Germany Attacks President Trump – Again.

DW Headline: Trump Sought Foreign Interference In 2020 Election:

The obvious words missing here would include terms like ‘alleged’.   But like the CNN’s of the MSM world, Germany’s favorite government/Soros owned media outlet isn’t about truth, it is about false news and all things demonizing of US President Trump.   As such, that demonization would be toward the majority of deplorables who voted for him.

Germany’s Angela Merkel is attempting to rewrite history without deleting or censoring it first as would be customary under communist rule.   The Ukrainian President is stating that Germany does little to assist in their current need for aid.   Germany attempts to refute this statement by claiming Germany is the third largest donor.   Of course, it seems to allude Germany that Ukraine is in Europe, not the US.   And US aid is required to ‘protect’ Germany because they continue to refuse to support their own military so as to create a fake – budget surplus.   Still, Merkel and her media outlet DW continue to vilify the US and President Trump.  As such the American people are not keen on supporting NATO defense or any other defense of Germany.

While Trump has been diligently attempting to reduce US expenditures on foreign aid in general, the backlash over Ukraine was forced through by lawmakers despite the fact that most of the aid was in the form of military weapons.   Trump and VP Pence had stated that they were alarmed over corruption within Ukraine and simply handing over a quarter billion was concerning. As a result of Trump freezing the aid temporarily, US ‘lawmakers’ made the following threat:

Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois had proposed an amendment that would have withheld $5 billion from next year’s defense budget unless the Trump administration delivered the suspended aid to Ukraine. Several Republican senators — including Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and a staunch Trump ally — had threatened to support the amendment.

That would be called blackmail.

Germany’s foreign aid spending has been steadily increasing since 2014, but the vast majority is spent on Syria refugees and Africa according to a DW article in 2017, including to aid organizations such as The Red Cross and Red Crescent.

According to a report by ProPublica, the Red Cross has been mired in controversies for over a decade.   Slate, USA Today, and NPR have all made allegorical claims about the inefficiency, negligence, and ineptitude of this organization.   Yet Germany maintains these organizations continue to be one of their largest recipients of aid funding.

While Germany claims to support Ukraine against a potential Russian invasion, Germany’s investment spending in Russia reached an all time high this past year at $3.3 billion and the volume of trade increased by 8.4%.

If Russia is such a tyrant to be feared, and billions are siphoned to Ukraine to protect it from Russia, why is German trade with Russia increasing?   The logic would indicate that Ukraine doesn’t need military spending at all because the threat doesn’t exist. And once again the US is footing the bill for a European country’s military spending at taxpayer expense.

But those facts don’t support the Liberal and anti-Trump media.

In response, Germany has now begun denigrating Ukraine’s new President Zelenskiy as a Trump sycophant. Digging up dirt on Biden would seem to be Trump’s offense. But when in the history of elections across the globe has ‘digging up dirt’ on your opponent been viewed as corruption?

In fact, it has been the mainstream passion for over 200 years.   Unfortunately for Biden, the dirt is real. And the only way the Democrats can figure a way to avoid the dirt is to attack the ‘whistleblower’, President TrumpFunny thing about whistleblowers…

Merkel is Whining…

“Vladamir Putin has been longing to drive a wedge between the US and Germany.”   That’s the headlines. And that’s the take away. As though Merkel had absolutely no brain, no power, no heart – The Wizard of Oz won…

Really? Because doesn’t that make Merkel look like an idiot? A patsy? Someone who caved and is not a viable leader? Isn’t the press giving Putin the power by continuing to claim – He Won?

I’m sure he considers that press rather flattering… Merkel caved – Merkel Lost – and Putin Won. Is this the backdoor Soros – who never liked Merkel – actually bringing her down? Once again? Because, it sure sounds like the media is hailing Putin as being a much more savvy leader.

Today Merkel is quoted as saying, “…we Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands.” And my take is – why do you perceive that to be a negative? Isn’t that what every country is supposed to do – as opposed to letting someone else make all your decisions for you…? And maybe that is the rub. Maybe Germany has been run by someone else all these years and really doesn’t have a clue how to run itself.

The German Socialist, Schulz, is even worse claiming that Trump is an ‘authoritarian ruler’ because he won’t cave to their rule, which of course, is authoritarian… because Socialism is arguably defined by authoritarianism.

So, did Putin win? And if he did, what did he win?

The Democrats would like to infer that Putin won the US by the election of Trump. They would like to say that he won the UK by and through BREXIT. And now, they say he has won Germany by Merkel’s admittance of defeat.   And all these wins occurred after the US attempted to destroy the economy of Russia by tanking oil and levying sanctions.  “How’s that working for ya”…

What really went wrong?

Once again, it goes back to picking the wrong allies and the wrong enemies. In WWII, Russia was an ally. In battling the Middle East, we picked the wrong allies. In Brazil, we have now failed miserably as our choice for President to replace our choice for impeachment, is yanked from office in a mire of corruption and the country collapses into a death spiral. Venezuela – ditto. Syria – ditto. Ukraine – ditto.   Libya – ditto. Egypt – ditto.

The choices made have proven to be ‘wrong’ each and every time. And yet, we refuse to admit or accept these mistakes. That failure to admit merely serves to heighten the consequence, the lack of respect and the disillusionment of We The People.

Who made all these crazy choices?   Well, we actually can’t put all the blame on Obama, Bush was complicit, as was Billy, as was Bushy, as was even – Carter. It traverses both parties in a failed intelligence division that was either miserably incompetent, or planned our demise with intent. Either – is equally ugly.

And the ONLY way to mitigate this – DRAIN THE SWAMP!

Germany and Media – Owned By Soros

The media is advising Theresa May… The media is advising Trump… The media would seem to think they ARE Congress… The Guardian is ‘warning’ Theresa May to… The Independent is telling May to push for a US-UK trade deal…

When did the media become our government?

Who are these people that have elevated themselves to the role of Executive Advisors of Presidents and Prime Ministers?

And the free speech rhetoric has descended into death threats and go kill yourself and let’s blow up the White House – and somehow that’s okay?   It boggles the mind when a death threat is allowed, but a cross is considered perverse…?

It would appear, that since Soros lost, the big money shadow government is ramping up the chaos agenda exponentially telling the media what to say, telling the Democrats what to do and not to do, and creating an alternate world using their mind/media subliminal manipulation.

Soros, the puppet, is all but willing to comply.

French President, Hollande, whose approval rating is a meager 3%, would have us believe he speaks for his people in denouncing Trump despite the fact that the populist movement which he abhors, continues to gain ground. The fact that The People are speaking seems irrelevant, and it is exactly why the current EU leaders are collapsing like a House Of Cards.

In Germany’s newspaper, they have an article which takes issue with the ‘fake news’ problem in the US, Russia and Turkey… as though Europe is somehow immune. But then, the article is filled with ‘fake news’ calling Trump a ‘failed businessman’, claiming Black Lives Matter is perfectly legit, and that ‘fake news’ is actually just a bogeyman that Trump invented to disqualify news he doesn’t like. Tch, tch.

Hmmm. The article was written by Ethan Zuckerman, a US citizen who is director of Center For Civic Media.  A little research and we find that this organization was initially funded in 2007 by The Knight Foundation which is heavily entrenched in Open Society collaborations including ProPublica.

ProPublica has ties to The Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times and Chicago Tribune – all backed by Liberal funders including Soros Open Society Foundation. OOPS!

So that would indicate that the German newspaper,, is undeniably entrenched in the same propaganda and ‘fake news’ that they claim is ‘a bogeyman’. Oh My Oh My, it’s not nice to fool Mother Nature!

But it get’s worse. Apparently, this same Ethan Zuckerman has another new liberal quasi journalistic agenda, a newly founded organization called Global Voices which purports to give voice to ‘global online communication’. Formed in 2008 and registered in The Netherlands, they operate through Harvard.   Of course, that would be the same Netherlands where Billy boy Clinton housed billions in another Clinton Foundation that was a political cash for play…  hmmm.

Global Voices would thus appear to be another propaganda machine. Unabashedly funded by Open Society Institute, Georgie Soros, as well as Pierre Omidyar, founder of Ebay who has been infiltrating into the media most recently with First Look Media and The Intercept founded in 2014, just in time for a Hillary win!   YEAH!

Global Voices claim to fame is their help in raising the awareness of voices that contributed to the rise of King Obama in 2008.

The Spin, to coin a phrase, is to inundate our media outlets with Liberal Voices who say what they are told to say while spinning that the conservative news is all – FAKE – Propaganda.

Which means – Soros now effectively owns, and the German media…