BANKING COLLAPSE: Buffett To The Rescue?

Timing is Everything.   And everything happens for a reason. It just might NOT be the reason provided for the masses.   SVB  was failed at the same time JP Morgan came under the indictment initially imposed by a now fired Virgin Island Prosecutor who raised the Epstein Flag.   A separate lawsuit of 300 women is being allowed to proceed against JP Morgan – both of which could result in billions in fines – and possibly criminal charges.   Is JP Morgan slated to Collapse?

JP Morgan – it is claimed – allowed financing for Epstein for five+ years knowing they were financing the illegal assaults and rapes of multiple underage girls.   JP Morgan’s response:   they didn’t know what Epstein was doing and besides they had no legal responsibility to protect the girls.

OUCH!   Fire those attorneys!

In order to further deflect from Epstein, the White House has called upon Warren Buffett to tell them how to stop the mess they created in the Banking Industry.  Not thru reorganization efforts – but by the infusion of more money and FALSE confidence in a flailing industry.

But is it a mess to the extent they now proclaim – or is it a means of shadow banning the news and coming testimony regarding Epstein?

Mere weeks before SVB collapsed, auditing firm, KPMG, gave a green light to SVB without noting any deficiencies that could be red flagged.   Auditing companies in general, and KPMG in particular, would have no incentive to give a green light to SVB because that would put them on the chopping block of liability!   It is the entire point of having an audit of independent experts in finance – to analyze and account for solvency, poor investments, cash liquidity, etc…    According to the CEO of KPMG, Knopp; “There were actions taken in the month of March that set off another set of reactions that led to those two institutions being closed.”

Those ‘actions’ could over the span of 2 weeks could have been the distraction Herr Majesty Hillary looked for via a massive detachment from the Epstein/Morgan Chase revelations?     Today the NY Judge, Rakoff dismissed a large swathe of the claims brought against JP Morgan regarding their foresight into dealing with a known and convicted pedophile.  The gist – JP Morgan was not participating in the crimes – they simply facilitated them.

December 2021, SVB Group shares were on a roll and peaked at just under $700.   A steady slide brought them down to $300 per share before tanking to $39 today. Insiders had been selling shares as fast as they could as the shares tanked.   Those insiders included the CEO, COO, CFO, CMO, General Counsel and Directors.

JP Morgan was one such institutional and mutual fund company which owned shares in SVB along with Vanguard and Black Rock.   Could the destruction of a JP Morgan asset, SVB, have been a warning signal to The Cartel?   Keep your mouth shut.   Deny everything.   By contrast, Capital Research global market was selling out their shares as was UK’s RBC.

None of these factors indicate a ‘Clean bill of health’. Putting KPMG squarely front and center.  A Diversity and equity WEF, Sustainable Development dud – KPMG.

Scandals attached to KPMG abound!   1. Hundreds of employees cheated on their exams, 2)   KPMG was found guilty of misconduct and conflicts of interest by having acted in the interests of HIG, which were “diametrically opposed” to those of its client Silentnight when KPMG pushed Silentnight into declaring insolvency allowing HIG to buy at pennies.   3)   KPMG sued for $600 million due to sloppy auditing of Dubai’s Abraaj,   4)   KPMG fined $14 million over Carillion audit scandal…   etc…

Apparently, KPMG is not adverse to manipulating audits for the right price.

This does NOT bear witness to a banking crisis – the crisis was created by Biden’s Federal Reserve raking interest rates on society without realizing the default dominoes would fall insync on multiple industries – Banking the most obvious.   Either the Handlers are complete fools with fake degrees – or the banking cartel just got a wake up call – You are going down.

Or – SVB was a trial.   A test to see how it would Fall, as well as public and private reactions.   Much like Pfizer conducting it’s trials on the populace at large real time.   It coincides with the end of a 12 week pilot program amongst NY Banks and Swiss Banks to ascertain the viability of using CBDC currency to replace the dollar as asserted by Biden via an Executive Order.

NO results have been provided given the 12 week trial has ended.   But CBDC’s are an inane concept controlled by the federal reserve via ‘central banks’ eliminating commercial banks from the pool.   CBDC is backed by the value of ‘paper money’ which is wholly worthless today – such a transformation would have no impact on managing inflation, stagflation, and supply – because the same Deep State Cartel would own the manipulation mechanisms.  It would simply create a mass surveillance and thus control mechanism to CONTROL Individual SPENDING.

The standard response to why did SVB fail is that customers withdrew their money causing a run on the bank.   That explanation might befit a 7th grader.   The real reason is that the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy is a fraud.   Banks have done nothing to mitigate the rising rate hikes imposed by the Fed.   And the entire Banking Industry is flapping in the wind with deflated bond and Treasury prices caused by the policies of the Biden Regime!

RESCUE:   Given Buffett’s great success during the Savings collapse under Bush wherein Buffett shifted the entire bailout onto Taxpayers while giving the banks profits to nurture and succor like lolly pops, Buffet is the ‘chosen one’.   Buffett is 92 and arrived in Omaha Nebraska accompanied by 20 private planes. Purportedly, each plane held the various Cartel members who were roused from their playtime to come to the rescue or negotiate a consolidation among banks whose financials are similarly overly leveraged in long term securities; bonds and treasuries.

In 2008, Buffett made investments in a number of banks propping them up during the crisis and restoring market confidence.   He made 40% on this investment alone.

Today bank shares are in twalette water – and any potential run could trigger a complete collapse which would infringe on their globalization agenda.   Thus if Buffett does invest his billions into propping up soiled banks – he’s going to want something more than ‘profits’.   He’s going to want assurances.   He’s going to want preferential buy prices.   He’s going to want a hand in the actions taken by the Federal Reserve.

Berkshire Hathaway portfolio is lean on banks having sold off 60% of Mellon and 92% of USB in 4th quarter 2022.   (Side note he also sold off 86% of Taiwan semiconductors…).

The fact that the Federal Government requires ANY outsider to tell it how to FIX it’s botched monetary policies only furthers the quotient of incompetence running America.

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