Trump Protestors – Bill Ayers and Bernie Sanders…

Everyone keeps asking the same question – “I don’t understand why the undying affection for Donald Trump?”

Well I have asked around a bit – different age groups, different religious affiliations, different ethnicities, and different political affiliations, and the answer seems pretty much the same:

Everyone is sick of politically correct, of being the whitey bad guy, of being lied to, and of being treated like a childish idiot… by a good ole boy network that is out for himself and only himself. That pretty much sums up the answer.

Everyone is weary of pandering, of a government that acts outside of the people, of censored media, disinformation, and a transparency reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz. The divisiveness that Obama set out to erupt is his most rebounding success while in office. He has created chaos here and abroad. His latest rant in the Atlantic Magazine was a put down of David Cameron and the UK government, a put down of Sarkozy and France’s government, and a threat to initiate war with China! I’m sure he has endeared everyone with these comments… And I imagine they were most purposefully initiated. These comments were not born of stupidity, they were planned and executed to create an international devisiveness.

And while the media frenzy targets the election campaign trail, Obama is free to execute – our country. As in guillotine style beheading. Remember those days? Yes, we were once just like the Saudis.

Now the media frenzy would have us believe that Trump is behind the protests – to drum up media attention. In fact, the culprits are more sinister as in former Weather Underground Terrorist, Bill Ayers, an Obama-Soros ally, and our polite Socialist, Bernie Sanders. Are you kidding me? No.

So now we have the GOP, Romney, Rubio, Cruz, Bill Ayers, Bernie Sanders and Soros all involved in a rabid defamation of Trump – and what else can we think but ‘support the victim’? Yet with all the conspiracies and fake information and disinformation and lies, who exactly is Trump? Is he fiend or friend? We can’t take the word of O’Reilly who’s violent temper has reportedly cost him his wife and children. But when friend Romney, turns foe Romney, on a dime, that turns ugly and begs conspiracy.

When the majority gang together to suppress and destroy, we are wary. But the shadows have become so perverse that it is difficult to know if this is orchestrated for Trump – or against. The people are divided. We are angry at being labeled the bad guy for everything. We are done. We are angry that the minority is ruling the majority. My neighbors are divided. My house is divided. And all I can think is that division is the mantra of Soros.

Obama is capitalizing on this with his rhetoric while no one within the US media dares to reveal the Truth. The shadow is the creation of a disturbance – Trump protests, while the news is that Obama is advancing to instigate war with China. That will most certainly catapult us and the world into a divisive chaos wherein choosing sides is tatamount to being labeled a terrorist. Right here in the US of A. We are done. Are you ready? This is the agenda that was the agenda from the beginning of the manipulation. Division.

How do you fight it?

You hold fort. You hold to your ideals. You pray! You ask for witness. And you realize the play, the stage, the Act V, is Shakespearian in it’s lack of integrity, honor and grace. DON’T believe the media! Is paramount. Close your eyes and hold to your truth – it does live, and it is real and it is the reality within the illusion presented.

BELIEVE – in what you know in your heart!


4 thoughts on “Trump Protestors – Bill Ayers and Bernie Sanders…

  1. Great advice, Helena! And if most acted according to what they believe and hold in their hearts I think there would be much better politicians and of course a much more reliable media than what’s now. The superficial, sensationalist often fabricated media fodder does get too much to bear…

  2. Unfortunately, what people believe in their hearts is entirely personal, not universal. I believe some things you don’t, and we could both be misinformed. I’m a senior. My father fought in WW2. My parents and their friends had plenty to teach me about why they fought. When I was in college I took history courses, psychology and sociology on top of my science majors. And I was around for the 1968 election, when many protests turned into violent clashes. Many of the current presidential candidates are seniors too. Some of them can recognize a fascist when they see one, as I can. When a leader in any field emphasizes personal authority over policy and law, it’s fascism. I don’t advocate violence, but I support protest in principle. And Mr. Trump must be stopped. He’s too dangerous to be allowed the power of the presidency. I expect the time to stop him will be the general election, but that’s fine. Votes still have power, as long as there aren’t Supreme Court fascists acting to stop counting them.

    • Protesters have a choice on how they protest. Choosing the means that will have the greatest positive impact on their cause – or the least impact – is important. When you fight – you will never win if you use the same tactic as those you term to be against. Creating chaos will not beat Trump because that is the platform on which he runs.
      But the other point is that the ‘distraction’ that is created – leaves Obama free to destroy without our ever knowing what happened…

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