A Failed Coup In Montenegro

The Telegraph is ‘Breaking A Story’ that is four months old citing evidence that they don’t reveal, people they don’t name as sources, and a headline statement that is most certainly deficient of anything but tabloidism.

A Little Birdie Told Me…

A foiled coup in Montenegro in October 2016 was levied by 20 Serbs including a ‘retired police officer’ – as initially reported by The New York Times. The President, who later stepped down, Milo Djukanovic, was a Communist layaway from 15 years prior, who was involved in Organized Crime, tolerated graft, corruption, misleading information and was even accused of fabricating the coup to suppress voter turnout.

Not exactly a cream of the crop kinda guy.

And despite ‘stepping down’ he handed the baton to his closest ally while he pulls the strings in the shadows.   Sound familiar?  Not exactly the gasp coup that The Telegraph is headlining. Obviously, they didn’t do their homework.

And lest we forget, these are the same nationalist Serbians who have been implicated in all kinds of historical malfeasance, including instigating WWI. Oddly, the Serbs aren’t mentioned at all in the Telegraph article.   DANG!

In fact, the entire article is upside down topsy turvy in that it claims the attempted coup was to sway the alliance of Montenegro toward Russia instead of the EU. While The New York Times claims that Milo Djukanovic withdrawing as Prime Minister actually helps Montenegro’s bid to gain EU status or citizenship.  So the coup would have benefited the EU – not Russia.

Why did he need to go?  Because he was a Communist and linked to Organized Crime, not a good resume for an EU integration!

Which means that the entire Telegraph story is basackwards.   In fact, it is sounding eerily similar to the Trump Dossier that backfired so badly.

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