Border Crossing = Child Trafficking

The easiest way to fight and purge the rhetoric being spewed from the mouths of babes and boys is to offer statistics.  The Department of Homeland Security releases annual tables that provide data on illegal entry, asylum entry, children entry, by country, by age, by most any characteristic. Statistics.

They portray a clearer picture of what is happening, by whom, and to whom.  For example:

  1. Aliens Determined Inadmissible By Region and Country of Nationality:   Politico and DW have not done their homework.   In 2016, Obama sent back over 274,000, 192,000 came from Mexico, 48,000 from Asia (China), and  only 9900 came from South America (Honduras and Guatemala).

Therefore the notion that the majority of these immigrants are fleeing the crime and persecution of South America – is not even remotely accurate.

  1. Aliens Apprehended by Region and Country of Nationality:   In 2016, the total was 530,000 with 501,754 coming from – Mexico, 9875 from South America, and 12,267 from Asia.
  2. Petitions For Naturalization Filed and Denied:   In 2016, 972,000 were filed and 86,000 were denied.  This number was roundly beaten in 1996, and 1997 when Clinton was President, and in 2007 under Bush. In fact during Clinton’s term, roughly 8 million were naturalized.  Obama came in at a close second.
  3. The TOTAL number of people granted ‘Asylum’ is barely a thread by comparison.   According to the DHS, in 2016 11,729 were given asylum, the majority came from Guatemala, Honduras, el Salvador, China, Iraq, and Syria.

Another DHS Table reflects the fact that the vast majority of illegal immigrants in the US came here during the Clinton years of 1997 thru 2001 numbering roughly 7 million of the total 12 million coming from Mexico – and roughly 1 million coming from South America.   It is estimated that the gang population in the US is about 1.5 million.  The majority of the gang population is of Hispanic origin including Mexico, el Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala.

Chicago has the highest gang population, followed by Los Angeles, Detroit, and Camden, NJ.

According to the State Department, 600,000-800,000 people are trafficked across our borders every year – half of them are children.  According to NGO’s the figure is well over a million.   They are used for sexual perversity.  Where is Peter Fonda?  The View? Hillary?  Half a million children!

According to Project Muse, which researches trafficked children, in many instances parents or smugglers are paid by family members to bring their children to the US for the purpose of becoming a sex slave.  They sell their children.  Follow the money.

According to a State Department report issued during the Obama administration, the top three regions of origination for trafficked children in the US include; the US, Mexico and Philippines.  The most vulnerable children within the US include those in the child welfare system and juvenile justice systems.   These statistics would thus support the Franklin Scandal of the 1980’s and the Jimmy Savile Scandal in the UK of the same time frame.  Both took their victims from group homes, foster homes, and government funded detention centers holding youth.

These statistics completely upend the Democrat cratting, the Hollywood wooding, and the media diafying… because of 2300 children held in border detention centers with some crying…  It does not even compare to the true tragedy and represents  .4% of the children suffering sexual abuse.  Closing the borders, closes the hole of traffickers.   It is odd who wants ‘open borders’, could it be because they support child trafficking?   And that is the real issue.  Where will the perverts and pedophiles find their victims if the borders are closed?   Epstein Island?   Burned to the ground.

The blubbering Senators who claim children were crying in the Detention Center?  Obviously they haven’t spent much time at home – or in a Day Care, because children CRY!   I recently had the fortune/misfortune of sitting in the ‘cry room’ at church where ten toddlers cried and wailed the entire time!  Not one of them was being mistreated, and they were WITH their parents.

The argument is stupid and only supports the ignorance of the elite who don’t actually raise children – but exploit them instead for sexual perversity.  If we close the borders, these people will have to go to other countries to get their yum-yums.  And other countries might actually prosecute them.  Oh darn.

So tell me Politico, Hillary, Comey, Fonda, and The View – where are those 1 million sexually molested children that have gone missing each and every year… worldwide?  Why aren’t you offended?  What about the UN Peacekeepers who rape and trafficking children each year?  Where is your outrage?   Obvious.

Trump Leaks = NSA and Beacon Global Strategies?

Remember when it was discovered that the NSA was bugging Merkel’s cell phone? Is there any doubt now that the White House cell phones and/or landlines are not secure and being bugged?

Of course it is perfectly possible that before Obama packed his bags, he left one last legacy behind for the future President, bugs – everywhere. Which would mean that there is not ‘leak’ somewhere, so much as a massive espionage that is most likely monitored by someone within the Soros empire.

Bring in the Cleaners.  Because chances are the White House is infested…

Given Trump’s statement that he foregoes email accounts due to their easy access for hacking, what better way to secure an inside leak in the White House than to simply tap into their cellphone tower, and landlines. According to Google and Duk Duk Go, hacking into a cellphone is a piece of cake! Anyone can do it…

Enter a very vocal Philippe Reines, a devoted fan of Hillary who worked by her side as Secretary of State before setting up his own firm in 2013, Beacon Global Strategies. Their specialties include “cyber security and intelligence…” Hmmm.

Jeremy Bash is also a partner in Beacon Global Strategies having also left the White House after serving as Chief of Staff to the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta. A long time friend of the Clintons, Panetta has been linked to Hugh Delacy of the Communist Party USA and by default, George Soros. He was considered the possible ‘leak’ during 2012 when classified information was being passed to the press.

The third partner in Beacon Global Strategies is Andrew Shapiro, who served as Assistant Secretary of State for Political-Military Affairs 2009 to 2013. He was also a member of Hillary’s campaign in 2008.

Beacon’s executive committee reads like a who’s who for the CIA, NSC, and former Generals and Admirals within Defense Intelligence in Washington. These heavyweights consistently circle back to Hillary and Panetta who would have had ample ability, knowledge and power to create internal phone and cyber hacks within the White House so as to spy on Trump.

Shortly after the launch of Beacon Global Strategies, Jeremy Bash joined the advisory board of Paladin Capital Group, a private equity firm that provides funding for start-ups that serve as contractors to the National Security Agency. Uh-oh.

Paladin Group boasts a Managing Director, Lt. General Kenneth Minihan who previously served as Director at NSA with a background in IT and cyber security.  The Managing Partner/Founder, Michael Steed, states in his bio that he previously worked as VP for a prominent financial firm in DC – revealed to be Ullico, whose executives were involved in insider trading scandals, stock price manipulation, and conflict of interest in the 1990’s.  Ullico was sued and investigated by the US Congress.

All of this could circle back to the fact that Deputy Director to NSA, Richard Ledgett, a Democrat appointed by Obama, announced his resignation as of this coming spring. It would be interesting if that retirement circled back to a position with Beacon Global.

Beacon Global provides interviews to Politico, an over-the-top leftist media outlet whose Editor in Chief and CEO came from The Washington Post. Created in 2007, Politico is an edgy anti-conservative rant magazine that loves to target bash anything Trump.

Beacon Global Strategies also represented Rubio, Cruz and Bush gathering ‘information’ for them during their political tenure during the Presidential election. I imagine some of that information may have been secured through cyber means…

What this reveals is the deep, deep trenches that surround Washington, infested with flesh eating Piranha.   Whether the infestation can be purged is speculation. But it becomes more and more difficult to see behind the masks – especially when they are disguised as our own intelligence community.  What we do know is that a massive network of Democrats are busily working to quash the Trump Administration and leave a pool of carcasses wherever they go.