Greta Thunberg, the climate anarchist sponsored by Soros has been granted an honorary doctoral degree in theology from the Duke Divinity School.   The same Divinity School students declare that ‘God is queer’.   The same Divinity school founded by The United Methodist Church. A split occurred in which the conservative Branch is renamed The Global Methodist Church.

The takeover of the United Methodist Church is an ongoing coup orchestrated by: “Rent an Evangelical via Progressives and their lock-step leader, Soros”.   The riff is not just among Methodists it has leached into Baptists, Christianity Today, The Sojourners, etc…   ALL hijacked for the sole purpose of turning Christianity into secularism. Like Israel.

Morphing into a political church, United Methodist has completely obliterated their religious denomination in favor for all things extreme including anarchy.   As a result of their new found wokeness and secularism, 1800 churches have split association.

Part of the mission to destroy America is about destroying religion.   Religion brings people together, it gives Truth, it gives community, it empowers and it is reliant on God.   The New Methodist Church is about dividing people, destroying community, and obliterating religion.

Interestingly, they have declared that the fundamentalists were the ones who infiltrated the Methodist Church.   “He who pays the Piper, calls the Tune.”    Soros is the Piper with money dripping from his bloodied sheath.   And church elders have greedily bowed to the root of all evil.

The Old and The New.   The liberal Soros Methodist is quite vocal in their denouncement of Trump, MAGA’s, and white supremacy.   Instead of worshiping God, United Methodists are taught to worship self. Self being the highest authority.   Although some within the schism liken Soros to King Cyrus

According to the Hebrew Bible, God anointed Cyrus and referred to him as a messiah. While some have altered history to document Cyrus as the first King of Prussia, the reverence is blatantly false.   The empire was founded a full 200 years prior by Achaemenes Anshan.

The Persian Empire encompassed 2 million square miles and half the world’s population. A feat that even Soros has yet to accomplish at the ripe old age of 91.   For reference – the Ottoman Empire was less than half the size.   The British Empire enslaved 13.7 million square miles representing a quarter of the world’s population.

Given the church schisms imposed via the Soros Mafia Cabal, unraveling any church’s allegiances and values requires a bit of research and is reminiscent of rhino vs Maga Republicans.

The True vs The Weak –

The traditional evangelist Methodist Church chose to distinguish itself via a slightly different name – Global Methodist Church.   Rhino’s represent Republicans vs Maga’s.   Rhino’s are the United Methodists.   Their root is sand.   There is no Bible.   There is no Christ.   And for some – there is no God.   Rhino’s are NOT Republicans any more than United Methodists are a God religion.

As such, religion has now been hijacked to include climate change and The Green Deal.   As though religion is a political movement rather than an independent sovereign entity based on Biblical theology.   A Communist – Marxist phenomena.

The schism has recently hit my own enclave city that has caused a faction to desert.

Finding preachers and pastors has become a game of thrones as drilling into deeper ideology is now necessary when analyzing resumes.   False prophets.   These churches have led their populace astray.   They have lain waste to The Bible.   They have created a zombie version of religion reminiscent of Lennon’s “Imagine”.

Interestingly, Lennon had been raised Catholic by his mum.   Disenchanted during his years as a Beatle, he left the church.   It was only in his final days that Lennon declared he had re-embraced his Catholic roots and would testify as to his Handlers.   He was subsequently summarily executed.

While ‘church’ may not be for everyone, God can move mountains – and sometimes those mountains are lanced to reveal angels of God whose guidance and justice and agape pre-empt the shrill voices of shrews and demons.  NOW is a good time to repent, baptize and make reverence with God.

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