Soros Bringing Down Fox News?

Fox News is under siege by Soros. The last bastion of a major conservative media network, the attacks in the form of lawsuits, demonizing and advertising revenue are widespread.   They began in 2010 during the Obama administration and have been ramped up as of late to take down Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly and Ruport Murdoch.

In June 2011, Soros penned, “Those in charge of Fox News, Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, have done well in identifying me as their adversary. They have done less well in the methods they have used to attack me: their lies shall not stand and their techniques shall not endure.”

In 2010, Soros launched an operation called, “Color of Change”, in which the target of the attacks was Glen Beck. He then gave Media Matters, his own media outlet, $1.1 million to be used to cut Fox News down to the core.  The methodology was the same, and 30 advertisers left the show ultimately leading to Beck’s early retirement.

Think Progress, a blog put out by the Soros organization, Center For American Progress, was the hitman.

This time, Ailes, O’Reilly and Murdoch were the targets utilizing sexual harassment claims and racial discrimination claims to unravel more advertisers and lance their bottom line profit.

In 2017, the New York Times released a story in which they claimed that O’Reilly and Fox had settled some $13 million worth of lawsuits brought by five women.  Problem.  As a condition of the settlement, the women were barred from speaking publically about their claims and awards. If they did, they would be in violation of their court order. Apparently a lot of money exchanged hands in order for someone to forfeit their claim against Fox.

Suddenly Roger Ailes dies after falling and hitting his head. O’Reilly is fired, Kelly and Susteren both get hired by NBC and cut ties with Fox, and the National Organization For Women, funded by Soros, fires up a feminist rant targeting – Fox News.

What is omitted from most of the news networks is the fact that an enormous class action lawsuit against CNN for racial discrimination is in the making involving not 2 or 5 people, but upwards of 200… Murdoch?

So is the Soros agenda to take down Fox News possible? He definitely bought out Kelly and Susteren.  He destroyed O’Reilly for now and Beck some years ago.  Hannity is running scared, and rightfully so.

Color of Change is a Soros backed and funded organization that advocates for civil rights, mass media focus and political activism. Rashad Robinson is the executive director and sits on the board of another interesting organization, DEMOS.

One of the original Board Member founders of DEMOS is Barack Obama and currently, Elizabeth Warren’s daughter is Board Chair.   Small World!

Founded in 2000, DEMOS was ‘conceptualized’ by Charles Halpern, a lawyer and follower of spiritual mindful meditation and healing as well as social activism. He also is credited with the founding of The Alliance For Justice, a Soros organization, which works to appoint federal judges, and was instrumental in the defeat of Reagan’s nominee. The Alliance is connected to a plethora of Member Groups. (the list can be found on Wikipedia).   DEMOS is also funded by Soros.

This would indicate that Obama had been slated by Soros well before his Presidential appointment or book deal.


Muroch vs Soros. Soros has painstakingly worked hard to bring Fox to it’s knees. It is personal. Diametrically opposed politics is one reason, but influencing media and by default The People will determine who rules and the transformation of the EU and US and the global economic stratification.   Soros is a Socialist with leanings toward Marxism.  Destroying both the Democrat and Republican parties could usher in an Obama Green Party Movement uniting the youth, blacks, disillusioned Democrats and Socialists with one fell swoop.  At this stage of the game, Soros has vamped more power with his takeover of major media outlets; CNN, NBC, CBS, NPR, Washington Post and New York Times, to name a few heavies.   And he directs and dictates their opinion.

Thriving on chaos and war, Soros most likely rather enjoys Murdoch as a worthy opponent.  But Murdoch doesn’t stand alone, he has John Malone, and the Koch Brothers taking his back.  And the fight could have a number of victims before a new King is elected.

Soros, backed by Buffet and Gates, has armed himself with quite an arsenal as well.  It is ultimately a matter of who can manipulate more minds with propaganda and usher in either a Marxist regime, or a Capitalist regime.

Bringing down political appointments is critical. Bringing down Fox is just gravy.

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