Federal Government – Rocks World Debt and Deficit

According to the World Bank, their total outstanding loans and credit as of 2014 amounted to about $268 billion. The Account Balance of various world economies (sum of net exports, net primary income and net secondary income) showed some troubling statistics. While Germany had the highest positive score of over $290 billion, the US and the UK had the greatest negative figures at about; $390 billion and $174 billion respectively. As in – ‘in the hole’…twalette…

Our finances are a failed state.

And yet the Federal government has a website, welcometousa.gov, in which it purports to tell people how to ‘manage their finances’. Because, of course, they manage ours so well! It talks about the value of saving, how to create a manageable budget, using coupons to buy groceries, it talks about financing your car, your home, scams and scammers, and even how to properly use a credit card. What it doesn’t mention is the National Debt created by the Federal Government in mismanaging our money.

I think I want a refund with compound interest…a class action lawsuit waiting to happen.

Our infrastructure is still a mess, our weapons are outdated, our nuclear weapons are on the fringe waiting to malfunction, corruption is rampant, and healthcare is in the twalette.

The Constitution gives the federal government the power to print money, declare war, create an army, and make treaties with other nations. Most other powers that are not given to the federal government in the Constitution belong to the states.”

IF our esteemed Constitution only allows the Federal Government the right to ‘Declare War’ and makes no mention of indiscriminate bombing, then would our government be in violation of our Constitution when we bomb Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia and every other country where we have attempted to initiate coups? While the Feds have the power to make Treaties – as in arbitrating a win/win solution, it appears there is no Constitutional authority to bomb other countries when we are not at war. Not only has the US failed to designate Syria, Iraq or Yemen as a country at war, we can’t even declare war on ISIS.

After 9-11, Congress passed the “Authorization for Use of Military Force’. It established the limited right to defend our country against ISIL and any associated persons or forces with a stated termination date of three years after the enactment which would have been 2004, and repealed the authority to act against Iraq. It required a re-authorization for the AUMF to remain in effect after the three year period. Has it actually been re-authorized?

It would appear not as Congress has been arguing over provisional changes for over three years – well past the deadline.

But the Federal government has stretched its arms to such grandiose lengths that its powers far, far exceed anything the Constitution might have anticipated from; healthcare to welfare, to pensions, to transportation, to so many laws that no one even knows how many! Estimates state that there are over 20,000 laws pertaining to gun ownership alone! And perhaps over 300,000 laws on the Fed books – many out dated, many ridiculous.

A few of the more absurd include:

  1. It is a crime to harass a golfer on any national park in Washington, DC.
  2. It is a federal crime to allow your pet to make any noise in a national park that might scare the wildlife…
  3. It is a crime to ride a moped into Fort Stewart unless you are wearing long trousers.
  4. It is a federal crime to skateboard at NIH.
  5. It is a federal crime to say something so annoying to another person that they are forced to hit you while in a national forest.
  6. It is a federal crime to attempt to change the weather without first notifying the Secretary of Commerce.

I wonder how much time and money is spent making these laws, some estimates state that nearly 900 new laws were passed just last year…  Maybe that’s why Congress isn’t doing anything else productive…

While China is spending hords of money on its infrastructure, the US is spending hords of money fighting an organization that we are not ‘at war with’ in multiple countries that don’t want us there.

While Russia is reconfiguring it’s economy and boosting the manufacture of war planes and weapons, the US is depleting it’s entire inventory and scrubbing projects after spending billions while arguing whether new spending is necessary…

While Cuba now boasts some of the best doctors in the world who work to cure as opposed to medicate, the US has poured billions into a failed healthcare system that is bankrupting the government and the people at the same time.

While the US continues to frack for more and more oil when the market has tanked, Saudi Arabia is going for Mecca tourism revenue setting up booths and stores including the likes of Paris Hilton boutiques, and stands to make more revenue on this trade than oil ever created.

Who is a better money manager?

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