Trump’s Perfect VP – Paul Ryan

What if, there were no parties? What if, the Trump phenomena was to eliminate the party lines, the division, the divisiveness? What if, Trump’s VP pick were Paul Ryan? What if, the 45 minute meeting was simply to put that offer on the table?

One of the major differences between a politician and a businessman is the politician wants to surround himself with ‘yes men’, whereas the businessman wants to surround himself with ‘personalities whose strengths complement their weaknesses’. Paul Ryan embodies the extreme opposite of Trump, and together they could be a powerhouse.

The Democrat and Republican parties have both been disintegrating for years. Lines are crossed, and new definitions arise; Liberal Republican, Conservative Democrat, Progressive, Socialist, Centrist, Libertarian, on and on until there really isn’t a definition or distinction at all. Routinely, a politician changes party affiliation in order to secure an election. It is so accepted that we don’t even notice or care.

So what’s the point?

And maybe that’s the Trump phenomena. The media likens his stance as ‘not republican’, ‘not conservative’, not affiliated, and yet maybe that’s the entire principle behind the revolution. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, are all sick and tired of politicians. But what’s the alternative? A waitress? A horse trainer? A photographer? While we complain and lambaste, we fail to offer a solution. And while I am not endorsing Trump, I am observing, watching, and listening.

What would it mean to have a ‘no party’ system? A system of just platforms – as in this is where I stand on issues A through Z. It would eliminate the media being able to demonize a candidate for not conforming to a standard of definitions that don’t exist and instead allow us to learn about the stances.  And it would allow everyone to vote – a US Constitutional Right!

Hillary routinely refers to herself as a Progressive and yet can not define what that means. Bernie routinely defines himself as a Socialist, and yet those that support him have no idea what that means.  Despite these malformations of the Democrat Party, they both run under that platform.  It’s a farce.

To make it even more complicated, a hundred years ago a Republican held all the values of a Democrat and visa-versa. President Lincoln was a Whig, then a Republican, then a Unionist. Thomas Jefferson belonged to the Democratic-Republican Party. What the Hey?

But haven’t we been moving in the ‘no-party’ direction for decades? Today, 43% identify as Independents, meaning ‘no party affiliation’. And while the Washington Post would have us believe that the Independent affiliation is a myth because most lean toward a particular candidate, they have missed the point. The point is that there is no ‘affiliation’ per se, the point is that people are choosing a candidate based on the candidate and not their affiliation.

Even the notion of ‘leaning’ toward one affiliation is valueless because the lean could change at any given point in time depending on who is running.

To make the election more ridiculous is to deny the 43% the right to vote because they haven’t declared themselves Democrat or Republican. But denying that right to vote would be a violation of the US Constitution which is ‘the law of the land’ and supersedes states abridging that right. In fact, the Constitution states that if a state abridges that right then the state shall pretty much be precluded from having countable votes at all!  Veddy Interestink!

That would include; Arizona, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, etc… And it would mean that these states, their governors, and their senators are violating the US Constitution by making a law that abridges the right of “everyone” to vote. But then the basic laws of the Constitution are violated by our government continually without repercussion: requirements of declaring war for military intervention, adopting Sharia law, right to privacy, and of course, the right to bear arms.

That being said, the politicians of our states have corrupted the system, have crossed the lines of the Constitution and the defined lines of what constitutes a Democrat or Republican in the absolute sense.

So – we are back to Trump. A businessman who is most definitely imperfect, but who may have the savvy to sway Paul Ryan into his camp and give him the VP nomination. That sets up Ryan for a Presidential bid in 4 or 8 years, and secures his future. It gives Trump the integrity nominee value and creates a closer conservative base with a young face. But more importantly, it creates a powerful union that is not bent on chaos and destruction and divisiveness.

And maybe, just maybe we’ll lose the Democrat and Republican titles given they have little meaning left and are a farce at best.

FYI:   In Europe there 13 different legally recognized parties…In Australia there are 15… In China there are 9 recognized and 4 repressed… In the US there are 2 recognized with 1 repressed – the majority party or Independent. So which countries are free?

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