within the Sanctions, CSIS observes, they need Russia’s supply of gas.

Therefore sanctions are simply a tool to destroy the economy without firing a shot. Thereby preserving Russia’s resources for a ‘realignment’ coup.   Redistribution of wealth in this case means stealing from a country in order to make the elite Cabalists more wealthy. 

CSIS has thus devised a plot which they advertise, Crisis Crossroads in Ukraine. First and foremost they dequire a continuation of the propaganda so as to deflect reality.   Insert US troops and mercenaries inside Ukraine while demanding Russia uphold the Minsk Agreement which prohibits foreign troops in either country.

Second, and this is even more BOLD:   CSIS recommends that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence leverage existing processes to develop consistent terminology for categorizing and defining categories and types of gray zone behavior.  You see, our world has now so much data that intelligence analysts cannot identify what information is relevant… not very intelligent.

This recommendation of course would require the creation of a committee that would appropriate a new multi-million dollar budget to define ‘Gray Zones’.   Which would likely take years of hard analytical work bolstered by objective and reliable media sources which would be the catalyst for determining intelligence data.   CSIS recommends Bellingcat and HawkEye 360.

Bellingcat:   Eliot Higgins was an unemployed blogger in 2014 who used his sources, Twitter, Facebook, and television, to produce statements regarding who was at fault.   Prominent in the time of the Syria War, his reports followed the CIA narrative.

A Documentary of Bellingcat was produced by Femke Wolting and Bruno Wille Felix in 2018.   The documentary was screened by the Human Rights Watch Film Festival.   HRW is a Soros funded organization.   Bruno Felix previously worked with TEDx Transmedia, an offshoot of the TED Institute.   As in TED Talks.  The TED speaker list is infamous for Bill Gates Depopulation Agenda speech.

The TEDx Headline query is: “Theme: What If: Socially Responsible Media… Focusing on Media That Matters”  – a coinage of the other Soros NGO – Media Matters!

In other words, Bellingcat is a creation of the Soros Empire which includes the CIA, Gates and CSIS.

HawkEye 360:   Founded in 2015 and based in Herndon, Virginia, they have developed commercial space based moving satellites which use RF Intelligence and analytics to quickly identify and geolocate activities of interest.   A number of Board members come from Raytheon, DoD, and/or various hedge funds.   Funding has come from the Air Force as well as a number of private funds and investors.  BIG BROTHER.

The CSIS article links back to a US DoD Fact Sheet entitled Fact vs Fiction: Russian Disinformation on Ukraine.

FACT:   NATO never promised not to admit new members.  NATO enlargement is not directed against Russia.  Every sovereign nation has the right to choose its own security arrangements and to enter into defensive regional alliances for purposes of self-defense.

FICTION:  The West shuns diplomacy and goes straight to measures like sanctions.

I would suggest the DoD restate which is fact and which is fiction: 1) IF every sovereign nation has the right to choose its own security arrangements – that would include Russia.   2) The entire point of CSIS Ukraine offensive is to sanction Russia and its government officials EVEN if Russia does nothing – there is no diplomacy at all!

And 3)   “NATO never promised not to admit new members.”   True.   Word-play.  However, it is a media parlay of propaganda:

NATO did promise “not one inch eastward” on February 9, 1990,   “NATO expansion is unacceptable.” Baker assured Gorbachev. “Neither the President nor I intend to extract any unilateral advantages from the processes that are taking place, not only for the Soviet Union but for other European countries as well it is important to have guarantees that if the United States keeps its presence in Germany within the framework of NATO, not an inch of NATO’s present military jurisdiction will spread in an eastern direction.” 

The supporting Documents did not come from Russia. They weren’t doctored by Russia.   They came from the US – from the National Security Archives released in 2017.   There are 30 collective memorandums ALL reinforcing the original promise to Gorbachev dating from February 1990 to July 1991.

For the DoD and CSIS to simply ignore the agreements defines their utter propaganda disinformation and sorely negates their authority in anything.   In simple terms – they are LIARS. And I am ashamed that my government cannot speak Truth.

NATO, the US, DoD, CSIS, Germany, UK are aware of these documents. And likely have copies. It isn’t what Gorbachev heard, it is 30 supporting written memorandums.   Neither CSIS the US or NATO have any legal ability to interfere in Russia’s sovereign right to it’s military exercises within its territory, to expand into Ukraine or any other nation east of Germany which includes; Poland, Latvia, Belarus, Estonia, Ukraine, and Finland.  OR they will be in violation of International Law.   

AND IF – war did break out – Russia would be in the right to Defend against ILLEGAL NATO EXPANSION.

The memorandums are available here: https://nsarchive.gwu.edu/briefing-book/russia-programs/2017-12-12/nato-expansion-what-gorbachev-heard-western-leaders-early

GLOBAL CORPORATISM – Directed by the United Nations

CEO’s are moving closer to center stage in the Shakespearian Event of America’s Coup.   While us peasants are continually mortified that CEO’s and Boards are jumping into the political firestorm, we may have missed the point.   Because THAT is the point of the Coup.   Our political system is shifting to a Fascist Corporatism.

US SUPPLY CHAIN – The ten corporations that own/control just about everything we buy rule via:   Pepsico, Coca Cola, Nestle, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft-Heinz, P&G, General Mills, Kellogg’s, MARS, and Mondelez – (which is a spin-off of Kraft).

ALL these companies were initially formed in the late 1800’s thru 1920’s.

  1. CEO of PepsiCo is Ramon Laguarta from Spain has been CEO since 2017.
  2. CEO of Kraft/Heinz is Miguel Patricio from Portugal, he has been CEO since 2019.
  3. CEO of General Mills is Jeff Harmening who was appointed in 2017.
  4. CEO of Nestle is Ulf Mark Schneider from Germany. He was appointed in 2017.
  5. CEO of Johnson & Johnson is Alex Gorsky appointed in 2012.
  6. CEO of P&G is David Taylor appointed as of 2016.
  7. CEO of MRAS is Grant Reid from the UK – appointed in 2014
  8. CEO of Unilever is Alan Jope, a Scotsman appointed in 2019.
  9. CEO of Coca Cola is James Quincey of the UK appointed 2016.
  10. CEO of Mondelez is Dirk Van de Put from Belgium appointed in 2017.

These CEO’s that own the US food chain of supply were all recently instituted.   NOT coincidentally.  

TOP TEN GLOBAL BANKS – Of the top ten banks in the world, five are owned by China, 2 by the US, one by Japan, UK and France. Of the two in the US, Jamie Dimon is CEO of JP Morgan Chase, a lifelong democrat who supported Obama … and Romney.   Brian Moynihan is CEO of Bank of America and a grounded supporter of all things Obama.

MEDIA – Five Corporations own the vast majority of US media: Time, Comcast, NewsCorp, Disney, and Viacom/CBS.   ALL are liberal democrat sustainers.   Disney CEO Bob Chapek was appointed in 2020.   CEO of Comcast has been an avid supporter of Obama and Hillary.   Ditto Time, ditto NewsCorp, ditto Viacom.

NGO’S – The top 20 NGO’s have one common thematic – adopting, promoting and implementing the UN/WEF Sustainability Development Goals.   This would indicate that in fact the instructions for corporatism initiate through the UN.   The UN’s tagline would be: Peace, Dignity and Equality on a Healthy Plant.    No mention of financial security, Unity, Liberty, or Fair Justice.  

The last EO instituted by Biden on April 16th is deemed to be a sanction on Russia however it states that all property shall be confiscated by the US Government for any person who is deemed by the Secretary of Treasury (Janet Yellen) to have:    C)   engaged or attempted to engage in undermining democratic processes., and F) activities that undermine the peace, security, political stability, or territorial integrity of the United States.   In addition, should any individual as determined by Janet Yellen be blocked, their spouse and all adult children will also be blocked.

If a person is blocked per Janet Yellen’s order, any person or organization which provides funds, goods or services to that person is prohibited and they too will be ‘blocked’ if they do.    The entire Order is – retroactive and NO NOTICE is necessary before the blockage.

This means that one person has the power to make a determination of ‘undermining’ without ANY judicial process and confiscate all your property and prevent your future sustenance and healthcare.

Oddly, there are US companies currently doing business with Russia that could be ‘blocked’ and confiscated as subversive according to the EO, including:   PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, Cargill, Alcoa, GE, Proctor & Gamble, GM, and Mondelez.

Unfortunately, Biden’s EO has other unintended ramifications.   In 2019, Tatiana Valovaya of the Russian Federation was appointed as Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva.   She formerly worked for the Russian Federation from 1989 thru 2012.   Thus she could be BLOCKED and all her assets, those of her husband and children – confiscated.  I don’t think she would be very happy. Oops.

It is essentially the marking of the beast.

Global Corporatism has been systematically crafted, staged and implemented over the last decade.   They are now all in place awaiting instructions.

Corporatism is a political ideology with roots in the Catholic Church, Monarchies and Fascism from the Middle Ages. Today, engaging in social aspects of society is the Hammer. Instead of simply being a consumer entity, Corporatism advocates for their power to be directed as the Keeper of Humanity.   It is something of a god like dominion.   By contrast the Federal Government was created to support Justice, Liberty, Defense, and General Welfare.   General Welfare has been a common cause for legal action in its over-stepping the bounds as stipulated in The Constitution.

None of these clauses are mentioned in the UN Sustainability Goals.   Which leads to the assumption that all Constitutions globally will no longer exist should the UN determine itself to be the Global Governance under a Corporatism structure. No states or countries will have sovereignty.   And all peoples will be required to hold to one universal thought as promulgated by the UN.

How delightful…

UK Sanctions Russia – Russia Assassinating Spies? Or Russian Mafia?

Once again the complete denouncement of basic law is being manipulated in the UK, with France, Germany and the US jumping onboard. Guilty – until proven innocent.

Imagine if this became the new common justice system for all crimes, all criminals?   It is reminiscent of Sharia Law in which a woman who is raped is considered the criminal and not the victim and is thus punished according to their judicial system – caning, torture, jail, and possibly death.   In circumventing law, the UK is adopting this modicum and Parliament jeers anything less. A lynch mob reminiscent of public hangings or – beheadings.

A double agent and his daughter are subjected to a nerve gas poisoning in Salisbury England and because this particular form of nerve gas was first manufactured in the Soviet Union 30 years ago, circumstantial evidence is the final verdict without a trial, without a court.   To date, the UK has refused to send samples of the poison to Russia for analysis, which would also appear to be odd, unless they didn’t have such a sample.

But apparently, even that isn’t the real story. The nerve agent isn’t the pure Novochok manufactured in the Soviet Union in the 1980’s, in fact it is a hybrid, less potent, and somewhat altered, if not in a manner that was considered, sloppy. Hardly the finesse of a Russian government, more of the botched concoction of a third party…

After the Soviet Union collapsed, Jewish immigrants and former soviet FSB agents banned together to form the Russian Mafia. They grew massively planting seeds in Bulgaria, Ukraine, Serbia and other eastern bloc countries. Ultimately they also infested Israel where they are a formidable presence today.   The mafia in these countries have since infiltrated the US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Australia and much of South America. Large and in charge – they had obtained control of the assets that were once property of the USSR – including chemical weapons.

But the complete formula for making Novochok could never be completely duplicated and thus hybrids were created – by eastern Blocs and purportedly the US.

When Alexander Litvinenko was murdered, he was investigating a connection between Spanish links and the Russian Mafia. As a former FSB agent himself, he had accused the Soviet regime of massive corruption and ties to the Russia Mafia under Boris Yeltsin. Yeltsin was forced to resign under pressure from civilian protests for his corrupt regime. By then the Russian Mafia was firmly entrenched.

Both Putin’s government and the US FBI have collaborated to eradicate the hold the mafia has had over Russia. Multiple arrests of Mafia bosses have helped to purge it’s rein somewhat, but it remains the largest, deadliest enemy the world has today controlling human trafficking, drug smuggling, corporate theft, fraud, etc…

They are also the main perpetrator in global assassinations.

What is going on? Why is the UK targeting Russia? It seems reminiscent in arming the rebel factions of Al-Nusra in Syria…

The only other case that the media is frequenting in their ‘factoid’ is that of Alexandre Litvenenko, a double agent who was poisoned using radioactive polonium in 2006. At the time of his poisoning he was investigating a link between Spaniards and the Russian Mafia.   So why would the UK assume Putin was to blame when the Russian Mafia and Spanish were the main target of Litvinenko’s inquest?

Perhaps Theresa May’s pressure is not coming so much from MP’s as from the Russian Mafia itself as they have setup shop in the UK and most likely have quite a bit of ‘garbage’ on politicians.

Still, a number of media outlets have raised the ante of agents killed in the UK by “the Russian Government”, claiming upwards of thirteen:

Georgi Markov – he was actually a Bulgarian dissident murdered by a pellet fired from an umbrella (sounds like The Avengers to me). The suspect was Francesco Guillino, a Dane of Italian heritage who was a petty thief before being indoctrinated as a secret agent of the “West”. Guillino maintains a life in the EU.

Brerezovsky – he capitalized on the chaos of privatization of property after the fall of the USSR and during the rise and flourish of the Russian Mafia.   He was in the inner circle of the corruption of the Yeltsin empire (Russian Mafia?) and is said to be worth over $5 billion.   Given the time frame, it would be logical that Brerezovosky was also heavily involved with the Russian Mafia. He was instrumental in Yeltsin’s ousting of Alexander Korzhakov who claimed that he and his Communist operatives from the former USSR were the true governors of Russia and Yeltsin was a pawn.   Seeking asylum in the UK, he was backed by M-16. After a lost trial in which he sought remuneration of $3 billion, he was found hung.

Scott Young – connected to Brerezovsky who was connected to Litvinenko, was also targeted by the Russian mafia.   Interestingly, he was also a client of Mossack Fonseca, aka, The Panama Paper Caper, in which he hid over $400 million in funds from his divorcing wife. As a result of this hidden asset fraud he was sentenced to jail, became somewhat sociopathic, and was pushed off the balcony of his flat shortly after his release.   The assumption was that because he was connected to Brerezovsky, he was a victim of Putin.

There are now over 13 Mafia groups across the globe including Israel, Canada, US, Italy, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Romania and Turkey.

With Theresa May leading the pack of sanctions, the logic of targeting Russia and Putin becomes highly questionable.   Russians own quite a bit or real estate in the UK.   Estimates indicate that Russian ownership accounts for roughly 7-8% of all property. The exact number is impossible to calculate because most ownership of property in the UK is done through opaque offshore accounts in which the real owner of record is virtually impossible to locate.

If Theresa May sanctions Russia further and attempts to freeze assets, a mass exodus could tank London real estate… unless of course, the Saudis are waiting in the wings, cash in hand…

Given Theresa Mays recent dealing with the Saudis for more weapons, could London real estate be the blackmail/othersideofthecoin?   Tit for tat?

Jeremy Corbyn has attempted to make these points, only to be met with jeers and admonitions from both Boris Johnson and Theresa May.   And it would appear that Boris Johnson is leading the pack of wolves/MP’s in their bid to derail Russia once again.

Given that May has refused to release samples of the nerve toxin, refused to share the evidence that she is using to base her claims upon, and has moved so radically so quickly, it appears that an agenda is manipulating the truth quite massively. The speed with which this is being done would indicate there is something else that will be dropped on the global citizens quite soon. Something rather formidable, I would venture…


The Russia Sanctions – That Weren’t. The backdoor approach is a common tactic employed in politics and can be most convenient when dealing with a sanctimonious, vicious and rather unjournalistic Media Presscorps.

Prodded, shoved and most likely written by shadows within the Left (aka Soros) teamsters, the media has attempted to create a Monster within alien proportions in the name of Russia. Fed a daily dose of 15 billion pounds of engorged Monsanto laden diatribe, the vilification drove the initial sanctions imposed during the Obama administration and a rife of Merkel/Putin rooster pecking.

For the most part, the sanctions didn’t work and actually forced Putin to re-align Russia’s economy on a more diverse strategy thus giving an overall long-term boost to the economy. While the Mainstream failed to take note, governments did not.

Enter Trump. Trump saw Russia as a source of capital profiting. Looking past the shadow vilification, he saw the present and historical truth that had been rewritten to support a Soros agenda, ie, WWI and WWII. Without going into detail – during both World Wars Russia was our ally and Germany was our enemy.

The media has continued to push against Russia, and new sanctions have been the targeted game to purportedly ‘cripple’ Russia’s economy and send them whimpering into a cave.

New sanctions were signed by Trump yesterday. But apparently the economy that is crying foul is not the Russians, but the EU. And to counter the gasp sanctions imposed most recently, the EU is threatening to lift ALL sanctions against Russia in retaliation against – the US.

Why does the EU stand to lose as a result of the latest sanctions?

“The sought [after] sanctions against pipeline projects are designed to boost energy exports from the US to Europe, create jobs in the US, and strengthen US foreign policy,” Harms said.

Sanctions policies are neither a suitable nor an appropriate instrument for promoting national export interests and the domestic energy sector,”

So what is the EU, in particular Germany, all in a tizzy about? The Nordstream 2 pipeline that would extend from Russia across the Baltic to Germany and bring necessary oil and gas inventory. Even though Germany was at the forefront of establishing Russia sanctions, they still were quite reliant on Russia for energy and thus didn’t want to destabilize their own economy.

So how best to twist the knot created by Germany and the EU?   Put them in a position of dire economic withdrawal during a volatile campaign year in which Merkel ratings have plummeted already due to the Soros fueled immigrant chaos and spiral Germany into its own recession bought and paid for by Soros.

Because if the EU starts blubbering to Congress and whining about their reliance on Russia and the need to lift sanctions, our gleaming patriotic Congress is sure to follow.

Thus the backdoor is opened, Russia is freed of all the ridiculous sanctions and life in the world of big business can move forward albeit with a wary eye where it should be – North Korea.