UKRAINE: The Art Of Propaganda

The Art of Propaganda is as old as people.   It is used to manipulate the truth through messages that invoke emotional responses.   “It is selective use of information using control and censorship of facts.”  Playing on a person’s heart, propaganda is a political patronizing lacking in morality or ethics.   While it’s use is most prevalent during periods of war, it is also used to sway the likability or the unlikability of a political candidate.   Many people can weed through the verbose statements made by candidates with the gullibility factor on high alert. But war is now ‘pictures’ – and a plethora of green screen photo ops, manipulated photos and videos, and for the old school media – grabbing a photo from an event 6 years ago and pretending it is today. The nontech old school.

As such a plethora of photographs are being released that purport to be of the Ukraine crisis. Some are black & white and look to be 30 years old – others are staged with little attention to detail.   And yet – the very same people who saw thru the manipulation of the Pandemic media are suddenly fully supportive of the MSM photo psy-op. HOW?   Everyone has a button.

In the world of propaganda, there are 7 defined buttons:   1. Name calling, 2. Glittering, 3. Transfer, 4. Testimonial, 5. Plain-Folk,   6. Card-tactics, 7. Band-wagon.

The CIA was trained by the best – the Nazi’s.  

One such operative was Gustav Hilger during and after WWII. Despite serving as  chief interpreter for Hitlers foreign minister, Joachim von Ribbentrop, Higler’s past was scrubbed by the CIA when they needed his foreign intelligence.  He thus became a CIA asset.

IN Colorado, Cherokee Ranch has a notorious history of being the hostel for numerous Nazi’s who were deemed ‘valuable assets’ after WWII.   Merritt Ruddock, husband to Tweet Kimball, deeded the Ranch to his wife during their divorce ostensibly to sweep the debris from his hands.

“Merritt Kirk Ruddock had good reason to buy the silence of his estranged wife. He was the immediate deputy of the CIA’s Frank Wisner, the notorious overseer of Nazi recruitment by the CIA after WW II.  Ruddock, a fleeting shadow in CIA histories, was hired by Wisner in 1949.”

In the Russia-Ukraine crisis I can identify all SEVEN Buttons!  

Finding Ukraine bloggers is a difficult task – given the Zelensky Nazi Regime shut down ALL media that was in opposition to the propaganda.   The best I found had been shuttered toward the end of 2020 – but revealed massive information on the fate of Ukraine since Germany and the US decided they would no longer be a part of Russia – 1991.   The FIRST western takeover.

Since Ukraine’s so called “independence” the economy tanked, the quality of life tanked, the corruption instituted via western military and corporate order was exponentiated, and the population began to decline at the NET rate of 200,000 average per year.

Of the 42 million statistical population of Ukraine; Ex-pats living abroad account for roughly 9 million.   Crimea is another 2.4 million.   Donbas Region 4.2 million.   Leaving a true population of 26.5 million roughly. Why did they leave?   Because the promised land of milk and honey was more akin to cholera and starvation.

In 2019, the US Navy in cooperation with the UK decided that building installations in Ukraine would secure the colonization of the country for the west.   Minsk didn’t allow such infiltration and thus the installations were labeled ‘Ukrainian’ so as to bypass the Russia Agreement.   These installations were created for one purpose – to ultimately secure a perimeter invasion of Russia.   While Ukraine’s assets were gobbled by the west, greed saw the vast wealth sitting just a tanksbreath away in Russia!

Ukraine thus became the defacto sacrificial lamb in order to reap the greater spoils of Russia.

The bloggers in Ukraine that diligently exposed the corruption since its 1991 ‘independence’ are the true Patriots!   They know better than you and I what was happening and how it completely devastated their country culminating in the Nazi radical Battalion operating as their Military.   They are really no different in their foresight than we are in reporting the corruption within our own countries at the behest of the Soros Cabalist Regime.  While hailing the Truckers as opposition to the REGIME!

In the Blogger’s view being a part of Russia was better than being LAST.   Ukraine disintegrated to being the poorest country in the EU as of 2021.   As of 2020, 62% of Ukrainians lived in poverty.   That would have nothing to do with Russia, and everything to do with the criminal factions and mafia that co-opped the country.

The “Navy Ports” installed by US and UK governments – they are now the hub of the drug trafficking trade!   The Human Trafficking in Ukraine is recognized as one of the largest in the world and growing exponentially with the help of “the Navy Ports”.   Various reports reveal Ukraine to be the new Epstein Island source of child and women sex trafficking.

THIS – is what you inadvertently support when demonizing Russia’s liberation of these heinous mafia government corrupt bureaucrats in Ukraine.   The same Mafia that wants to obliterate the US thru it’s Brandon doctrine of destruction.

Where were you when the Mafia Ukrainian government was forcing Donbas prisoners to eat glass?   Where were you when they tortured prisoners relentlessly – to death?   Where were your hearts and compassion then? Nowhere – because the Media Propaganda Machine Did NOT provide a Parlay…   And you sat and waited for their drivel…

Likely in the Sand Pit of Propaganda!

This is the death of Critical Thinking in subservience to emotionally derived propaganda.   And in so doing the anti-Brandons have unwittingly aligned with Brandon.   AND the anti-Trump are still hung up on a propaganda pustule – the word ‘pussy’.   As though no man in the entire history of mankind has ever used this term …

Ultimately, Critical Thinking cannot be imposed or driven into the minds of those who reject it – and thus we face the real factoid as to the causal factor in all ancient historical societal demise including the Roman Empire!   “I don’t want to know the truth…” And Worse, “I don’t care if I am a slave…”

Which is exactly how they continue to succeed.

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  1. as more and more facts come out about what’s going on in the Ukraine shows the reason obama,biden and the rest are so interested in it’s affairs.the corruption,crimes against humanity are overwhelming!! these people are beyond evil,their corruption knows no limit,let’s hope that what Putin is doing will bring some light into the hidden places that allow this bullshit to take sickens me to see all the news channels,fox,newsmax and the rest parroting the same propaganda over and over.the same talking heads talking out their asses on how they should do this or that,or what america should do.AMERICA SHOULD GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS CESSPOOL!!we should be looking into biden’s total corruption over his entire family.i don’t think the mafia in it’s entire existence was as corrupt as this filthy family,first family my ass!!on a second point,your right about operation paperclip,bringing in all those nazis after ww2 because of their tech abilities,spy knowledge was america’s biggest mistake,once these people got a foothold into our government was the beginning of the end for america,you can almost track it on a chart how and why our country started going down the shitter,and the sheeple line up for their next shot,as the stomach turns!!

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