Soros, Rothschilds and Rockefellers – On The Move!

Our Socialist sweetheart, Sanders, advocates for anarchy, terrorism, violence and fear. It would appear he revels in it. It would appear he believes that rioting is a right of passage. And the Democrat steamroller opponent, the Hillary, remains eerily quiet.

Revelations of a new protest organized by a former marine is scheduled to occur at Trump Tower. His beef, instead of Trump raising $6 million for the Veterans, he raised only $4.5 million… Instead of being grateful for the thought, the effort, the work, he is angry and advocates violence. Not cool.

And while the Hillary is apparently behind the marine’s protest campaign and organizers, and Blacklivesmatter are also openly prominent in the ‘assemblies’. Both organizations are backed and funded by Soros who would seem to be in a panic. I am reminded of Obama’s first election when the youth were specifically targeted for his vote. My son was attending University of Colorado at Fort Collins and when he attempted to vote at the tables set up on campus, the only vote that was ‘allowed’ was for Obama. He was told to – moveon.

But there are other factions that are actively organizing against Trump – Answer Coalition is one that is demonstratively against both Trump and Hillary but calls for demonstrations against only – Trump. The organization that funds ANSWER is Media Matters, founded by David Brock and John Podesta, both Clintonites. It is staffed by members of the Marxist, Workers World Party, and specializes in anti-America rallies and immigrant rights protests. They have been accused of financially supporting Hezbollah and Hamas, and were instrumental in the Ferguson riots.

Donations to ANSWER are tax deductible as they are processed through their sponsor, Progress Unity Fund, a 501(c)(3).  So we have a US charity supporting Hamas …  They share the same address in San Francisco, a small house on Anderson Street in San Francisco and their funding is predominantly through The Alliance For Global Justice, a Soros backed organization connected to the Occupy Wall Street protests and supposedly – Hugo Chavez.  Chavez’ death in 2013 was mired in controversy and accusations of conspiracies with fingers being pointed to the US State Department – which coincidentally would coincide with Hillary’s tenure from 2009 to 2013.

Chavez was instrumental in the use of the Venezuelan electronic voting machines that purportedly helped rig elections. The same machines that the US used in the Obama election. But like Assad, Chavez made some very powerful enemies, including; Soros, Heinz, Bush, Exxon, Chevron, BP, Shell – and ultimately the Koch Brothers. As in – get into the Big Oil Business, and we will destroy you unless you pay us 99% of your profits. And so the price gutting of oil was triggered to destroy the competition, as in Venezuela you will die.

On 30 January 2009, George Soros said at Davos that “the main oil producing countries have been the enemies of the prevailing world order.” He also said of Hugo Chavez that “probably his days are numbered.” Those three countries would include; Iran, Venezuela and Russia. Bring them to their knees and the ‘world order’ will be given carte blanche to step in.  Chavez – assassinated.  Like other commodity trades, Soros would seem to have insider track…

In the meantime, the media is being instructed to create diversions so as to delude the populations what is really happening around the world and instead fill their minds with drivel – aka Bernie’s Socialism agenda, riots, protests, and entertainment/porn stories.

So while the media is paralyzed talking about Trump and Sanders and Hillary, the real mechanisms continue to wreak havoc:

Venezuela is on the brink of collapse.

Brazil is fighting a fake virus that will devastate the tourist economy

Europe is so over-run with refugees and ISIS their economy and society are perilously ready to implode

Poroschenko thinks that raging war on Crimea and slaughtering the citizens will bring peace to Ukraine.

Erdogan has stated that if the EU does not comply with his blackmail order he has ‘other options’

France and the US are digging into their oil reserves

And rumormill: The Rockefellers and Rothschilds are bitterly fighting each other for power and control, hence the Panama Paper Caper leaked Rothschild tax havens – the leak came from the ICIJ which is funded by both Soros and the Rockefellers.  UGH.  If these two powerhouses end up duking it out, we will be the forefeit pawns.  

And where is Soros?  Why he is busily betting against China, selling off US stocks and buying – gold.  Oh, in addition he bought shares in Gilead which coincidentally patented a zika virus vaccine and Novavax, whose new vaccine for all adults over 60 was – coincidentally – fast tracked thru the FDA…  Huh.  Gee Whillikers…

But hey, lets focus on a bunch of idiotic children rioting and acting like brats at campaign rallys…, Bathroom Bills, wage hikes, and flags and statues.

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