GOP Vote Rigging – Smartmatic Running the Show

Why hasn’t Hillary run scared? Despite an opponent she didn’t anticipate, she has something more important, a guarantee from Soros that the counted votes will override actual votes.

Smartmatic is running the show. They boast using their machines in elections from The Philippines to Venezuela, to Belgium, Brazil, Argentina and the USA. The problem? Every time, their arises the cry of fraud. And it dates back to 2004, just four years after Smartmatic stepped up to the plate.

How is the fraud perpetrated?

In 2012, the Mexican government contracted with Smartmatic. But the results were abysmal as they transmitted only 30% and 45% of the actual ballots in two elections. Making the results weighted in favor of particular candidates, officials were more than livid!

In the 2013 election in The Philippines, they transmitted only 76% of the actual ballots.

In 2014, Smartmatic has been charged with fraud in the Brazilian election.

In 2003, Sequoia election Systems, a subsidiary of Smartmatic, was implicated in a bribery scam with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez. In 2005, Smartmatic bought Sequoia Voting in an attempt to gain access to the US market. But Sequoia had its own reputation of fraud and corruption. In 2010, after being bought by a small Canadian voting system, Dominion, the machines were hacked and the system replaced with a Pac-Man game. The hackers claim the machine was opened with a screwdriver without effecting the ‘tamper resistant seals’.

Having bungled votes in Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, New Jersey, California, and Virginia Sequoia is now authorized under it’s new and improved ownership – Dominion. Dominion then bought another noteworthy voting system, Diebold which was at the time involved in a SEC investigation for fraud and corruption and anti-trust suit, thus putting Dominion in charge of 70% of the US voting systems.

The US is now completely relegated to voter system fraud. So why would the Republicans even allow Smartmatic? Or Dominion?

An adage comes to mind, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” While we all accept that Hillary is deeply embedded in the Soros debacle of voting ‘mishaps’, there may be others… Kasich? Cruz?

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Soros Fund Management is behind Kasich. But WAIT! The Center for Responsive Politics is FUNDED by Soros Open Society Institute… So the spin continues and the media is lapping it up without doing due diligence!


However, it is verifiable that Smartmatic happens to have a rather definable link with Soros through it’s Chairman of the Board Malloch-Brown, who previously served as Vice Chairman of Soros Investment Funds and The Open Society Institute. Malloch-Brown also happened to write a book, The Unfinished Global Revolution, in which he advocated for greater UN control, greater NGO (Soros) involvement, and the failure of individual governments. He thus advocates for a Global Society. Sound familiar?

Listed co-owners of Smartmatic, a private company, include Antonio Mugica and Roger Pinate. It’s origins are Venezuelan and muddled within a maze of holding companies and unknown ‘true owners’.

Their history wreaks of elections that are decried as ‘landslide victories’. Obama may have been one such victorious winner in his landslide win over Repulican Keyes in the Chicago Senate election of 2004. It was noteworthy that Keyes referred to Obama’s win as “a culture of evil enough to destroy the very soul and heart of my country”. The number of counted votes was reported to be 70%, including millions of ‘absentee votes’. But voter fraud in Chicago has been a mainstay for decades, with indictments that barely slap the wrist (probation) and bribes commonplace.

The company that was utilized in counting the Chicago 2004 Senate election – Sequoia.

In 2004 county elections 25 counties reported failures by Sequoia including; security failure, failure to count votes, source code failures, track counting of vote failures, data read failures, failure to record votes, failure to index votes, machines simply not working and left in ‘test mode’, software ‘glitches and bugs’, crashed machines – votes wiped out, jammed smart cards – votes wiped out, undervoting reported – as low as 9% of total registered…, crashed machines with frozen screens, failure to print absentee votes, etc…. ad nauseum!

YET. It is these intertwined companies with offshore holdings and unnamed owners and private opaque investors that control our US Election system!

Wakeup. Hillary isn’t scared of losing when she has THIS behind her – so why did the GOP approve them as well because obviously someone is rigging the GOP vote as well?

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