Why DO The Cabalists Want RUSSIA?

ALL Focus is on Russia’s potential invasion of Ukraine.   The common justification is that Russia wants Ukraine’s resources.   But Ukraine’s Resources were already SOLD to payoff their insurmountable Debt.   The REAL Question is why do the Cabalists want RUSSIA!?

THE Reason Russia is not overwhelmed by New Sanctions is because they have been the brunt of a continuous slew since 2014:

  1. The United States suspends trade and investment talks with Russia as well as military-to-military cooperation.
  2. The EU imposes visa restrictions and asset freezes on 21 Russian and Ukrainian/Crimean officials.
  3. The United States imposes visa restrictions and asset freezes on 11 Russian officials, including the speaker of the Federal Council Valentina Matviyenko, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, and presidential aide Vladislav Surkov.
  4. EU-Russia summit cancelled.
  5. Sixteen Russian officials and Bank Rossia added to the U.S. Treasury sanctions list.
  6. Twelve individuals added to the EU sanctions list
  7. EU embassies in Russia ordered not to issue visas to residents of Crimea.
  8. The United States announces a ban on the issuance of export licenses for defense products or services to Russia.
  9. Bilateral U.S.-Russia presidential commission is reported to have been temporarily suspended.
  10. Seven Crimean officials and the Crimean Chernomorneftegaz oil company are added to the U.S. Treasury sanctions list.

IN Fact, Russia is still sanctioned for interfering in the US election with the defacto evidence being the repudiated Trump Dossier!    The List above is only relative to one month in 2014, and is not even close to the full extensive list.   The purpose of sanctioning is to break the economy.   Breaking the economy means the installation of a puppet president.   And installation of a puppet president means the Globalist Cabal is complete in their colonization.

There are those circulating false notions that Russia wants Ukraine for her resources:   A)   Ukraine’s resources are a speck of sand compared to Russia –   B)   Ukraine is in sovereign debt default to China, the IMF, and a number of private Hedge Funds.   C) The reason Zelensky had to get a loan from China was because he had failed to break the economy out of its death spiral and no one else would loan him a dime.

The Second Interesting Riff on Putin – In 2017, Klaus Schwab joyfully lists Merkel, Trudeau and Putin as graduates from the WEF Young Global Leaders Program.   To be a Young Global Leader, one must be under 38.   The WEF program was created in 1993 when Putin was 41. At the time of the recognition statement, Schwab was nearly 80.

The Daily News Break published a comprehensive list of persons who have gone thru the WEF Young Leaders Program.   It does NOT list Putin.   But the list is notable with Bill Gates being first up in 1993, and does in fact include Macron, Merkel, Chancellor Kurtz, Buttigieg, Nikki Haley, Samantha Power, Paul Krugman, Alicia Garza – co-founder BLM, Sanjay Gupta, Omidyar, Thiel, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Google founders and CEO, Annalena Baerbock, Jack Ma, Thomas Friedman – NYT, etc..

Hollywooders are also listed:   DiCaprio, Charleze Theron, Anderson Cooper, and Ashton Kutcher.  

Moscow, Russia, 13 October 2021 – “Russia will take a leading role in shaping the trajectory of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Today, leaders from the Russian Federation and the World Economic Forum announced the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution Russia.”

There are 15 countries that have joined this trajectory: Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Turkey, South Africa, Israel, Columbia, UAE, Ghislaine Maxwell’s Ocean Data, US, India, and Japan.

Their focus is AI, data, medicine and blockchain.

ANO Digital Economy will run Russia’s interest – a fully Russian NGO.   Integration in this particular segment of the 4th Industrial Revolution is not terribly notable as an admission of Cabalist guilt.   It was more likely a move to enhance Russia’s own advancement so as to not be left behind in the AI evolution.   Tapping knowledge is inevitable for future technology.   But having NGO control by Russia was paramount in the decision.

By contrast, the Biden Handlers have been busy destroying the economies of the US, EU, and Canada, for the implementation of Agenda 2030 and global depopulation to 1 billion total – according to Klaus Schwab’s book.   The agenda for Russia has been the installation of puppet globalist Navalny.  Which has been derailed every time – ramping up their anger tantrums.

Russia has continued the race of The Tortoise & The Hare building up military and cyber technology while stockpilingand building their Resources.   The Media defamation has gone ballistic – likely because Russia has repeatedly out-maneuvered their demonizing.   One such “expose” is to claim Russia Just Wants To Ingratiate Itself As A Super Power!   Well, isn’t everyone?

Russia Resources:   Less than 2 years ago the price of a barrel of oil was just $19.   The US was an independent exporter.   Today the US is an importer once again and the price of a barrel is $93, an increase of almost 400%. Where are we importing oil from?   Not Ukraine – Russia.

Heating oil is up 50% and rising.   Germany imports 40% from – Russia, not Ukraine. Russia now holds 21% of global gold reserves – not Ukraine. Of the large economies, Canada and Norway’s gold reserves total $-0-.   Russia’s soil is black-gold the best in the world. Lake Baikal, Russia; 395 miles long – 45 miles wide – 5,387 feet deep.   It contains ¼ of the worlds fresh water and contains more water than all the Great Lakes…combined!

So let’s rephrase:   Why would the Globalists want Russia?

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  1. It is very strange Klaus Schwab should mention Putin as someone who has attended his infamous school, yet there are no records, anywhere, of Putin being on the list of attendants. What there is out ‘there’, though, is close alignment between Putin and the WEF, shared interests. Do I believe Putin has been through the school, received the schooling? I have a tendency to think he has. I should think an exception would have been made as to regard his age. For one, I should think Putin would look it as intelligence gathering if nothing else. Also, the ‘shared interests’ are a little too closely aligned for my liking …

    Russian President Vladimir Putin Meets with World Economic Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab

    During the meeting, Putin noted the importance and significant benefits of the World Economic Forum in Davos as an international platform that supports people in their efforts to work openly within the framework of existing international law and establish contacts between business people and government officials.

    “We have always maintained relations with your forum that you founded and we will continue to support it. And, of course, Russian representatives have always taken part and will take part in the events you hold. For our part, we are holding similar events, which, of course, aim to establish business contacts with Russia’s partners above all else. You know we are holding the St. Petersburg Economic Forum here in St. Petersburg as well as in the Far East, in Siberia, and in southern Russia”, Putin said.

    Schwab noted that the World Economic Forum and Russia have had a high level of cooperation for many years: “It has always been important for me that Russian representatives take part in our events in Davos. This has always been of particular importance to me […]. Our goal, as you already mentioned, is to strengthen cooperation between business people and government agencies. We are convinced that the significant challenges that we face today, be it climate and environmental problems or problems of economic growth, can only be solved through cooperation, specifically at the global level”.



    This is not to say Putin was or would have been taken in with whatever was on offer. Viktor Orban was also an attendee, apparently, a man who appears to be a thorn in the side of many globalists, those who want nothing more than a borderless world.


    Why this escalation of events in the Ukraine, though? Why right now? Is it because of provocation from within, or, without, come to that? But provocation has been present for many years.

    I still find this war a little too convenient for my liking. When the covid hysteria is crumbling and many questions are being asked, maybe heads could be made to roll, we suddenly face yet another emergency, a threat to world peace.

    I think there is too much going on in the world to understand it fully. Too much chat being carried out in dark rooms completely off the grid. The only way mere mortals such as ourselves become privy to such carefully laid down plans is when someone seems to brag about it, or is caught off-guard in some way, but even these apparent lapses might well be staged events.

    I am becoming all the more cynical. I trust no-one these days, be they Putin or Trump for that matter.

  2. Helena,you left out the media’s latest darling,tulsi gabbard,she’s another one that went though karl schwab’s famous wef young global leaders program!!she is constantly on tucker carlson running her mouth,everyone thinks she’s a moderate,they’re going to run her for president in 2024 against trump supposedly on her moderate platform,and the sheep will vote for her!! she’s just like trudeau,she’ll stab you in the back to get ahead,i don’t trust her one bit and i hope people remember some of her rants from 2015 when she ran against trump the first time. i will be either a gabbard/manchin or manchin/gabbard,either way they have a good chance of winning if they slather on the bullshit thick enough,the american people like the bullshit laid on thick!!

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