Trump’s REAL Friends and Allies

While verbose Liberal media outlets continue to peddle news that is regurgitated as journalism, there is always Truth hidden somewhere in the basement that is much more interesting… The newest levy of hatred is to conjure up a relationship from 40 years ago and classify it as something pertinent. When impertinence is the rule.

Roy Cohn, a lawyer, a cynic, a deeply disturbed man who was involved in the McCarthy era trials, who had no compunction about who he would represent as an attorney – is being hailed as Trump’s best friend and mentor…

Why? Because it is tabloidish news. And it fuels more hatred.

Roy Cohn was disliked by most everyone, but he had a cut-throat reputation as an attorney, and as such was hired by Trump at the ripe age of 27 to represent him in a lawsuit. From the media’s standpoint, they would have us believe that thereafter Trump and Cohn were best buddies… But they weren’t.

The “news outlets’ running with the story are all printing the same verbiage under the headings of; The Washington Post, Politico, New York Times, Huffington Post, Salon, etc… All targeting an ‘agenda’ without bothering to give any facts.

The real friendship that they ignore, is one that truly comes from respect, heart and loyalty. Tom Barrack. Thomas Barrack is of Lebanese descent, married, and a man who believes in helping others in need. A steadfast, grounded man who together with Rob Lowe bought Miramax Studios, helped a failing Michael Jackson save Neverland from foreclosure, has visited Syrian refugee camps, and amassed a fortune in real estate through his company, Colony.

Having spent some 35 years as friends, they share commonalities that created a rooted and genuine friendship. Most importantly, a friendship molded in trust and loyalty, values highly respected by both Trump and Barrack.

It’s easy to understand why Mr. Trump has few friends when their loyalty seems so precarious that they fly at any given whim showing that their true friendship never really existed, it was only created for some self righteous ‘benefit’. Cases in point; Joe Scarborough and Russell Simmons.

These men all turned on a dime, their friendship removed because they didn’t agree on a policy or a perceived policy. Russell Simmons audaciously wrote an ‘open letter’ so that the world would know – a rather narcissistic celebration of self appointment. Joe Scarborough is a rabid Liberal media pundit who works for one of the most Liberal outlets; MSNBC. He simply jumped ship because the bandwagon was moving on without him.

As the saying goes, ‘who needs enemies with friends like these’?

Although Roger Stone has been media lashed and bashed as going anti-Trump, his new book would indicate a quite different appraisal of the events, the circumstances, and the craziness that exists within every campaign, Trump’s no exception to the rule.

And while Trump may not have a few hundred friends, like the Hollywood cabal believe is appropriate, he does have some incredibly close friends who number few, but whose loyalty and respect is more worthy than a thousand Hollywood elitists who haven’t yet distinguished between an acquaintance and a friend and whose loyalty is only as good as the $$$$$ reaped.

And lest we forget, Bill Ayers, is and was Obama’s closest friend, supposedly wrote Obama’s Book, and advised him on national and international matters.  The same Bill Ayers who professed Communism, Black “Nationalism”, routinely bombed government buildings and killed three of his own members while accidentally detonating a – bomb.  Now there’s a real friend!

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