Leaked Manchester Photographs? How About Nuclear Scientist Mother…

The New York Times is making headlines again for their release of images which they claim came from law enforcement officials which were distributed by British authorities.   There is no mention of US officials being a part of the release.

The BBC and Theresa May are now claiming that Trump, the White House, and Five Eyes officials are the source of the illegitimate release, and as a result she has stopped all intelligence sharing with the US.

If this were a traditional ‘press briefing’ as Theresa May is claiming, then the photographs would have been available to all those in the briefing. Given the Post, Times and CNN have been nixed by Trump of late, even if there was a press briefing, chances are the New York Times was not represented.

The British Police claim that the name of the suicide bomber had been purposefully withheld from the media so that they could utilize the element of surprise in picking up accomplices.   That makes sense. But while a name is one thing, a slew of photographs is quite another.  That entails more than a phone call.

That means someone with access to the entire file sent the photographs to one media source, The New York Times.  And that indicates that the Leak is within the British intelligence.

The story also indicates that they had the photographs analyzed by a ‘disposal technician’, and an independent analyst, Michael C. L. Johnson, who appears to have no profile presence.

The photos and story were released the day after the bombing. They had been thoroughly analyzed.  So the photos had been in the possession of the Times for a while.

The more likely leak is classic media. The New York Times knew someone in the UK police department or intelligence department who had access to the file and emailed the photographs. Which is basically what the New York Times report states.

Trying to create a Trump drama, is ridiculous at best and serves no purpose whatsoever except to take away from his trip abroad and swing a pile of cow mud so as to divert the focus. The fact that Theresa May doesn’t see through this given she too has been the target of similar mud attacks, may be the opinion of the media, or ignorance.   Or it may be because she herself is nervous this could discredit her in the upcoming election and so she needs to take a strong stance.

In any event, the UK got their men and then some. The fact that according to The Telegraph Salman Abedi’s mother is a nuclear scientist living in Libya seems to have somehow alluded the mainstream press… I would think that to be a rather important item to investigate further…

Because according to a quick street address lookup, she is registered to live at the same address as Salman in Manchester. Mixed reports seem to say that while Salman’s parents previously reported him to the police as a potential risk, his father and brothers have been arrested and implicated in the crime. His father is/was a ‘security officer’.  As a security officer, I would think his employment information might be of interest…

Did he work at the Arena?  Was he there?

The fact that Abedi’s brothers and father have since been connected to a large ISIS and al Qaeda cell has also been diminished as the focus on the real story takes a backseat to the leaked photographs and discrediting Trump.

And what of the nuclear scientist mother?   Is she in Libya or Manchester?  Who does she work for?  Does she have ties to ISIS?   Where are her loyalties?  Seems a bit worrysome to me.

But these details seem insignificant compared to the leaked photographs and the blame game…