Obama – Nuclear Weapons for ISIS

Does anyone else think that President Obama just wants us all to die? It appears as though his behavior is paralleling the classic fall from grace that besieges Hollywooders who implodes on themselves.

While continuing to embrace a culture of radical violence, ignoring the written truth of their doctrine, redefining statements by foreign politicians (Hollande), and secretly transporting nuclear material to the UK… he has put the security of this country in an extreme perilous position. Never mind Hillary and her security breeches, Obama has effectively taken the lead.   But it’s not race to win – but a race to lose.  Hillary has just taken second place –

For the last five years the US military has been shipping and flying enriched uranium, plutonium and tritium to the UK. And while the government has declared that the trade was secret … as in don’t let ISIS know, and therefore ‘safe’, they fail to acknowledge another report: “The FBI has foiled four plots by gangs trying to sell nuclear material to ISIS.”

Of course what this fails to define is – How many plots have been successful?

At the same time, the US and Japan have apparently entered into an agreement whereby Japan would begin transporting nuclear weapon grade material to the US – in a safe manner. While they wouldn’t say where they were going to transport the material for fear of security risk, Nikki Haley, the governor of South Carolina urged the Energy Department to reroute the materials coming to her state – last month. So I guess, the ‘New’ agreement is actually at least a month old… And so much for secrecy as to where the deliveries are planned.

The US spends approximately $35 billion every year on nuclear weapons. You have to ask – why? How many do you need? And what happened to Climate Change as the world’s biggest threat? Suddenly, ISIS has taken the forefront as the potential for a nuclear holocaust rises. Only this time, the targets are the US and Europe.

The UK has now warned the US that ISIS is planning to dump radioactive materials on major western cities using – drones. Why is the UK giving us this information? Why isn’t it coming from our own FBI/CIA/Special Services/Military?  Hello?

How to buy a drone? They are conveniently available for sale online and at your nearest Walmart. However, as of January 2015 the US military stated it would be selling ‘armed military drones’ to allies, including Saudi Arabia and Turkey… both are said to be ISIS supporters despite their promise, cross their heart, that they are not.

Referring to ISIS as “Madmen”, Obama urged members of the nuclear summit to ‘not be complacent’. In the wrap-up, everyone agreed that they would make their stashes of nuclear material more secure. Gee.

Because according to Obama, much of the world’s plutonium and enriched uranium remain vulnerable to theft, but ISIS and al-Qaeda couldn’t possibly have breeched that vulnerability… never ever cross my heart and hope…  Never Mind.  While Obama seemed to think that the picture taking session was one in which he would take poses and model as though for a fashion magazine, other delegates were not so amused.  And the entire summit was adjourned and hailed as massively successful!  Obama giggled.

Who has stashes of nuclear material/weapons?  All our best buddies, including;  Turkey, UK, Iran, Israel, China, Russia, Belgium, India, Pakistan, South Africa and France.  And of course the US.

So we now know that there is a high probability that ISIS has secured drones, and potentially some US military armed ones. We know that there is an abundance of unprotected nuclear material available on the black market. We know that Turkey and Saudi Arabia do not share the same transparency and honesty as our own governments… we know that Obama and his administration have defied calling ISIS an Islamic terror group and that the immigration of more peaceful ISIS members is in the works.   And we know that ISIS wants us dead.

And yet these “Madmen” are steadily being defeated by our continued non-bombing campaign…

Gee, I feel better already!

2 thoughts on “Obama – Nuclear Weapons for ISIS

  1. I’m scared to admit to myself if I feel better – madness on all sides and I reckon the caveman with wielding a bludgeon returning to life might bring us to our senses

    • I know we’ve had times in our history where it seemed the worst possible – but we are now facing an evil that has multiplied like a cancer and the Truth doesn’t exist, we have to scratch and scrape to find it…

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