ISRAEL’S Protests Could Usher In ANOTHER New Election for Netanyahu

Israel is in the throes of a possible civil war. Ongoing protests by The Green Party advocates have been unrelenting.   The gist of the panic are proposals by Netanyahu that would give him authoritarian power over the courts, which puts him into a Kingship of power.   The President of Israel, Herzog, attempted a compromise which was harshly rejected by Netanyahu – and the protests go on unabated.

Israel has been a mess for decades.   Governments come and go annually.   War Hawks continue their unimpeded bombing spree and a Palestine peace deal has yet to be even considered.

Like European nations, Israel has 10 different ‘parties’.   Over 60% of the votes and 82 seats go to the ruling 4 parties.   Netanyahu won with just 23.4% of the VOTES!   No one represents the People of Israel, because there is no unified party system.   Germany is similar.   It is a broken system.   As are MOST election systems employed across the globe.

Western Nations used to be considered the ‘honest’ governments that helped enforce clean elections across Africa.   Now Western Nations are embroiled in election Fraud – our allies don’t trust us, and our enemies laugh at us!.

The US is Israel’s largest import and export partner with China coming in a close second. In terms of actual dollar value, Israel ranks well below the US’ largest trading partners which include; Canada, Mexico, and China.   Despite Israel’s high GDP and low debt to GDP, US Taxpayers have been forced to give Israel over $158 billion.  Despite multiple attempts to broker a deal – Israel has held a stoic stance.

Nearly all aid to Israel is for their military.   Israel claims it requires the aid because its very existence is at stake.   Russia has echoed the exact same sentiment in the Deep State bid to turn them into a viable colony.   The response to Russia – WAR.

Perhaps the judicial system in Israel is broken – not uncommon in 2023, however, Netanyahu’s solution is to give him Total power.   That is not a system, that is a Monarchial Rule.  

But nothing is black and white – there are multiple shades of gray that beg for unraveling.

The pro-protestors claim Likud is a far right ultra religious government.   But Netanyahu is himself Secular – as in no religion.   In fact, MOST of Israel’s leaders have been Secular.   The Secularists defending Biblical representations is wholly hypocritical.    The protestors complaining of an ultra-religious government LOST their entire argument!

Netanyahu’s use of Biblical scripture to support his positions is unethical, irreligious, and worthy of a wolf.   Israel needs to clean house and their judicial system so that The People are more actively represented.   Until that time – they will continue to be embroiled in skirmishes, bombings, and a slew of deaths.

2 thoughts on “ISRAEL’S Protests Could Usher In ANOTHER New Election for Netanyahu

  1. Israel is like a friend of the school bully that goes around harassing people because the bully will back him up. Their attempt to sink the USS Liberty was unconscionable. The US government covering it up was worse. The money we send to Israel and Ukraine is somewhat related in that both have Neo Nazi tendencies.

    “Netanyahu’s use of Biblical scripture to support his positions is unethical, irreligious, and worthy of a wolf. ” – Helena

    Correct! The “State of Israel” is not the “Nation of Israel” in the Old Testament just as Jerusalem is not the Jerusalem destroyed by God using the Romans in 70 AD.

    I fear God will destroy the USA using Russia. It seems to be the way He works when eliminating folks that have went to the dark side.

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