Manchester Bomber Abedi Family Dissected

Salman Abedi’s mother, Samia Tabbal is a nuclear scientist. She received her degree from the University of Tripoli in Libya. Today she is 50 years old. Such a degree would take approximately 9 years to obtain. Assuming she entered college at 18, she would be 27 when graduating meaning she was still living in Libya in 1994. However, Abedi claims to have been born in Manchester New Year’s Eve 1994.

Salman’s father worked as a security officer in a UK airport.

The family claims they fled Libya and came to the UK as refugee’s escaping the regime of Gaddafi.  During this same time period, the EU had a deal with Gaddafi whereby he would take in refugees from other African countries, like Algeria, and act as the holding center because the EU didn’t want them. For this, Gaddafi was paid handsomely by the EU.

So how could the Abedi family be considered refugees if at the time the EU was paying Gaddafi to quell the flow of refugees into the EU from other countries?  Hmmm.

And why would Samia Tabbal even get a degree as a nuclear scientist when Gaddafi had been ordered by the US and EU to rid Libya of all nuclear weapons?  Odd choice of a career move.   Unless the UK specifically wanted her talents to work in their nuclear facilities… and thus solicited her to the UK, thus they weren’t refugees.

Whether Samia Tabbal is currently in the UK or Libya depends on which report one reads, because it would seem she has residency in both places simultaneously. When the bombing occurred, she was in Tripoli.   So if she’s living in Tripoli which has no nuclear facilities where she might find employment, and we know dad isn’t working because he’s been assisting al Qaeda, then how were they surviving?   And how are we supposed to believe that the father and all the sons are rogue, but the nuclear scientist mom is just a real nice lady who smiles a lot?

And why would the UK hire a “refugee” to work security in their airport?

It is stated that the father returned to Libya in 2011 ostensibly to fight alongside the rebels trying to oust Gaddafi from power. Who were the rebels? According to Gaddafi they were led by al-Qaeda. While the US denied this, according to a report and analysis issued by the Combat and Terrorism Unit at West Point in 2008, Gaddafi’s claims were supported. In addition, a 2005 Wikileaks release verified that one of the top rebel leaders was a former Guantanamo Bay detainee – was a Taliban member and probably al Qaeda member as well.  Which means the rebels were predominately al Qaeda supported by the US to assassinate Gaddafi.

Gee, it’s real clear now???


That would mean that Abedi’s father enlisted with al Qaeda to fight Gaddafi, a former friend and ally of the EU and US – once upon a time.


And given this less than proficient intelligence on the part of M15, we are to assume that they were not complicit in leaking photographs to the New York Times? Not terribly logical.

Unless, mother dearest was working for possibly, maybe, the UK government?  And they are trying to protect her?

So we have a family of refugees, who weren’t really refugees, and a son who was their 3rd child of 4 claiming to be born in the UK despite the fact that the time frame doesn’t add up given Samia likely got her PhD in Tripoli most likely the same year as her Salman was born.    But even if the time frame is cleared, in the early 1990’s Libya was working in conjunction with the EU to stem refugees.  In order to be a refugee you have to flee persecution…   We have a mother who got her degree as a nuclear scientist in a country that has no nuclear facilities, and a father working in airport security before and after 9-11 who disappears to join the al-Qaeda rebels in Libya fighting Gaddafi in 2011.

And if that wasn’t enough – we have a very controversial election taking place June 8th in which Thersa May and Brexit may take the heat as Corbyn declares that the only reason the bad Muslims are doing anything in the UK is because of all the wars the UK has participated in.

Which kinda sounds like Katy Perry declaring that they all  just need a big hug – no borders, no barriers!   Yeah!   Except that her own house was considered a ‘fortress’ – just to keep out the riff-raff, you know…

Duck Duck Goose…

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  1. You have an interesting perspective/analysis here that I’ve not heard via other channels. Thanks, you hard working woman.

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