The CIA Whistleblowers Inadvertently Out Obama Director Brennan!

WHO IS ON FIRST?     The Secretary of Defense and his Generals are pointing fingers at the Secretary of State in the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.  

Lloyd Austin, General Milley, and General McKenzie have addled brains to the point of treason.   Blinking Blinken is working his best Porky Pig routine, and Biden, the basement dweller, is being blamed.   In other words, everyone is being set up to take the fall.

The Secretary of State has no powers to authorize a withdrawal of troops – however, he is tasked with ‘ensuring protection of US citizens in foreign countries’.   By contrast, the Secretary of Defense has the authority over all military decisions. The chain of command runs from the President to the Secretary of Defense – it does NOT run through Blinking Blinken first.  GOOD GRIEF!

However, given civilians were at stake, Blinken was responsible to coordinate their safe return.   In other words this was supposed to be a combined effort – and not a tattle tale finger pointing cowardly display of incompetence!

But then the Powers did purposefully implant incompetent people to surround the charade Jester Biden.   Calculating and knowing that ultimately when following orders from the shadows that rule they would set them up for a fall. Why?   Because removing the entire showstoppers will give force to the institution of a global governance scenario.

Simultaneously, Pope Francis is ramping up his protocol for a Universal Religion while lecturing the UN and IMF about finance, climate change, universal set income, and the New World Order under sustainable development.  

In 2019 Pope Francis referred to his vision of universal religion as ‘unity and plurality’.   In this universal church there will be global governance over all churches in a pyramid decision making schematic with Francis sitting at the top.   In other words, the Vatican wants to be the ruler of ALL religions…

This Universal Chrislam Church is slated to open in 2022 having been built on Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi.   Pope Francis signed a joint declaration with the grand imam of al-Azhar, Dr. Ahmed el-Tayeb titled, Document on Human Fraternity.

Global Governance requires self appointment of those who will have ALL the Power.  AND Thus The Stage Is Being Set.

Taking down America means taking out most every political appointee – stupefied pawns taken out of retirement who had no idea they would be made to look as fools, corrupt, incompetent, and even treasonous.

As Trump rallies again show The People support, CULT focus spreads to destroying everyone remotely associated with him.   That means many more to come will be accused without evidence, their lives targeted with smear campaigns, until they wither, unable to hold to the sword of justice!

Pompeo is now being tagged as “Trumps CIA Pompeo” – “Trump Administration” – in order to discredit – Trump.   The Yahoo Report claims that these unnamed anonymous former government officials claim that Pompeo was going to seek revenge for WikiLeaks release of CIA documents called Vault 7.

What Yahoo FAILS miserably to note is that the leaked Vault 7 documents were of the CIA under OBAMA dated between 2013 – and 2016!   It was the Obama administration that sought to take out Assange!   It was the Obama administration officials that likely gave the Yahoo interview.   The CIA Director until January 2017 was John Brennan – NOT Pompeo.

And it is likely Yahoo is complicit. Cowards – they remain unnamed.

Yahoo is owned by Apollo Global Management as of this year.   Leon Black, one of 3 founders of Apollo stepped down this year as CEO and Chairman after revelations that he gave $158+million to Jeffrey Epstein. Black was also right-hand man to Michael Millken, the disgraced felon who was convicted for securities infractions. Apollo has been a major donor of the Clinton Foundation, Hillary speeches, and Hillary’s campaign.

Once again we are confronted with the typical ploys of the CULT that lack much nuance for creativity.   We are watching as they disgrace Biden, Blinken, Pentagon Generals, Secretary off Defense Austin for blatant incompetence – while simultaneously attempted to derail President Trump.

They Really Do Need a New Screenwriter For Their Dramas!

Germany Attacks President Trump – Again.

DW Headline: Trump Sought Foreign Interference In 2020 Election:

The obvious words missing here would include terms like ‘alleged’.   But like the CNN’s of the MSM world, Germany’s favorite government/Soros owned media outlet isn’t about truth, it is about false news and all things demonizing of US President Trump.   As such, that demonization would be toward the majority of deplorables who voted for him.

Germany’s Angela Merkel is attempting to rewrite history without deleting or censoring it first as would be customary under communist rule.   The Ukrainian President is stating that Germany does little to assist in their current need for aid.   Germany attempts to refute this statement by claiming Germany is the third largest donor.   Of course, it seems to allude Germany that Ukraine is in Europe, not the US.   And US aid is required to ‘protect’ Germany because they continue to refuse to support their own military so as to create a fake – budget surplus.   Still, Merkel and her media outlet DW continue to vilify the US and President Trump.  As such the American people are not keen on supporting NATO defense or any other defense of Germany.

While Trump has been diligently attempting to reduce US expenditures on foreign aid in general, the backlash over Ukraine was forced through by lawmakers despite the fact that most of the aid was in the form of military weapons.   Trump and VP Pence had stated that they were alarmed over corruption within Ukraine and simply handing over a quarter billion was concerning. As a result of Trump freezing the aid temporarily, US ‘lawmakers’ made the following threat:

Sen. Dick Durbin of Illinois had proposed an amendment that would have withheld $5 billion from next year’s defense budget unless the Trump administration delivered the suspended aid to Ukraine. Several Republican senators — including Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and a staunch Trump ally — had threatened to support the amendment.

That would be called blackmail.

Germany’s foreign aid spending has been steadily increasing since 2014, but the vast majority is spent on Syria refugees and Africa according to a DW article in 2017, including to aid organizations such as The Red Cross and Red Crescent.

According to a report by ProPublica, the Red Cross has been mired in controversies for over a decade.   Slate, USA Today, and NPR have all made allegorical claims about the inefficiency, negligence, and ineptitude of this organization.   Yet Germany maintains these organizations continue to be one of their largest recipients of aid funding.

While Germany claims to support Ukraine against a potential Russian invasion, Germany’s investment spending in Russia reached an all time high this past year at $3.3 billion and the volume of trade increased by 8.4%.

If Russia is such a tyrant to be feared, and billions are siphoned to Ukraine to protect it from Russia, why is German trade with Russia increasing?   The logic would indicate that Ukraine doesn’t need military spending at all because the threat doesn’t exist. And once again the US is footing the bill for a European country’s military spending at taxpayer expense.

But those facts don’t support the Liberal and anti-Trump media.

In response, Germany has now begun denigrating Ukraine’s new President Zelenskiy as a Trump sycophant. Digging up dirt on Biden would seem to be Trump’s offense. But when in the history of elections across the globe has ‘digging up dirt’ on your opponent been viewed as corruption?

In fact, it has been the mainstream passion for over 200 years.   Unfortunately for Biden, the dirt is real. And the only way the Democrats can figure a way to avoid the dirt is to attack the ‘whistleblower’, President TrumpFunny thing about whistleblowers…