IRAN RIOTS: The Gateway Pundit Trolling for Regime Change?

The Gateway Pundit is an exemplary news site, however it would appear they have been misled regarding the events in IRAN.   Citing an online twitter personality, Masih Alinejad, as their source, she is a US Government employee being paid through USAID and the Open Technology Fund.  

US Agency for Global Media is Alinejad’s actual employer.   They were formed by the Clinton Administration. The purpose of the media subsidiaries that act on behalf of USAGM is to target the youth and women’s markets across the globe.   Their aim is to incite insurrection and dissent.   Once protests have been established, National Endowment for Democracy hijacks the protests with agents from the Soros Pool and they become Riots.   Quickly escalating, fire bombs and incendiary devices are used to ‘heat up’ the situation and result in massive injuries and deaths.

These deaths and injuries are then fed to the public to garner sympathy for a regime change, aka COUP.

The exact same tactics were used during Trump’s entire Presidency to invoke mass rioting which ultimately destroyed major US cities and innocent businesses.   The same tactic was used in the 2009 Revolution in Iran, the 2014 Orange Revolution in Ukraine, and the Hong Kong Riots.   Regime change was thwarted in all but one of those – Ukraine!

Unfortunately, The Gateway Pundit has not done their research and is instead trolling on behalf of – The Bidenesque Cabalists.   The same cabalists who need to secure the regimes of the outliers;   Iran, Russia, China, Brazil, South Africa – and India.   Lest their entire Globalist Agenda becomes half a globe.

The Open Technology Fund was founded in 2021, when Hillary was Secretary of State. OTF openly admits that they were instrumental In inciting the revolutions in Iran and throughout the Middle East!   US Taxpayers are FUNDING OTF to create an atmosphere of anarchy in countries across the globe.

Alinejad was born in Iran but grew up in the UK. Her self-imposed first name means Messiah, which she adopted instead of her birth name. A bit narcissistic?   She has written for the Washington Post a well known CIA rag, met with Pompeo – a rhino, and debated with Linda Sarsour on CNN. Then in 2021, she met with the Obama, Clinton and Biden affiliate, Jake Sullivan, who currently works as the US National Security Advisor.

This is who The Gateway Pundit is now Supporting – albeit because they did not do their due diligence.

She is NOT a conservative looking out for women’s rights.   She is a hijacked member of the cultist media supporting regime changes across the globe.

While there are likely many women in Iran who feel oppressed, it is important to understand that cultures are NOT our business.   Inciting riots in order to change another country’s culture is illegal according to International Law.   Calling such agency a ‘charity’ with charitable IRS status is highly illegal.

For perspective:   imagine our delight if Chinese infiltrated our country, incited riots and called for a regime change …?     The changing of the guard they would install would be a member of the CCP.  

This focus on regime change and sanctions instead of on positive trade and economic alliances is exactly why our western economies are poised to spiral into oblivion.   All at the Behest of The Cultist Cabal and their ‘minions’.

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