Pedophiles in Public Bathrooms

There are 400,000 “convicted” pedophiles in the US. How many have never been convicted? Too many to count. The average number of children that a pedophile molests in their lifetime is 260.

Why isn’t this a priority? Why isn’t this the focus instead of Bathrooms?

Again! It isn’t about Transgenders, it isn’t about gays, it is about paedophiles who will use any opportunity to support their mental illness – as in the Bill Clinton/Epstein airbus of pedophilia. It is a sickness and we are opening the door to the potential for even greater attacks on children! Why?

-A convicted child molester was arrested in Indianapolis for fondling a 7 year old boy in a public restroom.

-A 1st grade special needs student with vocal cord paralysis was molested by three boys in a school bathroom.

-A child molester was accused of fondling boys in an arcade bathroom in California

-A man is arreste for fondling a boy under the age of 12 in a restroom in a Bingo Hall

-Two ten year old boys molested in a Dave and Buster’s bathroom

-Jacksonville, Florida a man sexually assaulted a 6 year old boy in a McDonald’s bathroom

-A man grabbed a 9 year old girl inside a Michael’s store and ripped her clothing while fondling her

-University City, a man entered the ladies room fondled and exposed himself to the female worker who was cleaning the bathroom

-A 5 year old and 11 year old came out of a ladies bathroom at Taco Bell where two women and men were having sex

-TSA Agent allegedly sexually assaulted a woman in the LaGuardia bathroom

-A volunteer at the Lowry Park Zoo in Florida followed a nine year old into the bathroom and fondled himself and the boy.

-School custodian charged with fondling two elementary age girls in the school bathroom

-In a casino in Nevada, two men followed a 7 year old girl into the restroom where they fondled her and after attempting to kill her by strangulation, when that didn’t work he twisted her head until he heard a pop and she was dead

-A Walmart employee molested a 9 year old boy in the Walmart bathroom

-Man chokes 8 year old girl unconscious in a bathroom at a Chicago restaurant then takes her into a stall and locks the door.

-A tutor at a Cleveland school for developmentally disabled was charged for sexually molesting a dozen boys at the school – in the bathroom

-Karate instructor found guilty of molesting girls in public bathrooms

Statistics?  These are just a grain of sand.  But why isn’t this the focus?  Why isn’t this more important?  Why don’t they have a voice?


2 thoughts on “Pedophiles in Public Bathrooms

  1. I agree with the message that pedophiles are the real issue rather than transgenders, but can we please back up our arguments with real data? The average pedophile does NOT molest 260 children in his life, that is such a ridiculous statistic. If that were the case, given the actual number of pedophiles, we’d all have been molested many times. Most of them get caught after the first few children they molest, luckily for us it’s a hard crime for them to get away with. No matter how valid your point is, you should always use real facts to back it up.

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