INTEL Building Largest Global Chip Plant in – Ohio.

INTEL is opening up in Ohio.   3190 annexed acres, 8 chip factories.   “The new site will be designed and constructed with green building principles, and the new factories have a goal to be powered by 100% renewable electricity, achieve net positive water use, and achieve zero total waste to landfill in support of Intel’s 2030 sustainability goals.”

Apparently the sustainable goals do NOT address ‘water preservation’.   One chip making factory uses upwards of 4-10 million gallons of water PER DAY. That water consumption would be the equivalent of 300,000 Households.   Many plants have resorted to water recycling methods which can reduce consumption by as much as 40%.   Meaning instead of taking water from 300,000 households – they are now taking water from just 180,000 households.  It is NOT just Households – it is FARMS.  Food chains.

INTEL bought the Ohio land from MCVGCM Holdings LLC which was formed November 2021. MCVGCM’s ownership is unknown – however their agent is a lawyer for Bricker and Eckler, LLP.    Heavy on Diversity and Equity – sustainable development – Agenda 2030, Bricker & Eckler focuses primarily on ‘Healthcare’.  It is likely they are die hard democrats – in alliance with all things WEF.

The land was annexed from farmers representing half of the Jersey township.   The annexation was approved through the New Albany Township. Some of the annexed property came from MJB Holdings, LLC whose agent/officer is CT Corporation Systems – incorporated in Delaware. CT is a subsidiary of Wolters Kluwer, a Netherlands conglomerate.   To what extent INTEL is working jointly with The Netherlands is unclear.   Residents said they sold because they had no choice – but the rural Mayberry township is no more. Their agriculture is no more.   And all water rights will be redirected to INTEL.

What does this mean for Taiwan?  Our main supplier of Chips and our good Buddy against China?

Taiwan is the largest global producer of chips.   The US is dependent on Taiwan for imports.   When supply chains were disrupted, the lack of supply affected everything from electronics to appliances to automobiles.

The Biden administration declared the US would increase manufacturing as a result.   INTEL is on the receiving end of government funding including State grants of $600 million for the manufacturing process, $691 million for infrastructure improvements and $650 million in tax incentives.   The Federal Government has allocated $52 billion in grants for the Industry via the Chips Act, as well as a 25% tax credit.

Intel’s initial investment was $20 billion and they have committed to $100 billion for what might become the world’s largest manufacturing plant. Given the magnitude of INTEL’s blueprint they could qualify for the vast majority of Federal Grant money.

At this stage INTEL is hoping to be up and running sometime in 2025 – so maintaining a close alliance with Taiwan is a necessary agenda.  For the time being.

South Korean giant, Samsung claims they are working with the government of South Korea to expand their footprint and investing $260 billion into chip making plants.

In a classic over-reach, the Biden Handlers have declared that any chip company exporting to China in which any part of the chip is made using US intel would require a US approved license.   Thus cutting off China as a strategic partner with virtually everyone.   It is likely that shadow ban would include Russia and possibly any country doing business with Russia – making it problematic.

Of course, should the US have an actual legal election all of these sanctions and regulations could be completely repealed.

The chip industry will likely grow considerably with advancements in mandated electric usage.   For example a gas powered car requires roughly 300 chip while an electric vehicle requires upwards of 3000 to 5000.   Chips do come with their downside including smart grid cyberattacks.   But they also present control issues that align with the concept of ‘social credit’.

Of course, the entire strategy is built on a demand concept.   IF our governments continue to depopulate, demand will fall and these chip plants anticipating a 2030 BLOWOUT in profits, could find themselves beleaguered in inventory. If banks go belly up – so do loans to manufacturing.   The tenuous trail of supply is not unlike ‘nature’ – take out one of the species involved in the natural order and the entire order slowly dominoes into collapse.

In the meantime – these chip conglomerates need land and water.   Lots of both.   They need a steady stream of silicon.   All of which takes from another Industry – Agriculture!  

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  1. No government should not be involved with private business in any manner especially using taxrobbery money then complaining how they are coming up short and need to borrow, aka printing, to make their budgets.

    Already the train derailment will decrease the amount of farmland,,, this mega company will decrease more land and especially fresh water. No wonder they say we will eat ze bugs.

  2. Stupid sustainability and wokeness. I guess I bought my last Intel product about a year ago. No more if I can find something else.

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