US Coups – Failed Regime Changes

Once upon a time, Iran was our friend, our buddy. It was when the Shah, the Monarch was in power that we cooed and wooed. And then we changed our mind, instigated a coup with the help of the UK and it went terribly array. Khomeini came into power, hated the US and the UK, and history was changed. Kissinger led the revolt against his ‘dear friend the Shah’ and what was a prosperous if not somewhat corrupt monarchial regime was decimated.

Once upon a time, Syria was our friend, our ally, our good buddy and Assad gave the US valuable intel. And then we changed our minds, and decided he had to go. A coup was instigated with the help of the UK, war broke out, the entire country was devastated and taken over by rebel factions and ISIS. What was a prosperous, if not somewhat corrupt regime was decimated.

After the Orange Revolution in Ukraine in which a coup was attempted, a pro-western President was ultimately elected, Victor Yuschenko. He served two terms and was defeated by Yanukovich. But Yanukovich was not pro-western and a coup was instigated with the help of the US and UK. It went terribly wrong, massive fighting, brawls, devastation, annexation of Crimea by fearful people facing annihilation by Keiv forces. And a new President is appointed who is – pro-western again. Only they continue to fight, brawl, squabble and act like degenerates while portions of their country have been decimated and tens of thousands killed and wounded.

Egypt. A 2013 coup deposed Morsi and put in power el-Sisi, a pro-western who trained at The Army War College in Pennsylvania where I was born. So not only is he pro-western, he is in fact western. He also trained at the Joint Services Command and Staff College in the UK.   Obviously, he is ‘our man’ and the Morsi coup – well most likely a collaboration of US and UK intelligence.

Turkey – failed coup as Erdogan’s alliance becomes questionable and his lean toward Russia appears threatening. The man we wanted in? Fethullah Gulen, who is currently resting in his massive compound surrounded by hundreds of security guards in Pennsylvania. A former CIA agent secured Gulen’s green card application when he immigrated to the US in 2001.

Two coup attempts in Libya in 2014 were said to be initiated by Khalifa Belqasim Haftar, a pro-western officer who aligned himself with the National Front For The Salvation of Libya, a US supported opposition group.   August of 2016, he refused to support the UN Security Council leading to the US proclaiming his influence a threat to the stability of Libya. November 2016 his allegiance seems to have changed as he looks to Russia for alliance.

A Pattern?

I guess so!

You are only our friend as long as you do our bidding, and become a puppet of the US shadow government that operates outside of The People, our knowledge, our truth, and our rule. Because it would seem that US government is not about The People, it is about a shadow design, agenda, whose aim has nothing to do with The People. And everything to do – about something we are not privy to. But most likely is rooted in power, global dominance, and One Open Border Supreme Power.

The good news? Time after time, these coups have been failing miserably. Time after time, the truth has emerged that forces working outside of The People are making decisions and acting on agenda’s outside of The People.

In other words, this isn’t the US.   This isn’t the UK. It is a growing power force that has usurped our countries and our values and through propaganda created a false reality of fake news, fake video’s and even fake protests. Even the most recent protests that the US would have us believe include hundreds of thousands in Iran claiming death to America – are faked.

In fact, one photo includes a singular woman holding a sign condemning the US while the background shows passive people shopping in a market. Yet the headline reads ‘Hundreds of Thousands Protesting Wishing Death to America’. Ummm, noo.

The problem? The pictures don’t support the verbiage. In fact, they look rather sad when we try to disseminate fact from fiction. And the anti-trump effigies look amazingly like cut and paste fabrications – and not very professional ones at that…

What is the agenda?  Russia was an ally during the Napoleonic Revolutions, during WWI, WWII, and most other conflicts during the 18th, 19th 20th and 21st centuries. And yet, they are demonized as the ‘bad guy’ today.  Isn’t it time we take a hard look at why? What is reality? Who has consistently had our back? And what is the Truism Agenda?

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