Ukraine: AZOV Neo-Nazi Military Aligned With Soros

The AZOV Battalion is the right-wing extremist neo-Nazi militia incorporated into Ukraine’s Military. They are Antifa all grown-up, trained extensively, and willing to kill indiscriminately.   They rose as a consequence of the 2014 coup in Ukraine ousting the pro-Russian president, Yanukovych, and the insertion of pro-western president, Poroshenko. Many members of Ukraine’s parliament are also patrons of AZOV.

AZOV was initially trained by US and Georgian troops in 2014.   Former Democrat Congressman, John Conyers, introduced a Bill prohibiting arms and training for the Battalion due to their neo-Nazi ideology.   In November 2015, the Pentagon removed the block – under Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter.

The Battalion set up camps to train children and teens in military weaponry, tactics, and nationalism. Andriy Biletsky, Azov’s founder was a member of the Ukraine government until 2019.   He stated his goal was: “to lead the white races of the world in a final crusade”. 

Again in 2019, under the Trump presidency, a bill was introduced to recognize Azov as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

In essence, the EU, NATO, US, Canada, Japan, and Australia are siding with the Nazi Regime instituted in Ukraine. The final dream of Nazi Soros!   And all the world’s people are being led voluntarily into the re-establishment of the German Nationalist Socialist Party. Their primary focus was the elimination of ‘undesirables’ and the establishment of a Global Order through the Master Race.

This is what Russia is fighting against while our western governments support the reinstatement of Nazi Germany as the Global New World Order.

WWIII: Ukraine is the source of this Final Stage and is funded by Ihor Kolomoyskyi, leading partner of Privat Group.   He owns a 70% stake in 1+1 Media Group which aired the comedy series starring – Zelensky portraying Ukraine’s president!   Other Kolomoyskyi assets include steel production in Ohio and West Virginia, mining in Ghana and Australia, oil refineries in Ukraine, and founder of the European Jewish Union.   He resides in Switzerland and is a citizen of Ukraine, Cyprus and Israel.  He has VISA privileges in the US.

In a case brought before a London court, the judge stated that Kolomoyskyi had “a reputation of having sought to take control of a company at gunpoint in Ukraine”.   He has been accused of organizing murders and the use of prohibited methods of warfare.

Russia recently revealed that munitions used by Azov against Russian military forces contain the illegal agent, ‘phosphorous’.   Putin has also announced that a few Russian soldiers have been taken hostage in Kyiv and are being tortured. Torture allegations and war crimes have been rampant since AZOV’s initial formation in 2014.

In 2014, Kolomoyskyi and Zlochevsky were operating Burisma out of Cyprus under Privat Group.   Putin had choice words for Kolomoyskyi – none of them pleasant.   In an effort to gain security, Kolomoyskyi decided that he would appoint board members from the US including:   Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, and David Leiter. All bundled under John Kerry.   Other bundled board members Kolomoyskyi appointed included:   Joseph Cofer Black – former CIA, Alan Apter of Morgan Stanley, and Aleksander Kwasniewski, former president of Poland.  

When the Obama administration learned that Ukraine’s newly appoint prosecutor, Lutsenko was going to open investigations into Burisma and Biden Obama demanded the investigation be shut down.   Lutsenko told reporter John Solomon, “he gave me a list of people whom we should not prosecute”.

One of the groups on that list to stop investigating was AntAc, the Anti-Corruption Action Center put together by Barack Obama and George Soros. 

The IMF requested the creation of AntAc due to Ukraine’s mafia style government. Antac predecessor, the National Anti-Corruption Committee, was deemed a failure. Western governments had funded NABU with backing of the FBI.

When Rudi Guiliani was in Ukraine to meet with a member of parliament, Durkach, who was being accused of being a Russian agent, Guiliani said after the meeting, “The only new piece of information he gave… is the report that $5.3 billion in foreign aid [to Ukraine] is unaccounted for, $3 billion of which is American money and a big portion of that went to nongovernmental organizations controlled by George Soros”.

Karen Greenaway, an FBI supervisor who was one of the lead agents in investigating Paul Manafort in Ukraine appeared at various Soros-sponsored events and conferences. After retiring from the FBI, Greenaway joined the supervisory board of AntAc. 

Firtash was a pro-Russia Ukrainian in the cabinet of the former president Yushchenko.   Firtash was accused of laundering money from a gas scheme thru New York real estate.  Firtash made his fortune brokering Ukrainian imports of natural gas from the Russian firm Gazprom.   Joe Biden had urged the Ukrainian government to eliminate middlemen such as Firtash from the country’s natural gas industry, and to reduce the country’s reliance on imports of Russian natural gas.

This move would greatly benefit Hunter Biden’s investment in Burisma and thus line Joe Biden’s Pockets!

In September 2017, anti-corruption groups including Human Rights Watch (A Soros Organization), proposed that Firtash be placed on the Magnitsky List and sanctioned by the United States government.  Firtash currently resides in Russia.

Ukraine is deeply in the pocket of Soros, and a NATO incited non-negotiable war with Russia was the only way to bury the web of deceit and corruption while literally burning the evidence.  THIS is the Ukraine Western Governments DEFEND…

FYI:   Two Gazprom Executives were suicided in the last month!

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  1. Looks complicated. We have a number of factors here to consider:

    1. Zelensky, jewish comedian turn real president then turn Ukraine into a tragic TV show.

    2. George Soros, jews with lots of $ cheated, sorry I meant ‘earn’, from Americans, Asia, Europe, Africa…, then taking revenge in Europe for jews expulsion the past many centuries.

    3. Neo-Nazi AZOV, used to cleanse jews, now collect $ from jews, to buy drug? See if anyone can use The Art of War strategy and turn them around.

    4. Naive women watch too much cute jewish comedian Zelensky on TV, then vote him into presidency, then now themselves on TV running Marathon for cover….poor women and their kids now on jewish-run TV and social media, entertainments for these revengeful jews who used to trade negros, weapons, opiums, stolen antiques,…..apart from stirring cesspool in every nation from within politics and royal families.


    A. jews still never learn their lessons.
    B. a country can never be run by a minority race.
    C. One-person-one-vote system need to be improved, so women cannot be exploited again.

  2. Hi

    Nice write….

    It’s WAR!

    But no more mention of the plandemic or covid. No mention of all the mandates. No mention of the pharmanazis locking down,,, no mention of hospitals killing for dollars,,, no mention of the Canadian Truckers which are probably incarcerated,,, no mention of the US truckers going to DC in fact I read some want to go to Ukraine and fight for the freedom the world hates us for, probably bs.

    As for the WAR! no video footage of Putin’s 30-50,000 troops running around,,, no footage of tank attacks,,, no footage of aerial battles,,, weirdest war I have ever seen.

    Yep,,, we are dunces, will lock on to any bs put out by government. Will forget two years of tyrantus americanus politicus on command.

    But tonight will be a kicker with Pedo Joe playing a wartime geriatric telling us how the US needs to fight Putin for Freedom, Justice and the American Way assuming they can keep him on topic. lol.


  3. what a mess this is!! i happened to come across condoleezza rice being interviewed on fox news today,i could only stomach about half of their bullshit before i got furious and turned it of. she was going on how Putin was acting differently than before,she was hinting he was crazy!! nothing like trying to ramp up the fear factor to the top. she was hinting at he was a crazy man with his finger on the nuke button!! from what i’ve been reading the ones with their fingers on the war machine are the EU,america and UK!!the atrocities against Russians in the eastern Ukraine has been going on for years!! the US,UK and the EU were all aware of this and said or did nothing.they can call me what they want,i’m on Russia side on this one!!

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