BBC DISINFORMATION Trolling Twitter’s Elon Musk

The State Owned, Soros operated, BBC, is trolling Twitter Trolls.   One such Troll is apparently – Elon Musk.   Apparently, Trolls have taken over Twitter since Musk took over and fired the vast majority of staff members. Those staff members were found to be superfluous, their jobs irrelevant.   Angry and needing a safe place to grieve and find vengeance, the staff turned to the BBC. The Soros Media outlet was more than happy to demean, demote, and desanitize Twitter AND Musk.

The article is written by: By Marianna Spring. BBC Disinformation and social media correspondent.   Attending college, Spring studied Russian and French. Her bio claims she wrote for the student newspaper at Oxford, Cherwell.   Unfortunately, Cherwell makes no mention of dear Marianne.   But then she has written a book due to be published this summer, Among The Trolls: Notes From The Disinformation Wars.

Obviously Marianne has absolutely no political, business, economic, or societal background to claim expertise in anything, but like her US counter part, Tzar Nina Jankowicz, she is an aspiring actor looking for fame.  And Book deals are the means.

Tzar Springs first incursion into disinformation came from her vaccine analysis… as a scientist and medical expert.    In 2021, the entire global MSM was busily delineating anything and anyone a conspiracy and fake information troll when discussing anything anti-CoVid Vax.   The BBC was front and center with then 25 year old Marianne Spring as their Warrior!

Oddly, Marianne’s bio claims her entrance into Oxford was based on her writing for Newsquest under their Young Reporter Scheme.   Unfortunately, the Alumni of Young Reporters does not include her name.  DANG – they forgot!

Her article about Twitter being unable to control Trolls got the attention of Musk who responded, “Sorry for turning Twitter from nurturing paradise into place that has… Trolls.”   Unfortunately, the humor was completely lost on Spring.

Declaring that Trolls unleashed a ‘torrent of abuse against her’, I decided to look up the tweet responses.   That ‘supposed’ abuse was rather a fabricated ‘disinformation’ campaign!   People disagreed with her.   People took to task the BBC.   One very concise Tweet in the form of a meme stated – “If you could focus on Journalism, that would be great”.  

The BBC is funded thru a government mandatory license fee imposed on all UK households having any type of equipment wherein they can watch television.   During the Pandemic Lockdown – those fees increased as television became the only source of entertainment.   It is not indicative of viewership, ratings, rankings, or any other demand source.   In the UK if you want TV you pay the government.

Nina Jankowicz was also given a ‘book deal’, How To Lose The Disinformation War as her introduction into the WH Disinformation circle.  The circle lasted one day!   A Record.   The book begins, “Since the start of the Trump era…”   Squarely placing Trump as the source of all things disinformation.   How QUAINT!

Ranking 833,738 among Amazon books – it was a dud. Her book is so unpopular that she has taken to begging for money to file a libel suit against Fox News.   Few Came. Fewer brought money.

But the BBC is ignoring the fallout of using failed young women to claim they are disinformation experts without ANY political or economic background from which to garner Truth!

According to these experts:   Trump is the beginning of disinformation.   It never existed prior.   Schoolgirls are qualified to be disinformation experts.   There is no education requirement to be an expert.   The narrative of said expert must follow the narrow path defined by the Deep State Cartel.  

In the wake of tweets responding to Marianne, the International Center for journalists has come to the rescue and decried that disinformation and trolls are at an all time high at Twitter under Musk’s leadership.   The ICJ was launched and supported by none other than; Bill & Melinda Gates, Soros Open Society, Knight Foundation, and NED (National Endowment for Democracy).  

The TROLLS calling out the Trolls.

Of course it is interesting to note that prior to buying Twitter, Musk’s politics were neutral to left leaning.   As he has come to know his adversaries his politics have migrated somewhat. This migration was due to Truth.   And the more breaches of Truth that Musk is privy to via Twitter, the more awake he becomes…   JUST like the masses.  

The Disinformation campaign is a dead horse.   Beating it will NOT revive it.   Conning it will not revive it.   It is dead.

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  1. What do you think of Douglas Macgregor for El Presidente? He is definitely an America firster unlike the rest of the gaggle. Been listening to him for over a year now. He has been dead on right on everything. He know military and DC politics. He doesn’t like wars and best of all he doesn’t brag on himself and he can put a logical sentence together.

    And he hasn’t mentioned any political goals so there’s that. I am tiring of Americans seemingly stuck on stupid over clowns that could care less about America.

    Oh! As an aside,,, The idiot Brits say they are going to give Ukraine depleted uranium ammunition. So not only are the West gonna fight to the last Ukrainian,,, the chicken hawks are going to salt the land and kill off residents as well.

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