DEEP FAKE Imagery, Video and Audio – A CIA Application

Photoshop.   A photoshopped picture used to be the focus of exposing fake media.   A greenscreen could easily drop Queen Elizabeth into the bombing of Syria.   Or a child actor might be injured in a strike 3-4 times before social media pointed out the fakery.   It has been asserted that the CIA is responsible for many of the DeepFake war shots using their Hollywood set in North Carolina.  

Today, the progression developed by the CIA in conjunction with Hollywood has far surpassed the simplistic photoshop. Deep Fakes can now interface with audio, video, imagery and reality.   Masks that put Tootsie and Mrs. Doubtfire to shame are being used for political and business manipulation.   The potential has little peace serving purpose – and significant warfare probability!

The technology is Mainstream:   Creating a DeepFake video is now possible using an iphone and a downloaded algorithm.   Silicon masks have enjoyed incomparable advancement that calls into question – President Biden.

The nefarious use of this form of AI technology has become much more prominent:   blackmail, identity theft, social engineering, hoaxes, reputation smears, extortion, etc…   But impersonating a high ranking military official or member of congress or foreign PM are much more likely the end point uses for the CIA.

In its infancy, DeepFakes were relatively easy to catch with a discerning eye.   Today?   Not so much. Many of the faults in the technology have been fixed.   While AI is used to simulate DeepFake video’s and audio’s, Silicon masks can be used to impersonate just about anyone without detection.

A recent video of Biden scratching the back of his neck left ripples in the skin – others have commented on the breadth of plastic surgery Biden seems to have undergone – including changing his eye color… competing with the likes of Joan Rivers.

Various means for detecting DeepFakes have arisen:   1)   lack of eye movement,   2)   skin tone discrepancies,   3)   lack of emotion,   4)   hair that is unnatural, no frizz or flyaway,   5)   lip syncing,   6)   teeth that are too perfect, or indistinct,   7)   edges of images are blurry or misaligned – awkward neck …

I tested myself on about ten video’s.   I was able to discern the fakes each time by the teeth and the skin.   But I have an ‘artiste eye’.  

The ability to authenticate the DeepFake can also translate to the inability to ‘de-authenticate’.   In other words, a video purportedly of Bill Gates doing something immoral or illegal would be difficult for him to ‘disprove’ to show his innocence.   This can disrupt our judicial system further.   A means of authentication would need to be invented.   While our esteemed CIA is apparently taken over this AI tool, it is the CIA that has surreptitiously used the fakery for warhawk benefits.

Most recently, Ukraine has levied a claim that a video has surfaced showing Wagner Group men beheading a Ukraine soldier.   The technology of DeepFake could be the source of the indoctrination – or Wagner Group is filming their atrocities.   The MSM has declared the videos were uploaded to pro-Russian media therefore that authenticates them.   Russia has stated that they will subject the video’s to authentication processes and will report their finding.

The fact that Zelenskyy’s entire cabinet is made up of his burlesque act cohorts including director, videographer, etc… has led to the conspiracy that all his interviews and appearances are within staged sets.  The involvement of the CIA, NED and Open Society in Ukraine has been documented countless times.

But Zelenskky is demanding World Leaders React – The video comes as funds for Zelenskyy have dwindled and his demand for more weapons has escalated.   The Guardian notes that the background used for the videos is green and lush – perhaps sometime last summer… just now circulating.

The Guardian also notes that the videos were uploaded on Telegram and Twitter.   Twitter is banned in Russia.   The upload would have to have been generated elsewhere… 

The point of the videos is to allege war crimes.   Given the CIA is fully invested in Ukraine, they likely have a hand in the video beheadings propaganda narrative.

End of March a slew of DeepFake shots were circulated showing Trump being manhandled by NY Police.   All the shots were fake.   But who created them?   One such video seemingly originated from the Daily Mail, a UK tabloid.   According to BuzzFeed, Eliot Higgins of Bellingcat uploaded over 50 FAKE images of Trump running from Police on Twitter.   Bellingcat is a CIA asset picked up to propagandize Syria and the evil Assad.   Higgins is a UK high school graduate who lost his job in admin and decided to stay home blogging while his Turkish wife supported him.

Bellingcat donations are sourced to: NED, Soros Open Society and Google.

According to various AI engineers, the commercial application to create these photos and videos is relatively simple and does not require specialized equipment.   An algorithm can be downloaded to your phone giving anyone the manipulation ability.   The psychology behind the technology is to completely void social media as a platform of reality or truth.

The same social media that has been instrumental in the takedown of the Mafia Cartel.   Their largess nemesis.

Superficially, engineers in the tech industry claim that DeepFakes need to be regulated.   How?   Complete censorship – which leads to the Big Brother concept of 1984.   Nothing is real except that which we tell you is real.   A perfect storm for someone like Jon Rappaport who believes we live in a Matrix.

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