Reporters Without Borders: The Media Cartel of Journalists

PRESS FREEDOM:   Everyone talks about it. Everyone points to crackdown on ‘opposition’ journalists.   And here’s a doozy – The Press Freedom Index Warns Disinformation Poses Major Threat!   Reporters Without Borders is tasked with the annual ranking based on its own ‘personal’ assessment of 180 countries.   According to their scrupulous non-propaganda platform they rank all western nations as ‘satisfactory’ and all other nations as ‘very serious’ – difficult – and ‘problematic’.   China, Russia, India, Pakistan and a slew of Middle Eastern countries come in at the lowest level.   SURPRISE!

There are seven criteria for ranking each country:   pluralism (measures the degree of representation of opinions in the media space), media independence, environment and self-censorship, legislative framework, transparency, infrastructure, and abuses. 

Reporters Without Borders is a French NGO whose aim is to guarantee ‘freedom of information’   – after prerequisite censorship.   According to their in-depth research across the globe they have determined that certain factors grossly contribute to press freedom failure:   “political control of the media, subjugation of news and information to private interests, the growing influence of corporate actors, online mass disinformation and the erosion of quality journalism.”

Prize winners hail from China, Iran, Afghanistan, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, etc…   Not one came from the USA. Funders of Reporters Without Borders include;   Open Society, MacArthur Foundation, EU Commission, the Ford foundation, the Rothschild Societe Generale, National Endowment for Democracy, American Express and others. Quickly they counter – but none of our funders impair our impartiality and independence…

Freedom of speech isn’t exactly free, it comes with caveats.   Those caveats are determined by a select group of people who determine what is fake, what is disinformation, what is misinformation and what is propaganda. Free is continually redefined.   Other more prominent words replace free – reliable, human rights, and ‘ethics’.

But the website frames something much more fearsome:

“a collective work spirit”

Instead of high-lighting collaboration and team work – they specifically chose the word ‘collective’ which typically embodies communist ideology as in ‘the collective good’.

The ranking system is equally bizarre when denoting self-censorship – infrastructure and media independence.   Given it is righteously known that nearly all MSM media outlets can be identified as a subsidiary of the five major non-independent Media Conglomerates.   The ONLY Media Independence comes from ‘nonaffiliated journalists’.  Government Speak.   Government/CIA/MI6 sponsored BBC, DW, CNN, WAPO, NYT, NPR, the list is a dirt laden, pothole extension, of a back road leading to nowhere.

The FEED – is dependent on your ability to pay for subscriptions.   The Feed is regurgitated across visuals and will soon be an intravenous feed based on your predetermined class and social credit ranking. Your position in society will determine the information feed extent.   Some may only receive 5 minutes of the FEED, while others will be privy to the 2-3 hour opaque version.  The purpose?   Inequality.   Non-inclusiveness.   And inequity.

The tongue tied version of press freedom also likens itself to the role of punisher and censor when these self declared Cartel Members determine what is truth and what is a lie.   Even when the lie they assault later is revealed to be true – aka. CoVid, PCR tests, inflation, supply chain, oil and gas… every aspect of our daily self analyzed critical thinking dispersion is an activated algorithm in the determination of ‘FREEDOM’.

For Example: The Soros/government owned Deutsche Welle headlines states that:   Zelenskyy didn’t attack Putin.   Blinken claims the US had no involvement and did not encourage assassination.   Both men routinely lie.   But Reporters Without Borders doesn’t mention DW, Blinken or Zelenskyy in their Pinnocchio nose rantings!

Today there are 538 journalists imprisoned~ Per Reporters Without Borders.   Of those roughly 100 are Russian journalists in US prisons ~ according to Russia.   But the Report claims there is only 1 detained journalist in the US… ; 111 in Turkey, 88 in Russia, 49 in Saudi Arabia, 160 in Myanmar, 121 in Egypt, 192 in China, and 227 in Belarus, among others.  Who are they targeting?   Obvious.

There are two rather largess problems when assigning oneself as the Monarchial Ruler over Global Journalism… 1.   It’s none of your business and, 2.   Reporters Without Borders is lying.   

ONE lie obliterates all supposed truthisms.  

Who is Fact Checking Reporters Without Borders?   Soros?   Personally, I am not a fan of fact checkers or polls – they are both rooted in emotional response, opinion, bias, and fake algorithms.   EXAMPLE:   When ranking changes in press freedom, Ukraine was given +27 points compared to Germany -5 and US -3.   So while Ukraine has imprisoned the Orthodox Priests and shut down ALL Media with the exception of their Kiev Post owned and operated by the Nazi government – its freedom index ROSE 27 points!


The annual report of Reporters Without Borders pointed to Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter and his “arbitrary, payment based approach, to information to the extreme, showing that platforms are quicksand for journalism.”   So subscription news is considered communist suppression now.   What news outlets require a subscription?   MOST:   Bloomberg, NYTimes, WAPO, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Atlantic, The Economist, etc… ALL Left wing disinformation campaigners!

Amazing how even the annual report by Reporters Without Borders is mired in disinformation and slander while claiming to support Freedom…   Most of us are weary unraveling the constant drivel of hypocrisy parlayed by western media, which is now synonymous with Soros and The Great RESET.   The drivel embedded in eating worms and crickets.   The drivel that trees cause climate change…

Transparency is the bulwark of Reporters Without Borders. Transparency would indicate they are proficient at lying and bias, while funded by Communists and Marxists, and inescapably DEVIANT in their attestations. Yet like every other hypocritical Gob Speak lying is the new normal of MSM.

4 thoughts on “Reporters Without Borders: The Media Cartel of Journalists

  1. Karol Cabrera was a journalist in Honduras in 2009 who wrote scathing reports about drug trafficking and exposed then-President Manuel Zelaya’s machinations to run an auto-coup to take over and be president-for-life. My family, some of whom are from Honduras and have worked in political roles, has personal knowledge that he confided in cabinet ministers he would be president-for-life and gave them a million dollars.

    Professional hits that failed were executed on Karol Cabrera twice. In the second try, they murdered a fellow reporter who was with her. That’s when she sought refuge in a military base while she waited approval for political asylum in Canada.

    REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS chief at that time told everybody to calm down and stop the hysterical reaction to the attempted murder on her life, in a bald-faced attempt to downplay this crime obviously perpetrated by Zelaya operatives with possible help from Chavista thugs from Venezuela.

    The so-called REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS group is therefore a Communist front group.

  2. Pretty much 2 minutes after the Berlin Wall fell (and Brian Williams watched, LOL) I decreed that communism won. And I have continued to decree that for 3+decades. And every smart guy, expert, Democrat, Republican, clergyman, soldier etc I told this to laughed and called me crazy. And you know why? Because ‘their guy’ who they watched on TV would never say that. Their guy on TV knew better because he was on TV after all. So when he told them that an office furniture fire on one floor definitely made WTC building 7 freefall, they believed him. And when he told them about yellow cake, biological weapons, the shoe bomber, anthrax, Assad gassing his own people, Putin blowing up his own pipeline, Swine Flu, SARS, SARS CoV 2, safe and effective vaccines, safe and effective pharmaceuticals , and that men can be women and vice versa, all of those things were true. Because they were on TV and what more proof do you need. Well here you are 30 years later. Your country is broken, your money is worthless, the ‘long March through the institutions’ is complete, everyone is racist, your son chopped off his penis, your daughter has blue hair, your President’s is a vegetable puppet and your elections are obviously rigged. And it didn’t happen overnight. It happened in that same 30 years, right in front of your face. While you spent that same 30 years listening to some corporate sponsored idiot with a journalism degree, propped up by writers and a production crew, telling you that none of it was happening. So summary point, something that was plain as day to me since the 90s happened exactly like I (16 years old at the time) predicted, and in direct contradiction to what every journo on every network told you for 30 years. Yet here you are on another news site. And I’m sure you didn’t come here to read my post. You came to be ‘informed’ by yet another journalist. Journos don’t give you information, they keep you in the game. They don’t care what you believe, nor do they want you to believe what is in your best interest. They want to take you on a 30 year ride to something they said would never happen, because had you spent those 30 years seeing clear facts and meeting them with resolve and preparation, there would have been no way for communism to win. But instead you watched TV journos and called me crazy. And you’re still doing it. Now quick turn on the TV so some journo can tell you you’re not. For 30 years most everybody chose to have reality dictated to them by people they didn’t know and whose loyalties they knew even less, IN LIEU OF THINKING. So thanks for flushing it all down the toilet and enjoy the gulags. THIS is how Democracy dies. With you sitting in front of the TV watching the news. Well kudos! It’s now fully dead!

  3. Think posting the truth is a problem today? Wait until the CBDC(s) are established and fully operational.

    Today the Feds are raising interest rates to cause smaller banks to become technically insolvent to be bought up by the criminal TBTF banks. JP Morgan, BA, Wells Fargo, and other institutions favored by the mafia government. This is necessary to bring in the CBDC which ‘testing’ occurs this July. I am sure that month was an in your face moment…

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    So, listen up boys and girls and those not sure?,,, ignore the CBDC at your own peril.

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