Harvard’s Fabian Society – Socialism Regrouping…

Justin Trudeau’s father, Pierre Trudeau, was an avid diehard Socialist. Prior to being a Socialist he dabbled in Marxism and Communism, educated in these philosophies at the same place and at the same time as Mr. George Soros;

The London School of Economics.

Whether his Communist roots simply morphed is debatable, but it would appear he adopted all three philosophies into one big Gumbo Stew. His legacy was considered a disaster site that took 30 years to clean up.

While Soros modeled Karl Popper, at The London School of Economics, Trudeau’s mentor was even more dubious – Harold Laski. Laski’s own legacy from 1946 to 1950,(when he died), was considered incoherent, and marred in contradictions. Raised a Jew, he denounced God, embraced eugenics, and claimed to identify with Zionist Jews and the Bolsheviks who conquered Russia giving rise to Marxism under the Lenin regime. Not exactly a soft sell…

Last was considered a prominent member of the infamous, Fabian Society, as was Pierre Trudeau later. The circle that aligns the school and the Fabian Society is intertwined given that in 1895 four members of the Fabian Society pooled their intellect into the construction of the London School of Economics. Their philosophy is rooted in Socialism, the Keynes view of Economics, and most importantly, the ‘control’ of the production and supply of money and credit, which in the US translates to The Federal Reserve.

Additional factions were called The Milner Group, The Royal Institute of International Affairs and eventually, The Council on Foreign Relations (whose founders are a who’s who of banking and oil). They considered themselves to be superior, gifted, the intellectuals who held a common belief in the Empire of Britain which was destined to become the global empire – with their influence.

They produced dossiers upon dossiers on how to create that power through manipulation of belief, through manipulation of Truth, through manipulation of the media and through the illiteracy of their subjects. In addition, control of the world’s resources was preeminent; gold, silver, oil, diamonds, etc…

Mass immigration was a necessary component as a modern day replacement of slavery, and a centralized global government was convened to maintain control – the shadow government. Indoctrinated throughout Europe, the Middle East and India, this Socialist reform ultimately levied war in a massive coup within Russia with the Bolshevik Revolution which ushered in Marxism under Lenin and Stalin – Dictators that were initially embraced by Churchill, Rothschild, and Roosevelt.

Today, The Royal Institute, or more commonly called, Chatham House, is alive and well, and is considered the 2nd most influential NGO in the world supporting a Liberal Progressive agenda. Headed by Stuart Popham, former vice chairman of Citigroup, in 2013 they honored – Hillary Clinton for her great contribution to society – Benghazi massacre.

When Russia broke free of Communism, the Fabians lost control over this country,.  Unable to reroot, their NGO’s expelled by Putin,their need to demonize and discredit Putin, Russia and everything associated with it became paramount.

Trump taking the US from their Socialist agenda has been a tremendous blow that put a massive dent in the machinations of their dream. Brexit further alienated their carefully crafted plan, leaving Canada, with their groomed, suave, mini-me Obama, Justin Trudeau. He is a charmer, much like Obama.

In France, Macron is the groomed charmer.

Back to the drawing table, ‘charmer’s work better than bitter screaming ladies.  But charmers typically are interchangeable, they wear masks, they love the camera, they are glorified by self, and they are easily manipulated by dangling an audience.

Taking back the US in 2020 means these Progressive Socialists will be rooting out a new ‘charmer’. Which would obviously exclude Lizzy Warren, took an ax and gave her father 40 whacks, charmer.

Julian Castro is a frontrunner; young, ambitious, groomed within the Soros cabal, sporting a big smile, wearing his cockiness like a brooch, and sporting an infinite desire to be the main man on the Big Screen!   Oh, and he’s a diehard Socialist. Interestingly, like Obama, despite his meager funds and upbringing, he managed to go to both Stanford and Harvard… hmmmm.

There are a number of schools that fit into the Socialist craft, Harvard is one of them. It is considered the core unit, the stepping stone, the building block and the catalyst for Socialism/Communism and Fabian philosophy. Oxford is another, and of course, The London School of Economics. Why? Because they convey prestige and quite simply because they were bought out a century ago.

Like Socialism, the tentacles of education are far reaching, creating and shaping the new generation of elites and superiors, as the dust settles on the aged – Soros, Kissinger, Clinton, Rothschild, Albright, Powell .. the grooming is essential.

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  1. HI Helena,
    I’m not sure why, but our most prominent U.S. conservative commentators and politicians scratch their heads and don’t seem to have a clue about the real nature of the Fabian/communist threat. They just call them “Left” …like its some sort of annoying political fog. You have enlightened me even further on the structures that these terrible people are using to gain control- the effects of which are ominous. I don’t know what’s to be done, civil debate doesn’t work with people who have been subject to undue influence (mind control). Part of the whole country seems “zombiefied”. Thanks so much for your articles…there’s not many like you.

    • A Dutch banker gave a series of interviews that expose the ‘what’, but he can not expose the ‘who’ lest he be tortured. Ronald Bernard. Take a listen.

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