DESTROY RUSSIA – Lindsey Graham Screams from The Cabal Pulpit!

IF anyone had doubt as to who are the good guys and who are the bad guys – the raging hawks are coming out of their yachts to scream, “Destroy Russia!”   Per their Cabalist Handlers.   Russia made a pre-emptive move today that was slightly brilliant when formally accepting the sovereignty of Donbass.   Deploying more Russian troops into the now sovereign nation is a tactical and legal move that was not anticipated by the Global Marxist Regime.

In so doing, Russia has declared that anyone launching missiles at the Donbass region is provoking a war with Russia given they have announced their presence.   International Law.

Lindsey Graham, a known Cabalist hawk is desperate to proclaim his alliance with the Global Marxist Regime by demanding that Brandon immediately destroy the Ruble and crush Russian oil.   That demand alone could be cause for high treason on an international court.  But he is obeying his masters.

Graham has declared that Russia is now in violation of the Minsk Agreement between Russia and Ukraine…   yet Ukraine has been in violation since its institution 2014.   Putin has repeatedly requested that Ukraine abide by the Agreement.  Zelensky has refused.   Europe has ignored the refusal declaring that the Minsk Agreement wasn’t viable or a fair agreement that was enforceable because it …. Um…. Just wasn’t…

The Cartel has been out-CHESSED!    And Graham’s knowledge of the situation is obviously at a nursery school level.  Listening to his rant and tantrum is akin to Hollywood twitter twits with eighth grade education achievements.

Of course no MSM article is complete unless there is a U.S. official available to pronounce this is a “grave warning” and diligently writing to the United Nations, cautioning that, “Russia has put together a list of Ukrainians to be killed or sent to camps following a military occupation.”

What this ‘grave warning’ theatre is about is the gulag train being assembled in the US, Canada, and Australia whereby names are collected for insurrection detention indefinitely.

Unfortunately for Graham, social media would be his bane given it provides a scrotum of truth that can be harvested from the weeds.

And Graham is most definitely – a weed.

Bathsheba Crocker, the US official, has opened a query for the UN into ‘potential human rights abuses’ should Putin be allowed to live.  Never mind China, DC, Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, LA, Minneapolis, et al, where human rights abuses are RAMPANT and Current!

Bathsheba currently serves as the Representative of US to the European Office of the UN – elected by Biden. Her resume is quite interesting:   A brief stint at Council for Foreign Relations, brief stint at Center for Strategic and International Studies, brief stint at the UN, and briefly an Advocacy Officer for International Affairs at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Once again, the liberal court of Wonderland gives no evidence of any kill list, of any satellite imagery of troops, of any Russian texts, emails, documents, tapped phones – to substantiate far fetched schemes.   And The People know who is lying.

But Lindsey Graham did solidify his allegiance:   “When it comes to thugs like Putin disrupting world order and destroying democracies – enough is enough,”

So the real cause has now been stated by yet another Kamaltoes blunderer – Graham.   The entirety of the entire initiation of a possible WWIII is because Putin disrupted the world order. And he is therefore – a thug.

So let’s return to Bathsheba’s resume.   Advocacy Officer for International Affairs.   The basic concept of such a person is to influence opinion.   Such an officer would be told what her advocacy is – and work with other NGO’s and governments to promote their viewpoint for implementation.   This was her role at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.   Meaning, Gates is hugely invested in not just pharma – but actually in our global governments at every level.   Meaning Gates is front and center for the World Order and the elimination of Russia.

What the Cult Cartel did not seem to notice was that Obama’s attempt to destroy the oil market thru massive sanctions on Russia in 2014 hugely backfired.   It destroyed the market for everyone.   Putin reorganized. The Saudi’s also reorganized.   Shifting priorities, Putin expanded other resources to reinstall Russia’s stability. Not to mention weaponry.

Obama thus helped create a stronger Russia.

Ukraine was initially partitioned by the Bolsheviks when they massacred millions of Russians in order to install Marxist/Communism.   While Ukraine and other eastern nations were partitioned by France, Germany and the US post USSR, this ‘redistricting’ was based on very specific predicates.   Those predicates were blatantly crossed immediately when NATO took over Poland, Lithuania, and Estonia.   Ukraine was simply Putin’s ‘red-line’.

When it became apparent that Putin would not bend to the Cabalist Order, the anti-Russia rhetoric elevated to demonic accusations.

Problem:   Germany and the EU at large did NOT expand their reliance’s accordingly – in particular energy.   They were perfectly content to help pay for half the $11 billion bill for Nord Stream II as the solution.   But this alliance was seen as a potential disruption of the power grid enforced by the Cabal.   The power of Oil is still Black Gold.

The EU knows this – they know their Wind Farms and Solar Farms are simply a photoshoot propaganda ploy, but no one told them to invest in European oil and gas – because Climate Change denied any fossil fuels.

This Winter is proving to be one of the coldest!   My heating oil price per units is up 50% over last year.   And we don’t have – a shortage. We are shipping our supplies to Europe because they are not allowed to use Russian supplies.

All while the Globalist Cartel espouses open sharing. Apparently, that open sharing excludes those they don’t like.   And like Assad, who was an ally – before he wasn’t DESTROY RUSSIAand his country destroyed, that is what all of Europe and the world has to ‘hold’ when brokering a deal with these elitists.   Sand.

9 thoughts on “DESTROY RUSSIA – Lindsey Graham Screams from The Cabal Pulpit!

  1. Graham is a RINO and should be retired along with the rest of the old world Democrats. We should be fostering cooperation and trade with Russia…they have one of the last decent leaders who isn’t a psycho, arrogant imbecile or stupid leftist putz.

  2. Hi

    Graham and his ilk just managed to have a bill fail that would have eliminated the funding for the mandated shots by one vote. They simply did not show up. Of course this was not covered by ‘news’ until after the vote. So we continue killing our children both with the shots and now maybe with war.

    Yep,,, this turd is a work, for sure.


  3. If Russia has announced it has troops inside Donbass, that is bold. Biden made threats but did say they weren’t going to send troops into Ukraine.

    I think Zelensky is not at all beating war drums. I think he wants to go ahead and let the Russia zone go free anyway. It’s the American war machine that wants to see a war.
    I thjnk somebody said the U. S. had a few soldiers in Ukraine training the locals.

    The problem is that when hostilities are hyped up they can turn ugly real fast. A miscalculation or misunderstanding or mis-translation can be the fuse.

  4. I had my doubts over this sudden risk of yet another war. The timing seemed so opportune to me; an opportunity for further chaos and worry to be inflicted upon us and for various leaders to face yet another ‘crisis’. I, too, thought Putin was a person worth keeping an eye on, an opposing force, opposing the wicked western globalists that is, BUT, since then I have found out Putin was yet another who went through the WEF Young Global Leaders program. By all accounts, this more or less guarantees such people are aligned with the WEF and it’s drive for world control. I figure Putin is more likely playing his part rather than being his own man. When you consider the leaders who are acting in such a strange, dictatorial manner have also been through the same schooling, what is happening in the world (and has happened) makes far more sense. They are obviously under orders, or colluding, thereby acting in unison. This collusion cannot be denied, as there are videos out there where Klaus Schwab can be seen and heard boasting about where his students are now entrenched and the influences they yield.

    • From what I gather, Putin did not attend their JA Worldwide Leadership program, however he did create WEF-Russia which is wholly different from WEF. His focus is exclusively on technology. The association is loose.

      • The transcript of the video on the page I linked to. The very words uttered by Klaus Schwab …

        “I have to say when I mention or names like Mrs Mirkle, Vladimir Putin and so on they have all been Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum, but what we’re really proud of now is the young generation like Prime Minister Trudeau, the President of Argentina and so on. So we penetrate the cabinets.

        “So yesterday I was at a reception for Prime Minister Trudeau, and I know that half of his cabinet are Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum.”

  5. graham,mcarthty,mcconnell,etc have to go!! i’m not to happy with trump rubbing peenies with mcarthy,he’s a two faced globalist scumbag,i know sometimes you have to deal with people you don’t like but trump and mcarthy are a bit too chummy,it makes a person think that we’re being played for the fool.

  6. It is great to see a sane commentary against the worlds push for a war. Which might just end up being THE war.

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