The World Economic Forum: A Farcical Illusion For Fossil Fuel Profits

The International Council For Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) is affectionately nicknamed, Local Governments For Sustainability.   They are an initiative of the World Economic Forum Agenda 2030 with a goal of building 15 minute resilient cities. Based out of Bonn, Germany, they have 2500 city mayors across the globe that have become members, pay membership dues, and vow to uphold the goals.   They state that their member cities are stakeholders. Their current President is the mayor of Des Moines Iowa, Frank Cownie.

Conceived by Jeb Brugmann, from Freiberg, Germany, Brugmann received his masters from Harvard in an amazing – one year.  ICLEI’s earliest slogan was, ‘For The Common Good’.   Partners include Google, Woodwell Climate Research Center, Undisclosed, and the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.   In collaboration with Anthony Blinken, 24 cities across the Americas were chosen to participate in the Cities Forward Program within the ICLEI,  including; Denver, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Coral Springs, Hawaii County, Dallas, Dubuque, Austin, Evanston, Hoboken, Chattanooga, and Stockton.

The Cities Forward Program board consists of a number of mayors, but one in particular is worth mentioning; Kelly Takaya King, Former Council Member, Maui County, HI.    As in the now destitute Maui central.

Partnering with Secretary of State Blinken in this initiative is The Institute of Americas.   One particular advisory member to The Institute – is a Director at Pfizer, Dr. Samuel Dychter.    AN ODD COUPLE TO BE SURE.  Their partners include: Chevron, Exxon, Shell, Sempra Energy, Pan American Energy, Orel Energy, Interenergy, Pluspetrol, and others.   In other words, the fossil fuel industry is partnering to end all fossil fuels? And the Institute is led by Pfizer and hedge funds.

Orel Energy is a holding company with holdings in just about everything with one very small notation of solar amidst fertility, healthcare, quantums, AI, gaming, crypto, food tech, etc….   Not unlike Blackrock, which owns considerable shares in nastypants – fossil fuels.   Pluspetrol is the leading private oil and gas company in Latin America – operating in 7 countries…

You get the gist.   The ICLEI is a bait & switch operation that has absolutely nothing to do with sustainability – and everything to do with fossil fuels. 

Funding is public, private and government in the form of USAID.

The concept of the 15 minute city is a communist/socialist construct wherein you essentially become a prisoner.   Leaving the city will require permission and a mode of transportation. Your work will be determined/dictated by Stakeholder Council members, and your life will become a hodge podge of pre-selected spouses, pre-defined food and caloric intake, and 3 changes of clothing – rented, of course.

The Cities Forward  CHOSEN mayors will convene to decide their vision which will take 9 months, and then 2-3 years of collaboration efforts, ie, evasive distractions wherein nothing will be implemented.   Before presenting their paperwork to Stakeholders for review.   Implementation is not discussed.

Why? Because implementation is not the end game.   The end game is to create an allusion within a sphere of fear. All while building greater profits in fossil fuels –

Before Agenda 2030, there was Agenda 2021.   Before Agenda 2021, there was Agenda 2015.   Agenda 2015 was established in 2000.   NONE of the goals established in these UN programmes were achieved.   NONE.  As we get closer to Agenda 2030, it is likely the UN will adopt – Agenda 2050.   It is all a distraction, an illusion, to benefit the few at the expense of the many.   This is why they fly around in polluting jets, degrading our oceans with windmills that kill whales and dolphins in the thousands, and rape the land making lithium batteries while simultaneously mining for all the precious earth minerals and leaving ravaged land behind.   There is no conservation sustainable goal!   There is only oil and gas, and hedge funds. The movement of money from The People to war in Ukraine, to NGO’s, to trafficking.   These are their GOALS.

In the end it is about Eugenics and genocide while hoarding assets.

Saudi Arabia’s Prince Salman fell for the illusion when he launched Project NEOM in 2017 with a scheduled completion by 2025.   A 10,200 sq mile vision, it was to be the ultimate 15 minute city.   Now declaring a possible endpoint of 2039, the concept is dry and Bin Salman knows he was conned.   In 2017, Bill Gates bought 25,000 acres in Arizona with the DECLARED MEDIA vision to build the first smart city.   Six years later, he has not even broken ground.   Bezos chugs around on his multiple jets, yachts and litany of gas guzzling cars while taking every available concoction to reverse aging.   Via implants and Hitleresque drugs.  He could give a fark about sustainability – anything!

The World Economic Forum is more likely to be a club of money coming together at the expense of taxpayers to party, to solicit prostitutes, and drugs, and children for pedophilia entertainment.   All while laundering their NGO profits, their oil & gas investments, and having a grand ole time of deception.

The only thing the WEF has accomplished is the abject demolition of countries which disagree, the annihilation of law, and the destruction of major cities across the globe.   They are The Pariah!

And civil war IS their game – it is called a Color Revolution.   The only means to dissolve this Wonderland of Chaos is to dissolve NGO and Foundation charitable status.   Layer a global add-on tax to every Hedge Fund.   And eliminate the CIA, NSA, FBI and their allies abroad.  

Military Industrial Complex Unraveled & Exposed

CVC Capital Partners is a private equity investment advisory firm in Luxembourg holding over $155 billion in assets.   CVC was a spinoff of Citicorp in 1990 and is considered the largest private equity firm in Europe.   In 2019, CVC Capital bought a majority stake in Teneo. Teneo is a ‘global advisory firm’ with extensive ties to the Clinton family.   Tony Blair and Bill Clinton were both on the advisory board of Teneo.   Huma Abedin, was a paid consultant at Teneo during her tenure as assistant to Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State. Other advisors include Paul Ryan, George Mitchell and Chris Dodd.

Chris Dodd went on to become President of the Motion Picture Association – a 501©(3) that determines content for every major media outlet including Disney, Universal, Sony, Paramount, Warner Bros, and Netflix.   Past Presidents have all come from US government positions

In 2022, Teneo acquired a majority interest in Westexec.   Westexec was founded by Anthony Blinken and Michele Flournoy in 2017.   Their list of 40 advisors include: FORMER, National Security Advisors, US – UN Officials, US Ambassadors, CIA Directors, Special ops, Federal Reserve Directors, NASA, Department of Defense, a slew of generals from all military branches, etc… all having served during the Obama Administration.

Teneo is a Partner at the World Economic Forum.

What these Westexec advisors do is run the wars and staff the presidential offices to support their wars. They write the major media scripts that are distributed daily – and they write Biden’s teleprompts. Given the executive picks of Biden’s cabinet are fundamentally weak and ineffective, they were likely chosen for their malleability and basic uselessness so as to effectuate Westexec advisors.

Westexec clients have included Boeing and McKinsey & Co.   Before being accepted into the “Cabal Club” one must first go through an intensive make-over at McKinsey.   Once the make-over is complete, said person will be ‘elected’ into office or appointed into a cabinet position. Often book deals are the money laundering catalyst to help secure their loyalty.

McKinsey & Co is a partner at the World Economic Forum.

Jacob Hornberger, founder and president of the, Future of Freedom Foundation, concisely analyzes how the US creates the circumstances to incite wars.   In particular, he emphasizes the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan as a preemptive provocation.   Highly recommend their Website!   It has been presented by other analysts that the same tactic was used by Rockefeller to provoke Japan into a first strike on the US in WWII.

Each successive war used this fear model on US citizens as justification for murder and ultimate regime change.   The Motion Picture Industry was co-opted by the same advisors from the Department of Defense, CIA, and NSC to create reels of fakery.   They ramped up their efforts when attempting regime change in Syria: Assad is evil – children are dead over and over again – Assad releases toxins – All to justify the absolute destruction of Syria with support from US Taxpayers.

With offices across the globe and upwards of 25 subsidiaries strategically located, CVC Capital was co-founded by Michael Smith, Rolly van Rappard, and Steve Koltes and Donald MacKenzie.

CVC Capital is a Partner at the World Economic Forum.

Michele Flournoy served under Bill Clinton and Barack Obama in the Department of Defense. Her father, George Flournoy was a cinematographer for – Paramount.   Like Ash Carter, Flournoy was a hawkish advocate for ‘pre-emptive strikes’ against perceived enemies including Iran and North Korea. She also founded the Center For a New American Security  (CNAS) in 2007.

Billed as being militaristic, CNAS funding comes from Northrup Grumman, Lockheed, Chevron, Raytheon (30 defense contractors), the UAE, BofA, Google, Microsoft, and The Open Society Foundation – among others. Speakers have included Hillary Clinton and General Petraeus. Their funders typically offer dual roles as advisors promoting military interventionism.

What we can extract from these NGO affiliates is that nongovernmental means stakeholder governmental.

It means the power shift has already occurred.   It means that as we pull back the red curtain of OZ, they are being forced to come out of the shadows.   It means that the entire Biden Administration is a hoax.   And all of the 15 cabinets overseen by the US President are fronts administered by incompetent, corrupt puppets.   It means every one of these NGO’s is an affiliate/partner within the World Economic Forum and Wars have all been preceded by the Western creation of incited chaos to support the Military Industrial Complex.

Russia was taunted to go to war with Ukraine.   China’s economy was destroyed by these NGO task forces to cripple it as a competitor.   And the US is being ruled by bug eyed war hawks bent on making as much money as possible before Agenda 2030 coopts every global economy under the tutelage/totalitarian rule of Stakeholders.

EXCEPT.   They are unprepared for the unveiling before their power vacuum is completed.   This advantage came about because they did not adhere to The Art of War tenets – never underestimate your enemy:

“He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight. He will win who knows how to handle both superior and inferior forces. He will win who’s army is animated by the same spirit throughout all it’s ranks. He will win who, prepared himself, waits to take the enemy unprepared. He will win who has military capacity and is not interfered with by the sovereign.”

This must be used to our advantage.

The United States Is NOT A Republic: It Is A Corporate Entity via New American Security

A Presidential candidate in Ecuador was assassinated.   And the US is sending a security force of FBI agents to Ecuador to investigate.   Why? Because the candidate was a US Puppet.   Germany has determined he was shot by rival Mexican cartels – perhaps they think Ecuador is in Mexico?    In actuality, Ecuador has been a proxy state of the US since it’s independence from Colombia in the 1930’s.   Since then coups and assassinations have been somewhat commonplace with the CIA front and center in allegations.

In 2000, Ecuador adopted the US dollar as its national currency despite being a Spanish nation.   The most recent American affiliate President of Ecuador was Rafael Correa who took office in 2007, shortly after returning to Ecuador from his residence in Illinois.

A left wing socialist, Correa’s economy was built on oil and gas.   When the price of gas deflated 50%, Correa had no money to prop up the socialist reforms and welfare state he had built.   As the economy entered a recession, Correa fled to Belgium. An arrest warrant was issued but Belgium refused to comply.

The next US proxy insert was Lenin Moreno.   He earned numerous awards during his tenure, including a nomination for the Nobel Prize despite having an approval rating of just 9%… Most importantly, he allowed oil drilling in the Amazon Rainforest. Leaving office amid charges of bribery and corruption, Moreno fled to Paraguay and works for the Organization of American States.

Fernando Villavicencio thus became the next US proxy – given the US need to maintain a military base on the Galapagos Islands and continue to ravage the Amazon Rainforest unfettered and unregulated.

Enter Anthony Blinken – losing yet another US colony, Blinken will need to find a new candidate.   Stretched a bit thinly, Blinken has announced the possibility of sending US military troops to Niger, his latest faux pas.

There are numerous bureaus under the direct overseer, Secretary of State, including;   Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Bureau of Health Security and Diplomacy, Bureau of Legislative Affairs, Executive Secretariat, Office of Civil Rights , Office of DEI, and Counselor of The Department.

These three Bureaus are key.   These agency directors have diverse backgrounds, ie they were all initially appointed by Obama.   Their backgrounds include; CIA, DoD, Harvard, CDC, WHO, Bill Gates, USAID, CSIS, NED, International AIDS Vaccine Initiative and the Center For a New American Security, among others.

The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) was founded in 2007 by Michele Flourney and Kurt Campbell. Their function is to create wars and coups so as to colonize countries for the Cartel.   Their goal is to ‘secure’ natural resources, energy, critical minerals, land, water, and biodiversity from countries around the world on behalf of their funders – military contractors, oil & gas companies and Open Society Foundation.

These Funding Companies are running the US Government. They call the shots.   They determine where and when the wars will be.   They determine Geoengineering targets.   They own Congress – both parties.

In other words – The United States NOT a Republic, it is a Corporation ruled by stakeholders.   And Congress is a deflection of corporate ownership. Congress does the bidding of their owners within the schematic of milking taxpayers of their wages.   Presidential candidates are given tasks during their campaigns with one candidate chosen at the onset who will win ‘by an upset’. They created our debt. They create inflation.   They create recessions.    They tell Blinken what to do.

When you are good, they will reward you with money. But when you are bad, and allow their colonies to be whiplashed by regimes outside of the Funders schematic, you will be severely punished and banished from their protection via the CIA, NSA, and FBI.   Under Anthony Blinken’s watch he has lost Ukraine, Niger, and now Ecuador.

Quietly, 2 days ago, Biden pre-emptively signed an Executive Order that will take effect sometime in 2024. Likely written by the director at the Bureau of Intelligence & Research, the EO is accompanied by a declaration of a National Emergency. Citing China, Hong Kong, and Macau, the EO declares that investment in ‘certain’ technology, AI and military industries in these countries will be prohibited.   Therefore companies already doing business with the CCP are on notice to decouple and leave China before the EO takes effect.

The National Emergency powers entitle the President to 136 distinct statutory emergency powers. Powers that would under normal circumstances not be authorized. 13 of these require a declaration from Congress; the remaining 123 are assumed by an executive declaration with no further Congressional input.

There are currently 42 National Emergencies still in effect:   the vast majority involve blocking and freezing assets of other countries funds under US jurisdiction.

Biden’s EO directs the Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, to issue regulations that monitor or prohibit transactions that may help China develop technology to counter US national security capabilities… The West has effectively destroyed China’s real estate market and will be attempting to setback China’s technology and military via this EO.

The end result would be to diminish the power and value of the BRICS – inline with the diminishing of Western Countries wealth distribution.   Thereby attempting to ensure a Cartel Closed Door.   And the completion of the pyramid ORDER.