GLOBAL STATE OF EMERGENCY:   As long as a state of emergency is in effect – governments are not bound by typical jurisdiction law and can rule by Executive Order.   CoVid deaths are now nominal, but if the government lifts the State of Emergency then the PCR test and ALL vaccines will no longer be approved.   Therefore, vaccine cards would also be worthless.   Masks, restrictions, everything would by ‘law’ return to normal.

What to do – What to DO????

Declare Climate Change a State of Emergency – thereby extending indefinitely the Dictatorship of Law and Order. Media outlets across the globe have now lost the CoVid narrative and are bracing to switch gears – hereafter Climate Change will be called Climate Emergency! Of course they cite the same ‘science’ that was useful idiot for CoVid to validate their new alliance.

Of course the fact that our jet stream has just switched from el Nino to la Nina – is wholly ignored!   And given ‘science’ didn’t even enter the climate fray until the mid 1800’s, when they cite, ‘hottest on Record’, that record would be for a mere 150 years at best within their 500million years of earth existence – .00003% of historical evaluation.   Although even that is fairly and flatly a lie because the initial means of temperature measurement was conducted by a lone ship in the sea and one man sticking a thermometer into the waters.

THAT is Science.

Oddly, the UN has determined a 7.53% reduction every year until the magic year, 2030, will solve all problems forever and ever – Amen. The US chooses NOT to reveal how they came to this declaration – but insist that a busy bee told them so!   Problem:   The only country to have actually reduced emissions would be – The US.   And that was under the Trump administration.

Nonetheless Nations across the globe continue to make pacts to ‘try’ pinky swear!

The UN states that if we do nothing Insects will die and thus plants will die – oops does that include Gates proposal for everyone to live on a diet of crickets?   The coral reef will die, the arctic ocean will have NO sea ice at all, and here’s the doozy – 10 million people would be affected by the end of the century… aka 2200.   Representing roughly a bit over .125% of the global population. The term ‘affecting’ is not elaborated.   Perhaps affecting would mean .125% of the population would become trillionaires…   Playing with words is – the game and the gamut. Lastly, the UN states that the ‘frequency of ‘intensity of weather is likely’.     LIKELY?   Is that a Scientific Term?

The “Goals” delineated by the UN to protect against Climate Emergency include: elimination of poverty, affordable clean energy, life below water, sustainable cities, sustainable consumption, climate action and life on land.

Life below Water would seem oblivious to the fact that Japan has stated they will be dumping all their Fukishima nuclear waste into the ocean…   Sustainable City crap is all about the complete scraping of major city infrastructure, business and housing, so as to subject these cities to dire Mad Max levels.   Thereafter, the land will be free and the Deep State Structure will confiscate such land. Sustainable Consumption is all about Bill Gates eating hamburgers while relegating the peasants to subsist on crickets and synthetic foods that have absolutely no nutrient value whatsoever.

The warning is that if you felt your freedoms quashed by CoVid, it will seem like a picnic compared to what they intend to enforce within a Climate Emergency status!

This time – the draconian laws will restrict food consumption given animals and birds are now apparently responsible for Climate Change.   Ranchers will be set to idle.   And the advent of crickets as the new protein source will be the gilded Troy.   Driving will be restricted and travel passports will be ushered giving people a stated number of miles they are allowed before a lock or boot will preserve your precious automobile from the dastardly service of mobility.   Utilities will become rationed. Ultimately, water will be apportioned.   And the drone will be – “Save Lives”.

All In The Name Of Climate Emergency.

I wonder how much pollution the riots are causing across the globe with fires, destruction, smoke, and damage to infrastructure?   Once Covid is revealed as suddenly noninfective, will the new riots be about people who continue to eat meat and chicken?   Will we be called heartless for not becoming a cricket eater?   Will schools have to shut down because of rationing?

Biden has stated that the next emergency will be executed in July when CoVid suddenly evaporates into the winds.   Will suburbs then fall into decay as all the money is now focused on rebuilding ‘smart cities’?   Paid for by the massive hike in property taxes?

The ONLY way to return to normal is to lift the State of Emergency Protocol.   Because every governor, every mayor, every political appointee, has been elevated to dictator status and thus able to arbitrarily declare citizens are criminals and criminals are citizens above the law.

Our police are complicit when they enforce these protocols.   Our FBI and CIA are truly devoid of Law and Order.   Our Courts are ruled by anarchy.   Our President is brain-dead.   And the Deep State Ruling Class is desperate to effectuate a 50-60% genocide of all superfluous humans – by 2030.

Law Enforcement; police, sheriffs, military, need to step to the plate!   You HAVE to realize that the ethics, the War, the riots, the shooting of officers, the conviction of officers – is NOT in defense of your Constitutional Pledge! It is about you becoming a target from ALL SIDES.

7 thoughts on “CoVid State of Emergency: NOW GLOBAL CLIMATE EMERGENCY!

  1. Yes, we do have a climate emergency here where I live. Temps are 15-25 degrees lower than average for late April and I am freezing my bodingas off.

  2. Another excellent article – genocide of “50-60% of superfluous people” is key as this will give them total control. I think it is important to define “superfluous people”. Reading about the, genocides in past history that 50-60 percent were the educated, scientists, mathmaticians and philosophers who would not convert to the ideology of the reigning powers. In other words, anyone who can think for themselves or have an original thought who does not bow down. The great concern of mine is water…water rights are being bought up daily and simply capped off by the globalist goon corporations, i.e., Coke and venture capital companies. Water and food – life essentials are being gathered under the control of the diabolical globalists. Encourage you to post all your articles on my page as I am still in FB jail.

  3. On target pilgrim. But sadly I have to admit I am a full Conspiracy Theorist! (CT)

    Sars 2 is non existent. Not isolated,,, never laid eyes upon. No ACTUAL genome sequence ever acquired. They simply had a computer generate it. Magically ‘vaccines’ were designed from this computer genome model.

    Covid was a psyop from the getgo. Everything is bs including the virus. Proof? Why do you suppose the flu disappeared? hmmm. And interestingly they have the same symptoms until one gets into the real scary stuff. A man dies of a heart attack,,, wow! Covid causes heart attacks. And Covid hides in testicles. Oh, how about the new anal Covid test! And the HIV thing was the real clincher. OMG we’re all gonna get AIDS! except HIV is another mystery virus never isolated or PROVEN to cause AIDS. And guess what test they use to ‘clinically prove’ you have HIV? If you guessed the PCR test, you get a cookie!

    As for the so called ‘vaccines’. In the last three months the CDC admits 2794 have died from the so called ‘vaccine’ Of course, how many more have they failed to count? BUT from 2010 to 2021 there were a total of 2588 vaccine deaths,,, from ALL vaccines. So, in three months this new safe and effective ‘vaccine’ (Pope Fauci) has killed more then all the vaccines over the last 11 years. Safe and effective? I’ll let the reader decide.

    Yes,,, of course I am a CT. Anyone that has a couple logic oriented brain cells today is a CT. Any deviation from the main narrative of the .gov, the UN, Greenpeace, and I guess now the WEF and Kill Gates is a CT! All while the Conspiracy fact is, they want most of us dead….

    nice write

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