Ann Coulter – Ethnic Terminology Gone Awry

While the media decries the valueless rhetoric that our candidates banter in this election campaign, they seemed fixated on terms Ann Coulter used to describe different ethnicities, as in; Mandarin and Hispanic. Instead of discussing the situation, the entire media rhetoric then became a blast of cynical spew regarding the outdated politically incorrect terminology… In other words, they became exactly what they were deriding in two seconds time!

And while we continually are required to ‘update’ our politically correct ethnic terminology on a constant basis as in; Negro, Black, African American, we have become the mud – sucked into a pit of quicksand.

A bit of history:

The term Negro literally means ‘black’ in Spanish, hence changing from Negro to Black was really one and the same and there was nothing derogatory intended at all. Given that Caucasians are called White, now and forever, is simply to differentiate skin color, the same as Blacks. And it hasn’t changed. Our skin color has not changed, and it is the ethnic category given to us by our government.

Mandarin refers to ‘Standard Chinese, which is often simply referred to as Chinese’. It was never a derogatory term, it was simply a single reference of ethnicity.   So no, a dialect is not an ethnicity, but neither is a skin color, white, black and everything in between!

If we have become so shallow that we become unraveled over an innocent term of ethnic origin, maybe we need to re-evaluate every person’s tongue. For example, ‘whitey’ is used by Blacks as a derogatory term, therefore it can be said to be inciting racial discrimination and riot and thus be cause for jail.

In addition, henceforth I propose that we create all new ethnic references. From now on we will have to categorize people by their true identity; Germaic-Irish-Swedish-American, Norwegian-Scottish-Germaic-English-Asian-American, Columbian-Germaic-Portugese-American… Given the perhaps hundreds of thousands of possible combinations (you do the math), I imagine the paperwork alone would be a true government-unbiased-politically-correct- avalanche when offering the ‘box to check’ on any application!

And the term Hispanics vs Latinos – well hey, there is not one application that I know of that makes that differentiation. I was not aware that it was considered a derogatory term, and apparently the government has not been made aware either given it is the census term and application term used exclusively.  Hello – earth to Mz Reid…

So I suggest Joy Reid get a life and discuss the issues, instead of badgering over ‘inconsequentials’. And for the record, Mz. Reid, you are not African American you are Congolese-Guyana-American. Or, in government terms you are; African-Hispanic-American. But since Guyana was colonized by the Dutch and British, and since Guyana has ethnicities that include Indian, Black, Amerindian and Other, to be absolutely politically correct we would have to refer to you as: African-Indian-Amerindian-Dutch-British-Hispanic-Other-American.

WHEW! I hope we got that one settled.

Now – what were you saying about the pathetic rioting children instigating racial discrimination?

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