DISNEY WORLD – Out Finessed by Florida Governor De Santis!

Orlando Florida’s Disney World encompasses nearly 41 square miles of land use.   It is a protected self-governing district that was established in 1967 by Walt Disney.   Its status allows this corporation to self govern and avert typical laws and regulations. The 2021 assessed property tax bill, which Disney disputes, valued the property at 2.037 billion.   However, it is an ‘assessment’ not an actual land value which is significantly higher.   For example the property tax assessment on my property is about 65% of its sales value.

There are 38,000 Special Districts across the US – spurred initially by the Great Resetter himself – FDR. The purpose was to skirt the laws that are normally imposed on cities such as limitations on outstanding debt and tax evasion.   According to the Wall Street Journal, these special districts have become a bane on society and ALL should be dissolved given their tax evasion status.

The Reedy Creek District, which is Disney World, collects $105million in local property taxes.   But since the District is Disney – they tax themselves and give the money back to – themselves. A shell game. When Reedy Creek is dissolved as a district that local tax levy will be payable to Orange and Osceola Counties based on property lines and their tax rate. So no – those districts will not have increased property taxes, because Disney never actually paid anything in the first place!   

In addition, it is likely Disney taxes will increase considerably given they will be required to pay for services such as police and fire that they were not paying.   As a self governing District, they created their own police – who were bunnies with guns.

Florida initially authorized the Reedy Creek special district because Disney promised to build a new suburban community.   Walt Disney envisioned the Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow – EPCOT. Basically, it was a utopian company town with Walt Disney the self-delegated king. In essence, the same vision embraced by Gates and Bezos. Which also have never come to fruition.

When Disney died in 1968, the Corporation simply dropped the idea defrauding the contractual agreement.

Thru a maze of shell companies, Disney bought the land in 1965 for $5million, or $185 per acre – an obvious discount. It is the size of San Francisco.   The CIA connection was tapped by Disney who was already quite well-connected.   He hired Paul Helliwell who ran CIA operations in southeast Asia and Bill Donovan, the head of OSS.   Thru their connections, Disney was able to buy the land so cheaply and establish the Special District with the newly appointed governor of Florida, Claude Kirk, Jr.   Kirk had never served in any political capacity prior to this election as Governor.   His one year term was riddled with accusations and corruption – he was generally disliked by everyone including his wife who had divorced him for infidelity and drinking issues.

Bill Donovan was a court jester of the Rockefeller Foundation and profited largely on the stock market crash that led to the Great Depression. Donovan appointed MKUltra Dulles to head the CIA, and was intimately involved in MI6. A war monger, Donovan was entrenched in the global war machine understanding its profit trajectory!

Helliwell was well known for establishing CIA propriety companies with fake and dummy names. In 1965, the IRS began investigating these CIA scams under the auspices of – “Operation Tradewinds”.   The IRS unveiled a drug trafficking network was being operated by the CIA.

Was the Special District status a tit-for-tat to ensure Kirk’s win as Governor?   It is very HIGHLY to be fact.

The ‘Disney district status’ allowed Disney to issue hundreds of millions of dollars of tax-exempt “municipal” bonds that cost other Floridians and the Federal Treasury.   The current outstanding balance is $766 million, payable by the District. When the District is dissolved the legal question would be whether Disney is responsible for the outstanding bonds or Florida.

DeSantis has assured everyone that the bonds will be paid, just via another circuitous means – Disney taxes. Without district status, Disney World will have to pay for their water, sewage, police, fire, infrastructure, etc…  The press is as usual presenting false and misleading information while DeSantis is calm and collected having meticulously planned every legal angle of this move before the strike.

The bonds are secured by the District and a cash funded debt service reserve.   That reserve pledge is stated to be $1 billion.   The District board which consists of 5 members elected by Disney could also be held accountable if the funds pledged are actuarially nonexistent.   The bonds are down since the announcement making the interest rate higher…   NOT good for Disney.

While the reserve may or may not exist – Disney would be responsible for what has been represented by its elected board.      

Some naysayers believe Disney World can simply ‘move’ to a new location.   Imagine moving San Francisco…   That would include 39 square miles of ‘stuff’ including buildings… not exactly the pie that the Dallas mayor envisions when offering Dallas as a new Disney.

The District will be dissolved as of next June and may at that time ask for re-establishment based on current laws, however, it is doubtful they would succeed.

The ULTIMATE chess match – and DeSantis just scored a massive check!   The media are on Disney’s side and rattling their Don Quixote sabers made of limp lipids of lactose!   DeSantis – Very Very Impressive!  MANY KUDOOS!

PART II:   I will examine the pedophilia aspect – Club 33 – and any connection to Epstein given the savage truth to the man behind the Curtain – Walt Disney!

FROM WUHAN to GM Mosquitoes in Florida! A Biowarfare Plague!

WUHAN BSL-4 Lab scientists were trained by French scientists in Lyon on bio-safety measures – that’s the media story.   The Chinese government had declared that because they have over a million people working in Africa, they needed to find vaccines for a number of African diseases including; Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, Ebola, Malaria, etc…  That’s the China CCP story.    How and why those experiments morphed into SARS experiments has not been identified.   But the leaks within the lab have been ongoing since it’s inception.

In 2003, members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences approached Jean-Pierre Raffarin, the Prime Minister of France, who was quite pro-China and wished to untangle France from US ties in favor of a China relationship.   He stated he wanted France to ‘gain independence from the US’.   Dr. Chen Zhu asked for France’s commitment to helping them add a BSL-4 lab at Wuhan.   President Chirac was quite impressed and agreed to provide the blueprints, know how, scientific safety measures, and construction of the lab.

As a part of the agreement, 50 French researchers would work at the lab for a period of five years beginning at its inauguration in 2017.

Despite warnings from their own intelligence and the US ambassador to Beijing, fearful of the consequences of the lab being used for biowarfare, Raffarin and Chirac were dazzled by the prospect of a ChinaFranco super-power.   While Raffarin resigned as PM due to his ineptitude and lack of support from the French people, he went on to head the France China Foundation.   And China decided to rape France of it’s basic knowledge while using their own CCP construction company to build the lab.

Given the renowned cheap quality of everything Chinese, the lab was no different.   Cutting corners.   France’s project chairman quit amid frustration that China was circumventing the initial agreement.   They knew that China would take this Level 4 Lab and turn it into a charade of security and safety.   The US knew as well under President Bush and ultimately under Obama.

Construction began in 2010, was completed in 2015 and the lab was operational as of 2017 – just 2 years before the release of CoVid.   The 50 French researchers who were slated to assist in a five year training program – were ditched by China.   And according to a report by La Figaro, Chinese media claimed lab was a joke, that researchers would sell lab ‘animals’ used in experiments for pocket money.   Those lab animals were Rhesus Macaques, not white mice.  And Bats?   Nowhere to be found.

In 2018, the American Embassy in Beijing sent science attaches to observe the lab.   Those science attaches, were likely part of NIH which had been providing funding for the lab via Anthony Fauci.   They reported that, “The new lab has a serious shortage of appropriately trained technicians and investigators needed to safely operate this high-containment laboratory.”   They specifically warned that the facility’s work on bat coronaviruses posed the risk of a new SARS-like pandemic.”

And Fauci – did – NOTHING.   Except, ask his good buddy Bill Gates for assistance.

And thus began the massive research into SARS so as to develop a vaccine should WUHAN fail.   That research was conducted at Winnipeg University in Canada and at Fort Detrick, US as of 2018.     But Fort Detrick was shut down by the CDC in 2019 after its own laboratory experienced two serious ‘safety violations’.   The commander at Fort Detrick was somewhat upset claiming no one at the lab had been exposed to anything ‘toxic’.   Interestingly, Fort Detrick ‘claimed’ their research was relegated to the same viruses WUHAN claimed to confine its studies to;   Ebola and other African born viruses. Obviously they share a common deception – honesty.

Fort Detrick doesn’t announce their more relevant experimentation;   studying how insects can be used as disease vectors – as in the Zika trial that caused encephalitis.

In 2016, Bill Gates promoted the use of ‘genetically modified’ mosquitoes to combat malaria.   Testing these GM insects in Brazil, the Cayman Islands, Malaysia and Panama, a Brazil study found them completely ineffective in reducing mosquitoes – their stated goal.

May, 2021:   Gates company, Oxitec, in conjunction with the Pentagon, was just given approval by the EPA to release up to 750 million of these GM mosquitoes in the US, specifically right now in the Florida Keys.

In time for summer!  

According to a report by NEO, New Eastern Outlet, “The CEO of Oxitec, Grey Frandsen, has a dark history with the US State Department in the Balkans, as an advisor to the US Navy, and as a Fellow of the George Soros’ International Crisis Group that played a key role in the destruction of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. With no previous experience in biotechnology, Frandsen appears as CEO of Oxitec in 2017.   Oxitec, a UK company, is now owned by Third Security, a US venture capital firm in Radford, Virginia headed by Randal J. Kirk who also owns  the gene-edited salmon producer, AquaBounty.

The Coincidence comes on the heals of Obama smugly declaring that his people in the Biden White House are finishing what he started.    Are these mosquitoes a biowarfare weapon created by Fort Detrick in conjunction with Oxitec?   Insects as disease vectors.  If so, what disease are they going to release to Floridians?

Best to look what vaccine Gates has in the works.

Florida has no malaria, single digit Dengue and Zika.   Yet despite residents and environmental groups loudly complaining – the Pentagon overrided their objections. That would be Lloyd Austin.  The Biden imposed EPA Director;  Michael S. Regan.   His specialty is Environmental Racism.  His initial career began in the Clinton administration.  Pawns and Puppets.

Florida – the residence of President Trump.

Given the timing, given previous collaboration between Gates, Fauci and Fort Detrick using human subjects to trial disease riddled mosquitoes as vectors of biowarfare, is not wholly impossible – it is –  very very plausible.  And therein will be the next Pandemic…this summer coming to a theatre near you!

Pipe Bomb Scare or Scandal?

George Soros was the first recipient of the pipe bomb.  It was ‘hand delivered’ to his mailbox at his suburban home in Katonah New York.   The normal carrier for his mail was questioned and told the FBI he does not remember such a package.  Which means it was delivered by the creator, or someone hired by the creator.   And somehow, despite all the billions, Soros seems to not have a security system or camera at this property that would have videoed the delivery?

The package with a pipe bomb that the media claims was delivered to DeNiro was actually found ‘near a restaurant DeNiro co-owns’ with Sean Penn and Russell Simons.

Apparently, Biden felt left out of the sympathy fanfare and notified the FBI that surely there was a bomb package for him – somewhere?  So dutifully, they found one sitting in a Delaware post office ready to be returned to sender.  Biden was overjoyed!  He was included after-all.

Eric Holder’s bomb was apparently returned to sender, Debbie Wasserman.

The bomb addressed to Brennan was actually sent to CNN, and had his name misspelled ‘Brenan’.

The one delivered to Hillary and Bill was intercepted during normal mail screening.

The one for Obama was ‘intercepted’ as well – security paid for by US Taxpayers.

Apparently, none of the bombs contained the necessary detonation ‘device’.  They were not meant to blow.   Most were hand delivered.  No cameras apparently caught any deliveries.   There were no notes.

Attached to the bombs was a black paper placard that depicted three erotic looking women painted in white at the top and the meme:  Get Er Gone.   The meme is a takeoff of a book title, “Git R Gone” and is considered Urban language for inspiring action.

According to the FBI, the stamps were licked and contain saliva DNA, and fingerprints were left on the receptacles.

The MSM New York Times issued a ranting attack against Trump for instigating violence while printing a picture and opinion piece in which Trump is assassinated.    Maxine Waters has routinely called for Trump’s death as has DeNiro.   Eric Holder called for actionable violence by all Democrats against all Conservatives.    Waters has also been quite verbal in instigating violence against people in public places that are supporters of Trump. Of course, her rally’s have been rather sparsely populated garnering perhaps 15 or so.

The irony of the NYT statement is lost on their fake news agenda.

But if the pipe bombs had no detonation device, the creator had no intention of hurting anyone, she/he was just sending a warning or colluding in an election sting.  While the spin is that the bombs target critics of Trump, that would indicate every Liberal is a potential target…  given they all criticize and assault Trump.  The spin is simply that – rhetoric.

These bizarre antics of blaming Trump for everything from hurricanes to serial killers, to pipe bombers is a form of mental instability labeled –   ‘fundamental attribution error’, and an attribute of narcissistic sociopathy.    It is a form of control, a need to control, a need to attack, an inability to take responsibility for anything, and a pathological need to lie.

The antics of Debbie Wasserman brought down the DNC.  She disgraced the party and was found by WikiLeaks to have orchestrated fraud within the DNC that may or may not have led to the brutal murder of staff member, Seth Rich.  Refusing to resign, Obama forced her resignation.  She became the most prominent scapegoat.

As such, her name as the sender of the pipe bombs was quite intentional.

But the obvious intent of labeling Trump a disgrace because of his attacks on ‘the media’ is rather an odd rant given the media was not a target, the bomb sent to CNN was addressed to Brennan…Somehow the media thinks they are the target?

Wasserman is a candidate for Florida-23 a mostly democrat district within Broward County.  Broward County is home to student turned national Liberal activist David Hogg.   Today, the FBI stated they are concentrating their efforts on South Florida as they pinpoint the source of the pipe bombs.   It could be interesting…  might explain the crude construction, the wrong addresses, the misspellings…not to mention the fact they were not built to actually detonate.