US Treasury Report Card: Janet Yellen F-

The Progressive globalist elites are so obsessed with destroying Russia, that blinded focus is more important than saving America.   Having admitted to botching the US inflation flags, Yellen is now working on a way to curb Russian oil profits so as to destroy their economy!   That is the focus.   “Yellen, acknowledging that “it’s virtually impossible” for the U.S. to insulate itself from global oil shocks, told the Senate Finance Committee that it was a desirable strategy to implement a cap on prices for Russian oil.”  

Apparently, opening up drilling and fracking again to curb oil shortages and return US jobs and revenues is NOT an option.   Instead, decimating Russia’s oil which is supplying the BRICS with necessary supplies is much more important.

Why?   Because Russia survived the onslaught of sanctions and still refuses to submit to a coup.

Controlling the global oil is paramount to the World Economic Forum Agenda.   Yellen has been made a fool, she failed and must now prove herself worthy to the elite with the task of tanking Russia’s economy.

What is the job of the US Treasury Secretary?  In addition to managing banks and taxes, “the department makes recommendations regarding domestic and international financial, monetary, economic, trade, and tax policy, and publishes statistical reports.”  

Yellen Report Card:  

Trade – Since appointment by the WH Handlers, the trade deficit has risen 37.5%. In 2009 the trade deficit peaked at $1.4 trillion. By the end of Trump’s term it had fallen to $800 billion.   It now stands at $1.1 trillion after 18 months of Yellen magic!

Economy – The GDP declined by 1.5% the first quarter 2022. Of the 9.3 million lost jobs as a result of Lockdowns, only 6.7 million have been added back = losing 28%.   12,000 more businesses closed than opened in 2021. The true number of VAX deaths and debilitations is still ‘unknown’.

Monetary –  Consumer price inflation stands at 8%, the highest in 40 years – with housing, food, oil, gas, and electricity increasing 100% to 300%.   And all US departments claim they have zero control over these price gouges… Leading Americans to question the purpose of the Federal Government.

International Finance – twalette water across every major economy from Europe to Asia.

Fiscal Report – 2021:      Assets declined to $4.9 trillion from $5.95 trillion = negative 18%.   Net Asset Deficit increased from ($26.8) trillion to $(29.9) = (11.6%) growth.   $4.8 Trillion was disbursed to government agencies for CoVid Relief – of which $1.6 trillion went to the Department of Treasury for rebates, $1 trillion to Small Business Administration for non-loans interest free, forgiven, $885 billion to Department of Labor for unemployment insurance, $464 billion to department of HHS – hospital rebates, $282 billion to Department of Education for student loan payments, Department of Agriculture $164.5 billion – farm subsidies, Homeland Security – $116 billion – vaccines , Department of Transportation $106 billion – subsidies, and OTHER – $241 billion.

According to the Auditors of the Treasury Report:

“…the federal government’s systems, controls, and procedures were not adequate to reasonably assure that the consolidated financial statements are consistent with the underlying audited entity financial statements, properly balanced, and in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (U.S. GAAP). During our fiscal year 2021 audit, deficiencies in the preparation of the consolidated financial statements included the following. • For fiscal year 2021, auditors reported internal control deficiencies at several component entities related to their entity-level controls, including the control environment, risk assessment, information and communication, and monitoring components of internal control, that could affect Treasury’s ability to obtain reliable financial information from federal entities for consolidation.

The entire list of deficiencies is several pages long –

In other words – the Auditors have determined that the entire Treasury Report is basically – hugely impaired and worthless.   Of the $4.8 trillion – at least $281 billion was ‘lost’.

Despite sugaring our economy with $4.8 trillion – our economy is now in a Recession!   How is that possible?   Yellen gets an F-. Given that she has done such a stupendous job for the US, she has now declared she is setting her sights on Russia with the objective of destroying their economy causing chaos and death.

BRAVO YELLEN – I am sure you are quite proud of your accomplishments.

4 thoughts on “US Treasury Report Card: Janet Yellen F-

  1. i like how these ACTORS, just toss around money figures,yea a trillion there,and 500 billion here,everyone is a big shot with someone else’s money!!

  2. You are correct,,, You nailed Yellen

    Yellen was a fool (tool),,, is a fool (tool) and will always be a fool (tool). She, along with the rest in the treasury and fed are totally corrupt,,, worse,,, they don’t care, they want a crash for their build back better globull warming bs!
    We have no need for a central bank or its fake money.

    If figuring CPI with the same formula used 40 years ago the CPI is 15-20% They changed it to be more cartel friendly and less useful to the NPC’s. Shadowstats is showing 16% last I looked. Many of today’s so called economists are using 40+ years ago figures with today’s formulas mixing Apples with Oranges.

    The true number of vax deaths and debilitations will never be known as there is no way to find out because of the MASSIVE fraud and manipulations.

    And GDP is the poorest method of measuring the economy or the cartels called government wouldn’t use it. How can you measure production by the amount of spending? We all know the US produces nothing other than the tools of war, dollars and debt. No one seems to care and many now run their home budgets the same. A average new home is now over $400,000. That’ll rocket the GDP to Mars,,, which is the only way this broke, woke, nation will ever get there.

    Sorry to be so negative but I see nothing good coming this worlds way. More fake viruses, fake wars, fake money, fake everything.

    This country is in such dire straits, run by so many pure evil demons, with a unskilled, unlearned, ungodly, woke, and lazy population there can be no recovery.

    Please excuse my pessimism. lol….

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