Ukraine: A Global Mafia – money laundering, child trafficking, torture…

There are two types of organ harvesting; voluntary & involuntary. Voluntary occurs among young men and women in middle east countries whose poverty is so immense selling an organ is aligned with quick cash and food on the table.   And then there is ‘involuntary’ which is Big Business throughout Europe, the US and China.   Ukraine, in its massive corruptness became a hub with the US Navy kindly building two seaports for drug and human trafficking.

The media loudly asserts otherwise, but the facts have been available and produced countless times over decades. Why do governments pretend it doesn’t exist?   Because the blood is on all of their hands.

Involuntary organ harvesting typically means that the child or adult is alive as the organs are harvested and then cremated to leave no trail. The Uyghurs of China have been the subject of allegations for years, and yet the EU, the UN, the US, and all western nations turn a blind eye and do nothing.  Why?  Because – it is Big Business – generating upwards of at least $40 billion annually. Rarely is anyone prosecuted.  But they are all complicit!

Sometimes the children are sold by their parents at birth. No birth records means the child is lost in the criminal melee. Once the child reaches four years old, they are either sold to a pedophile brothel or harvested.   Children crossing borders unattended by parent’s are easily subject to these mafia criminals.

Pedophile brothels are apparently rampant across Germany.   In Afghanistan, “boys are given to older men for the sexual gratification of the elder and the ‘sexual education’ of the child.”

According to a State Department Report, the US is the #1 country in sex trafficking with 60% of child sex slaves coming from foster care institutions.  

Where are the unaccompanied children that have crossed into the US?   In a report by the New York Post last October, they witnessed two planes arriving in Westchester, New York in the dead of night.   Their cargo was predominantly children and teens. When the White House was asked to explain the ‘secrecy’ – reporters were met with blank stares only providing the statement that the children were being taken to ‘foster care institutions’.

The market continues to grow exponentially in both pedophilia slaves and organ harvesting.

A Polish film producer published a documentary on this heinous global corporation that considers humans ‘merchandise’.   His film was too graphic for me – but the point was clear – this is an Evil beyond our comprehension!

Ukraine became a source of sellers charging $200,000 for one kidney.   Could this relate to Ukraine’s annual population reduction?   It is impossible to know Ukraine’s age demographics given they don’t conduct census and declare ex-pats as still living in Ukraine.

When Russia announced it was going to cleanse Ukraine of its nazification and militarism, it shelled airports, sea ports, and media towers.   Shipping companies have halted shipments to Ukraine’s ports given the value of their ‘merchandise’.   Humans.   Air transport has been halted without a airport for market and time sensitive ‘deliveries’.   Meanwhile, Zelensky was playing active role of the grieving patriot before the EU with tears in his eyes exclaiming that he wasn’t just fighting for Ukraine – but for the New World Order.  

That New World Order would appear heavily entrenched in the drug and human trafficking mafia.   In a series of five video’s published between 2017 and 2020, Ronald Bernard, a Dutch Banker entrenched in the globalist cabal revealed that the requirement for members to achieve the status of the upper echelon is to kill a child while being filmed.

Bernard talks about the Matrix – those that live within it and those that live outside.   An illusion vs Reality.   But his breaking point in this financial mafia was when he was asked into the echelon and what that entailed.

Ten days ago, Credit Suisse was the subject of a hack in which 30,000 clients attached to torture, drug trafficking, money laundering, corruption and human trafficking were revealed and many published by a German newspaper. The largest clients in the leak come from Ukraine, Thailand, Egypt, and Venezuela.   The leak also includes the Vatican! The Swiss bank is considered a collaborator according to the hacker.

Credit Suisse is involved as a co-conspirator in this mafia criminal schematic and yet felt obliged to fire their chairman of the board last month due to his failure twice in following ‘CoVid mandates’.   Today, Credit Suisse is currently facing a criminal lawsuit for allegations it helped launder money from the cocaine trade on behalf of the Bulgarian mafia.

Like a good banker – they deny everything.   But the unraveling is occurring – and ultimately cyber warfare will be their bane.

The false narrative of CoVid spilled over every platform imaginable – and yet when the Ukraine-Russia narrative became the new matrix propaganda, those same anti-Mandate hallelujah preachers became fish bait for Ukraine.  Ignoring reality, ignoring the corruption, the trafficking, the poverty, the Nazi military regime – was manifested in media propaganda ‘hear no evil, see no evil’ – therefore there is no EVIL.

The US White House has been immersed in pedophilia since Daddy Bush became a known affiliate in the Franklin Scandal – 1988.   The UK has been immersed since the Jimmy Savile story broke same year.   Yet with the assistance and blackmail by the CIA, the stories were always quashed because the CIA controls the narrative. Globally.   In conjunction with MI6.

That is how Ukraine, a corrupt, debt default, Mafia, Human trafficking, Nazi country that is the poorest country in the entire EU with a GDP pp of $3,000, was able to merge itself into the EU – blackmail.   Sponsored by our global NWO Savior – George Soros. George Soros, whose greatest ambition would be to see the reunification of his Greatest Love  – The RISE of a Global Nazi Government. HEIL.

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  1. Helen, given the current situation of Credit Suisse it would be good if you could provide links to the sources of you statements. This is then a bank made ready to be “cleaned up” and it’s cadaver taken over by UBS.

  2. It’s like China and the middle East…do we really know what goes on there? You can find money laundering, child trafficking and torture (ever listen to joey?) just about anywhere, even in this country. I wonder to what extent it takes place? It’s like the commie-crats telling us how bad things are everywhere when it is really not nearly as wide spread as they want us to believe.

  3. Helena – Ukraine is not in the EU! Did Zelensky really say out loud that he was fighting FOR the New World Order? That’s some admission; surely the population knows that NWO is Not A Good Thing. No wonder Soros has posted urging USA, Canada, EU and UK to support Ukraine.

    • I am well aware that Ukraine is not a part of the EU or NATO and those ambitions are what he is fighting for – and yes he said before the Commission that he was fighting for the NWO.

  4. as more and more corruption comes to light i feel like a bigger fool every day. i can’t believe i was blind to all this bullshit for so long.don’t get me wrong,i always figure some stuff like this has been going on,it has been since man walked the earth but i never realized the depth of their degenerate,disgusting,perverted corruption!! there’s not enough rope or enough electricity or deadly injections to deal with these people,maybe they deserve to be burned alive,the crimes against these kids is what really makes my blood boil,i have zero mercy for pedophiles,ZERO!!! AND PUTIN IS THE WAR CRIMINAL,GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!

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