Canada’s Immigrants

Canada is suddenly getting nervous. Trudeau threw open the door to any and all immigrants, but he didn’t consult The People, he didn’t create a cap, and he didn’t implement the finances needed to pay for the added burden on resources and manpower to deal with the influx. He simply acted on a whim of his own making. Much like a child who has no idea of the consequences of their actions.

The ultimate result may parallel that of Germany, unprecedented attacks, and increased crime and sexual assaults.   The choice will most likely cost Merkel her position as Chancellor, and could evolve into a spiraling of Trudeau fame in the coming months and years.

Reality is setting in and The Canadian People are becoming edgy, nervous, fearful, and concerned.  Rightfully so!   A train without brakes.


The numbers are daunting – but they do provide an interesting reality check. The US typically receives over half a million illegal immigrants each and every year. The inflow of legal immigrants is roughly 1 million per year. By contrast, Canadians are suddenly questioning Trudeau’s dictum given that a surge is putting reckless abandon to law. In Canadian terms, a surge is measured in the ‘hundreds’. For example, one facility is bursting at the seams because it’s normal accommodation of 20 illegal immigrants is now – 50.

While Canada would have us believe they are a welcoming, friendly, open borders country, their numbers prove otherwise. Canada welcomed about 270,000 immigrants in 2015, a quarter of what the US embraces, with the vast majority, 38%, coming from India and The Philippines, not the Middle East and Somalia.

Their numbers are a far cry from the US policy that has strained the economy to the brink, and destroyed our healthcare system.  But still, we are hailed the demon for not wanting – more.

Suddenly, Trudeau’s policy o f open arms and open doors is being met with skepticism. Canadians are dividing much like they divided in the US and Germany. Much like the division in Hungary and Poland and Greece and Italy wherein the people suddenly said, WHOA!

The same questions always arise. What about the thousands upon thousands of our own homeless and children in poverty? If we can’t take care of them, how can we take care of more immigrants, illegal and legal?

According to the OECD, Canada has one of the highest poverty rates among the world’s wealthiest members ranking in the bottom for children. Because Canada does not measure poverty there is no official calculation and numbers have to be extrapolated.  But it is interesting that they ‘don’t want to know’…

For its aboriginal population, it is estimated that 40-50% of children live in poverty, while the ‘average child rate’ is considered to be 17%. It is estimated that 200,000 Canadians experience homelessness each year. A full 25% of Canadians spend over 30% of their income on ‘shelter’. British Columbia’s poverty rate is estimated to be 13.2%.  And yet, instead of tackling this problem, the government is manufacturing a Social Agenda of self glorification for their charity in taking illegal immigrants from the US…

Instead, Trudeau was more inclined to become excited at the prospect of teaching Hillary how much of a feminist he is.  Trudeau was even more enamored with Obama, with reports calling it a ‘Bromance’.  So, I imagine, when reality changed gears and Trump became the US President, the bromance feminism was replaced with a bit of fear.  But arrogance won out as he instead attempted to ‘warn Trump”, and give him advice, and act with a bit of disrespect…

Backed by the Soros cabal, Trudeau has assumed the attitude of the twenty-something invincibility, basking in his power given 89% of Canada’s land is owned by the government, aka The Queen.

Reality Check:  Mining is Canada’s primary source of revenue, with the US representing 80% of its exports. It’s next largest trading partner is the EU which imports about 10% of what the US spends.

So for all its arrogance and bravado, Canada is completely joined at the hip dependent on the US, and by default, Trump.  

FYI:  The media continues to talk of people ‘DETAINED’ at US airports.  My son was ‘DETAINED’ and harassed and demoralized by Canadian Border Guards for TWO HOURS.  Where’s the outrage? 

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