TWITTER: New Musk Partners Are Clinton Donors

October 4, 2022, the European Union quietly passed the Digital Services Act.  Online platforms will have to comply within 4 months and service providers have until January 2024 to get in line.   It is a means for setting the stage for globalized content censorship and Big Brother.   Further it makes infractions a criminal offense.  While the US initially sought to create a similar agency, Ministry of Truth, headed by the wannabe stage actress, Nina Jankowicz, it shut down within a month amid ridicule.   And YET….

Ministry of Truth was the George Orwell Dystopian chronicle of the future – 1984.   In the novel, 1984, Emmanuel Goldstein is portrayed as a former Party member who has been evicted from the Tribe.  His image is now a telescreen dissenter whom all must hate.  Although Orwell claims that Leon Trotsky was the traitor whom he modeled into the character Emmanuel, who was expelled from the Soviet Union by Stalin who ultimately had him assassinated, The Rothschild Economist, would have us believe that Goldstein is – SOROS.   Martyr – Soros.

2022, Trump is Emanuel Goldstein and within Homeland Security, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, CISA, has already been operating a defacto censorship scheme to portray Trump on the Big Screen as a Traitor.

CISA has been busily working diligently behind the scenes of social media platforms to regulate information and speech.  In particular, they are the shadow regulation agency targeting Facebook and Twitter – with their permission of course.   To manipulate, Disinform, and Purge.

Created in 2018 under President Trump, the purpose was specific to the wording – infrastructure security – as in our grids and nuclear power plants.   But rogue has a way of recreating Government Agencies.   In 2021, Jen Easterly was assigned as Director by the Biden Handlers.   A military officer, Easterly worked within both the Bush and Obama administrations in cyber security – and within NSA.

It was during this era that Edward Snowden revealed the far reaching Big Brother effect that Easterly’s cyber operations had created.  Nearly a decade later we are awakening from a very long slumber.

Snowden, “change in global awareness” is underway and the balance of power is beginning to shift.”   Snowden warned us that the internet censorship and manipulation was a by-product of NSA.

And for this revelation – he was rebuked and wanted for arrest. In order to secure his ‘life’ Snowden took refuge in Russia … And only now do we come to understand the extent to which the far reaching hand – infiltrated.  And how real Snowden’s escape from assassination was.

The Intercept obtained meeting minutes from CSIA which detail attempts to redefine  “critical infrastructure”  as threats of “disinformation” – or rather, “mis-, dis-, and mal-information (MDM).”    The meeting notes describe telecommunications infrastructure, ie the internet, and public healthcare infrastructure as in need of protection from wrong-speak.

When Musk originally stated his intent to possibly buy Twitter the link to CSIA became a notable issue given that the very platform itself was entwined within government databases that aided in the infrastructure of Twitter’s capacity.   The buyout became a skeptics gamble of betting odds.

Now that Musk has finalized the deal and taken Twitter private, the government, aka CSIA, no longer is in Control.   And Big Brother is quite angry.   Under the auspices of claiming Twitter is violating ‘something’, an investigation has been undertaken.   Musk’s partners are deemed foreign national undesirables:   Prince Alwaleed, and Qatar.  

An interesting assertion.   You see, Prince Alwaleed and Qatar were The Clinton Foundation’s largess benefactors.  Prince Alwaleed was one of 320 Saudi’s confined to a ‘hotel’ by Prince Bin Salman as a result of his nefarious dealings!   He was fined $6 billion before his ultimate release.   Bin Salman was an ally of Trump.

Alwaleed has had a lucrative history in purchasing massive shares of AOL, Time Warner, Fox, News Corp, and various US Banks.  So, an investment in Twitter would hardly garner a second glance – unless it was ‘a distraction’.   And our Clintonite Friends have captured Twitter while deflecting – the truth.

The regular naysayers and Twitter provocateurs have included AOC trying to lure Musk into a romantic parlay,  Stephen Spielberg deriding Musk to the tune of hundreds of tweets per day – to the Justice Department mumbling and fumbling the possibility or the perhaps or the maybe’s…of an investigation.   To former co-founder Dorsey suddenly advocating for freedom of speech after regulating Twitter speech for a decade.

And the rumblings are NOT adding up – and beginning to look like the Paul Pelosi Porky Pig Routine…   Something Amiss.   And the Ultimate Deception is on The Table.

AT&T Arrangement With NSA – Phone Records – Quid Pro Quo Released to Schiff

AT&T owns Warner Media Group making them the largest media conglomerate in the world.   Warner Media Group owns CNN, Bleacher Report and Otter Media. Otter Media was founded by Chernin Group and AT&T in 2014 as a holding company tasked with acquiring other media outlets – think PacMan.   Peter Chernin is a diehard Democrat who hosted parties for Obama and contributed heavily to Hillary’s failed campaign for 2016 president, he is president of Chernin.

Inside AT&T.

AT&T’s Leadership team includes: Cicconi who served as the Commerce Department’s Digital Economy Advisors under Obama and has been openly critical of Trump, David Huntley whose responsibilities include “developing policies to safeguard the privacy of customer and employee information, verifying compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements, Angela Santone who came from Turner Broadcasting (Jane Fonda’s ex-husband Turner), John Stankey who was the CEO of Warner Media, and CEO Randall Stephenson who along with his wife hobnobbed with the Obamas. He also chaired the Boys Club of America until 2018.   William Blasé, Jr., also serves on the boards of the Boys and Girls Club of America.

The Board of AT&T includes a host of Democrats who were active in the Clinton Administration, The Brookings Institute, the Federal Reserve, Obama administration, Carlyle Group, John Kerry Advisory, and a little relatively unknown NGO – European Horizons which works in conjunction with the EU Commission to maintain a capitalist vision for trade while maintaining a welfare state. They are funded by various organizations and foundations including The Atlantic Council and Yale University.

According to their website:   “European Horizons wants to change the status quo. The youth is capable of advising and acting for the good of the European Union and transatlantic relations.”

Why is any of this relevant?   Because AT&T/Verizon allowed the NSA to have ‘live’ access to all US member phone records. In addition, they are forwarding 1 million emails to NSA – daily as a part of their partnership agreement. Those records would include White House officials. It also demonstrates that the Clinton –Bush machinations are far deeper than we can possibly imagine! While this information was initially revealed by Edward Snowden, he remains in seclusion in Russia.

Recently, the House Intelligence Committee under Pelosi and Schiff released confidential phone records between Republican House member Devin Nunes and Lev Parnas, a Ukrainian formerly hired by Guiliani, who has been indicted on campaign fraud. Schiff claims the records show that Nunes was complicit in the Ukraine affair for which Trump is being impeached.   In truth, Nunes has been demolishing the testimony of Schiff witnesses, and Hillary has begged for Nunes to be fired.

The transcripts of the phone call that Nunes made was in April, well before ANY Ukraine aid was discussed.   It was about the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, who was ousted from her position and felt ‘sad’ and ‘fearful’ as a result.  Yovanovitch testified against Trump having no direct knowledge of any phone calls at all, but based on ‘her opinion’.

So what could Nunes be complicit in doing?   According to Schiff, Nune said bad things about Yovanovitch.   That is it.   That makes him complicit – whereby with the backing Clinton, Nunes could be fired.

The problem is any President has the power to fire any ambassador without cause, and have repeatedly done so throughout history.   It is simply a common occurrence for every new sitting president.

Where did Schiff get the damning Nunes phone records in which Nunes may or may not have spoken directly with Parnas? AT&T.  According to the report provided by Schiff, the first call lasted 1 minute and the second lasted 8.  There is no record of who was speaking – only a log of numbers.

There are three blatant violations in this release: 1. House Ethics Rules, a provision of which states; “House rules against actions to “cast discredit or dishonor on the House, the committee, or a Member, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner or bring the House, the committee, or a Member, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner into disrepute.”   2.   Schiff denies he subpoenaed the records.   So how were they obtained legally?   3.   Under the US Patriot Act, the federal government has to inform the person before they may have access to records and they must have an outstanding case against the person from who they are seizing as well as a supoena. Nunes was never informed and Schiff denies there was a subpoena.

That would mean the Democrats are using illegally obtained records as evidence in an impeachment hearing against President Trump while simultaneously denying they even did so – while claiming against the Ukraine government’s statement that no blackmail/quidproquo existed, and the organization that released this private data has a long compatible partnership with Clinton and Obama.

The US Patriot Act authored in 2001 under Bush, states that records may only be released if they pertain to an ongoing investigation.   But according to NSA, AT&T and Verizon, billions upon billion of records are grabbed every year from every subscriber to Verizon – despite having absolutely no terrorist alignment.   The extent of this collaboration between AT&T and NSA was created during the Obama administration.   The legality does not exist.

So in essence, when Schiff declares that the House didn’t subpoena Nunes records, he is likely correct, he simply asked for them from NSA.   But NSA’s grab is beyond the law – and Schiff knowingly broke the law in publicly producing private information without following proper channels.

It is also interesting that the Clintonite collaborative AT&T’s leadership team have relationships with Boy and Girl Scouts of America. April 2019 it was revealed that more than 12,000 Boy Scouts were the victim of sexual assault.   Given that ‘perversion’ files were kept by the Boy Scouts for 30 years and the assaults are said to have occurred over a century, it seems a bit coincidental that AT&T leaders and board members might have any partnership – but they do.   In 1983, Timur Dykes had confessed to the local BSA co-ordinator that he had molested 17 Boy Scouts, but was allowed to continue working with the Scouts.   In other words, the Boy Scout Administrators knowingly allowed the pedophilia. The CEO of AT&T was Board Chair for The Boy Scouts of America and a good friend of Clinton and Obama.   Quid Pro Quo?

FYI: In 2017, Boy Scouts of America announced the inclusion of girls into it’s program. Like AT&T, Boys Scouts of America is based in Texas.

ROGUE CIA and FBI: Whistleblowers

Speaking of Whistleblowers… There were quite a few during the Obama, Clinton and Bush administrations – their lives were made miserable despite the protections of the Whistleblower Act, and the consequences against those involved – nothing.

For Example:

Thomas Drake a senior executive formerly with NSA brought forth allegations regarding two controversial initiatives proposed within the agency; Trailblazer Project and ThinThread Project. Both involved spying but the Trailblazer Project was much more inclusive including spying on everyone, whereas the ThinThread Project which was considerably less expensive, while protecting individual privacy.

Drake favored the ThinThread Project.  

Going through the maze of internal government bureaucracy, he followed the rules and the fine print concisely, reporting to his superiors within NSA, the Department of Defense, the House and the Senate intelligence agencies, to no avail.  He did solicit the support of a Republican staffer in the House Intelligence Agency, Diane Roarke. She was considered the staff expert on the NSA budget.

Michael Hayden who was then head of NSA went through with the Trailblazer Project, hired Boeing, IBM, SAIC, and CSC among others to implement the project and ultimately spent $1 billion. Three years later the NSA Inspector General declared the project a total failure and it was scrubbed. NSA was declared to have wasted money, and their budget was restricted.

Two years later, Drake gave a reporter stories about abuse of spending at NSA making sure that all the information he released was not classified. In 2007, the FBI raided Roarke’s and Drake’s homes, taking computers, documents, books, and phones as evidence.   The government drafted charges against Drake for releasing classified information and conspiracy.   They pressured Drake to plead guilty and in 2010 he was formally indicted.

In 2011 prosecutors restricted proceedings to closed door, moved to restrict exhibits as hidden from the public, restricted cross examination of witnesses, and restricted jurors from reading the articles written by the reporter. May, all charges were dropped.

Drake lost his pension, lost his job, was responsible for $82,000 in legal fees, and was fired from his teaching position at Strayer University.

It was because of the 12 year harassment of Drake that Edward Snowden made the decision to circumvent the normal lines of procedure within NSA.

Drake has gone on to give speaking appearances in which he claims that the issues within NSA are so systemic and corrupt that dismantling the organization is the only solution.

Michael Hayden, the then head of NSA who instituted the failed, costly waste Trailblazer, was promoted to Director at the CIA. He receives full pension benefits, was awarded an honorary doctorate, and is currently a principal at Chertoff Group. He also serves on the board of Caliburn International, a group that operates temporary shelters for unaccompanied migrant children. Caliburn was awarded it border detention contract by Obama in 2014 for $97 million.   Caliburn is a private contractor receiving its funding from the Department of Defense. It is currently under investigation for bribery of Iraqi officials.

Chertoff Group was co-founded by Michael Chertoff whose experience includes Homeland Security under Bush, and Chad Sweet formerly Chief of Staff at Homeland Security as well as previous appointments as VP at Goldman Sachs and Directorate of Operations at the CIA.   Chertoff is essentially ‘Bush Men’.   All principles served under Bush, all came from Homeland Security in some capacity.

In 2013, it was reported that Chertoff routinely creates a market for a company with which they have a financial interest, fails to disclose this interest, and submits applications for funds from the Federal government – Department of Defense.   Michael Chertoff writes op-eds for the Washington Post and CNN in which he advocates for a new security to defend a crisis he foresees and then contracts with a company with which Chertoff has a financial interest.

Chertoff is considered a private NSA.

These agencies are rogue. It didn’t happen today or yesterday, it began in the 1950’s when Dulles initiated Operation MKUltra and Operation Mockingbird. It continued when JFK stated he would dismantle the CIA. He was assassinated. It ballooned when Bobby Kennedy went after the Director of the FBI and he was assassinated.

The mob has been in control ever since.

Judge Jeanine is correct in stating that these agencies, the FBI, CIA, NSA and DIA have collaborated to attempt a coup against President Trump.

Pelosi has admitted that her whistleblower who is asserting third party knowledge against Trump is inside the CIA. And she is utilizing the same rogue methods deployed ‘against Drake’ to defend the anonymity of this inside agent, and to keep the public at arms length claiming we have no rights.   She defends these measures by claiming that she fears for his ‘life’.

Of course one would wonder who might be the assassin given the history of murder by suicide rates…

Trump Leaks = NSA and Beacon Global Strategies?

Remember when it was discovered that the NSA was bugging Merkel’s cell phone? Is there any doubt now that the White House cell phones and/or landlines are not secure and being bugged?

Of course it is perfectly possible that before Obama packed his bags, he left one last legacy behind for the future President, bugs – everywhere. Which would mean that there is not ‘leak’ somewhere, so much as a massive espionage that is most likely monitored by someone within the Soros empire.

Bring in the Cleaners.  Because chances are the White House is infested…

Given Trump’s statement that he foregoes email accounts due to their easy access for hacking, what better way to secure an inside leak in the White House than to simply tap into their cellphone tower, and landlines. According to Google and Duk Duk Go, hacking into a cellphone is a piece of cake! Anyone can do it…

Enter a very vocal Philippe Reines, a devoted fan of Hillary who worked by her side as Secretary of State before setting up his own firm in 2013, Beacon Global Strategies. Their specialties include “cyber security and intelligence…” Hmmm.

Jeremy Bash is also a partner in Beacon Global Strategies having also left the White House after serving as Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta. A long time friend of the Clintons, Panetta has been linked to Hugh Delacy of the Communist Party USA and by default, George Soros. He was considered the possible ‘leak’ during 2012 when classified information was being passed to the press.

The third partner in Beacon Global Strategies is Andrew Shapiro, who served as Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs 2009 to 2013. He was also a member of Hillary’s campaign in 2008.

Beacon’s executive committee reads like a who’s who for the CIA, NSC, and former Generals and Admirals within Defense Intelligence in Washington. These heavyweights consistently circle back to Hillary and Panetta who would have had ample ability, knowledge and power to create internal phone and cyber hacks within the White House so as to spy on Trump.

Shortly after the launch of Beacon Global Strategies, Jeremy Bash joined the advisory board of Paladin Capital Group, a private equity firm that provides funding for start-ups that serve as contractors to the National Security Agency. Uh-oh.

Paladin Group boasts a Managing Director, Lt. General Kenneth Minihan who previously served as Director at NSA with a background in IT and cyber security.  The Managing Partner/Founder, Michael Steed, states in his bio that he previously worked as VP for a prominent financial firm in DC – revealed to be Ullico, whose executives were involved in insider trading scandals, stock price manipulation, and conflict of interest in the 1990’s.  Ullico was sued and investigated by the US Congress.

All of this could circle back to the fact that Deputy Director to NSA, Richard Ledgett, a Democrat appointed by Obama, announced his resignation as of this coming spring. It would be interesting if that retirement circled back to a position with Beacon Global.

Beacon Global provides interviews to Politico, an over-the-top leftist media outlet whose Editor in Chief and CEO came from The Washington Post. Created in 2007, Politico is an edgy anti-conservative rant magazine that loves to target bash anything Trump.

Beacon Global Strategies also represented Rubio, Cruz and Bush gathering ‘information’ for them during their political tenure during the Presidential election. I imagine some of that information may have been secured through cyber means…

What this reveals is the deep, deep trenches that surround Washington, infested with flesh eating Piranha.   Whether the infestation can be purged is speculation. But it becomes more and more difficult to see behind the masks – especially when they are disguised as our own intelligence community.  What we do know is that a massive network of Democrats are busily working to quash the Trump Administration and leave a pool of carcasses wherever they go.


The Apple vs FBI controversy is gaining momentum and deserves a better overview. It’s implications are not nearly as simplistic as the media is framing:

The San Bernardino case is being used as the catalyst to require that Apple provide a backdoor for the FBI on all iphones in order to combat terrorism. Apple is refusing, claiming that it would be a violation of privacy laws. The media is divided.

The iphone in question is ‘encrypted’. That means that unless you have the key or code you cannot access the data. The encryption protects your personal data, it protects you in the event of theft, and it protects the data on your phone from being hacked. Just as your computer has security features for hacking protection.

There is also available a security feature that erases the data on the phone if the password attempt is incorrect after so many tries. The FBI is demanding that Apple create software that will allow them to correctly guess the password within the range of tries before the security feature erases the data. This software would thus work on any and every iphone – everywhere.

What is interesting is the notion that this feature would only be available to the FBI when in fact, software hackers around the world would be then able to then duplicate – replicate the backdoor and have access to CIA agents, FBI agents, police, civilians and governments…

Given the NSA, cyberwarfare and a technology future, why wouldn’t the FBI simply write the software program themselves? Have other countries already developed the software themselves? While the FBI claims that it is only interested in this one specific iphone (the San Bernardino terrorist’s), Apple has offered to hack the phone for the FBI for free – and still the FBI refuses, because in reality, what they want is access to all.

While Apple continues to state that it will personally hack this one particular phone and the FBI continues to state that it doesn’t want an all inclusive ‘backdoor’, no one seems to be moving forward. If in fact the FBI is not looking for a backdoor then why wouldn’t they accept Apple’s compromise to specifically hack this one phone?

Because words are being played.

According to CEO, Tim Cook, Apple does not have the capability to hack the erase feature of its security. Thus, in essence the FBI is asking for Apple to create a new piece of software that would disable this feature. While the FBI adamantly denies that is their intent, it would be the outcome.

This is not the first time the FBI has requested greater access to privacy. Currently, the FBI is required to obtain a warrant to hack a computer, but they have been attempting to steamroll that security as well.

The argument being misapplied is, “if you don’t have anything to hide, why would you care?”.

I care because it is a violation of our Constitutional right to privacy… The IV Amendment to the Bill of Rights states:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

This is the basis for obtaining and issuing a warrant. Apple has stated it will hack into this one phone on behalf of the FBI to the best of their ability, but abridging the rights of all persons could actually subject Apple to lawsuits as being in violation of the IV Amendment.

Software is like an A-bomb – once created, it can be used for good – and it can be used for evil.

Giving the government unprotected access to everyone’s privacy without a warrant, or probable cause, is Big Brother, and I already have one, his name is Bobby.