POLITICO: Red States Responsible For Vast Majority of Crime

POLITICO:  Gun Violence Is Actually Worse in Red States:   Politico and their Left Masters would have us believe that NYC and Chicago crime stats prove that these are safe cities compared to overall US stats…   The Illusion of Crime!   But NYC, LA and other major cities are no longer reporting crime to the FBI for statistical gathering.  In fact the last year for reporting was in 2019 – and now over 40% of cities are NOT reporting to the FBI’s Fact Sheet.

This not only goes in the face of the cities but makes the overall rates wholly inaccurate and the Politico argument a farcical mess of worthless tabulation.

The entire states of California, New York and New Jersey do NOT participate in the NIBRS program reporting crime stats to the FBI.    The NYPD claims that it is transitioning to a new reporting system – but that was 3+ years ago.   Pennsylvania and Florida just 26% reported.   The data obviously is compromised and Politicos entire argument regarding crime has no bearing on reality.

Left Liberal’s have been quick to note that red states have the highest crime rates – therefore their gun laws don’t work.   But Red States does not equate to Red Cities.   The vast majority of large cities have far left mayors, DA’s and Council Members.    These DA’s don’t prosecute thousands upon thousands of crimes – so they don’t make the tally of stats and completely devalue that city’s statistics.

The Louisville shooter manifesto stipulates that he wanted to kill people on behalf of liberal leftists so they could advance their gun confiscation agenda…  His parents claim he was unstable and on Pharma medications.   The trans manifesto has yet to be released and it is doubtful the public will gain access.  WHY?   Because it doesn’t fit the agenda.

POLITICO:   “in cities and rural areas alike — where the rate of deadly gun violence is most acute, regions where Republicans have dominated state governments for decades.”

According to Politico, the solitary reason for the increased violence in Red States is:   the advent of shotguns, revolvers, ammunition cartridges, breach-loaded rifles and the American republic itself.   Because ‘the people’ who settled America – the Europeans – had significant social, economic, religious, ethno and ideological difference that made them hate each other and thus create this constant internal war.   Oddly the author completely left out Africans?   Asians?   Hispanics?  And DEMOGRAPHICS.

Segregation and no guns would seem to be the Far Left solution to such disparities of crime.    Or perhaps they think that Italians will start fighting the Polish in America?   Having created a crime spree among Blacks the Cartel has decided this needs to be expanded into all out chaos among each ethnicity.   An amazing litany of misinformation and the next level of hate to be pushed on America – each other.

War and fighting have been a mainstay of civilization from Cain & Abel to the Romans and Macedonians to Muhammed and Genghis Khan.   And the causal factor was always the same – to conquer and own!   Using whatever weapon was available.

Both the mayors of NYC and Chicago have declared that they had lost control of crime given the lack of consequence or justice imposed by Soros appointed DA’s.   There are currently 70 such prosecuting DA’s in cities across the nation.   With the exception of a few die-hard Red States the vast majority of Soros legacy picks line most of east coast thru Texas – as well as San Francisco, LA, Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, which are riddled with these Defund Police & Elevate Crime urban bomb fuses.

The Politico author, Colin Woodard, has ignored states and cities and DA’s in his bizarre caste of America and has instead divided the US into nine fiefdoms based on original settlers.   TO somehow flip a fiefdom to a red/blue state in the middle of his gun confiscation agenda is the muddiest of propaganda one could roll in.  Woodward is himself a puppet of the WAPO, Economist, Bloomberg diaspora wherein he routinely advances their means of anarchy and Marxist Communism.

The only way to divest this agenda would be to deploy National Guards via governors in a call to militias.   Certainly such a division would tear the fabric of America to shreds.   Many believe we have allowed these illusions and propaganda tactics for too long to make any change.   But history teaches us otherwise.   Sitting idly is what Americans have done for centuries…  Sitting idly has helped fuel the illusions.   Sitting idly has cost America its place on the stage.

Gun violence has escalated.   However, if one wanted to look at the most recent spike it began in the mid-1960’s at the exact same time that morality puddled.  The source of the puddle?   The Mafia Cartel.   The pawns?   Musicians & Actors.  The “moral to the story” westerns and post WWII movies with the Jimmy Stewarts of cinema were replaced with sin, porn, incest, prostitution and – crime.   Criminals were glorified.   Sex was worshipped.

This time period marks the moment the Cartel came into full control of America.  It also reveals a means to ‘unwind’.   It shows what must be done to retract the damage.   And the concept that this deviant behavior was centuries in the making is now more closely abbreviated to just 60 years.

It is a Top-Down AND Bottom-Up raveling.  Knowledge is power.   Once the TOP is positioned, the bottom up can be reclaimed.   Don’t be drawn into the illusion of hopelessness.   Complacency.   We know exactly who is the Cartel – and we can repair the damage.  They have lost the global war and will be regrouping.   ART OF WAR says…

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  1. “More Guns Less Crime: Understanding Crime and Gun Control Laws”
    by John Lott who is President of the Crime Prevention Research Center.

    John Lott confirmed with meticulous research what we all know from common sense and that is guns in the hands of law abiding people prevents crime whereas gun restriction laws puts guns in the hands of criminals while rendering ordinary citizens defenseless. So gun restrictions are not about less crime but constitute a war against people and their communities by the forces of unspeakable evil.

  2. Folks at Politico need to be educated, obviously. Cities and States do not commit violent crimes. Individual humans do that. Specifically, humans who have suffered a Futility Crisis. The rising tide of general feelings of Futility are bringing more and more individuals to the breaking point, a Futility Crisis, where the law of Human Action shifts from causing the individual to make choices they believe will better their conditions as they perceive them, to causing the individual to have no other goal than to PROVE TO THE WORLD that the are NOT FUTILE. The ONLY way to end an individual Futility Crisis is to do something that has undeniable real-world consequences and that the responsibility for those consequences can be directly attributable to the person commiting the violence.

    Futility has never been explored as far as I know but as lifelong watcher of Human Actions I am a firm believer that Futility is the driving force behind most violence committed by individuals in the USA

  3. Great job on this… I’m familiar with much of it, but as usual, you bring out so much more…

  4. Mid 60’s was about the time the Pill came on the scene. Pope Paul VI foretold all the crap that would follow due to this. Life would become worthless to people etc., etc.

    • Yes the 60’s began the onslaught – although a tortoise was previously at work before they unleashed the hare. Hares moving too quickly make mistakes…

  5. Hi

    “Don’t be drawn into the illusion of hopelessness” – Helena

    Not to be argumentative (lol) but do you think we will be allowed to ‘vote’ these bad boys and girls out or will they leave if we say the magic words “please, with sugar on top”? Ideas?

    I am now a bit of an anarchist. The true definition not the governments and that definition is simply ‘no government’. Governments are the cause of just about every problem on the planet.

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