INDIA vs Russia vs the EU – A War Game of Blackmail

INDIA keeps popping up as a major conflict for the EU and West. Why?   Because India has maintained an open relationship with Russia and the Cabalists were not prepared for that outcome.   Bojo made a mess trying to blackmail India out of Russia, and now EU’s Ursula von der Leyen is busily sucking up to Modi claiming the EU is a vital trade partner with India and always has been…   Except that would be a lie!

It may be too late for the EU to impersonate a friend to India, given historical stats, but to attempt to blackmail is NOT going over well and in fact is backfiring Yugely!

Under Trump, relations and trade increased radically as a means of decoupling with China.   But Europe has been a relatively benign partner and preferred China as their central Asian partner.  Mistake.

Russia came to the table well before the Ukraine chaos and bolstered trade with India significantly.   The EU – not so much.   Russia exports to India have increased at an annualized rate of nearly 10% since 1998.   No tricks. No agenda.   Just proximity and normal trade relations without a slurry of rubbish.

Plastering on her best come hither smile, Von der Leyen has been instructed that she must woo India away from Russia 100%.   Unfortunately this tactic may well be viewed as at best disingenuous, and at worst – prostitution.

Von der Leyen asserted that a relationship with the EU was in India’s best strategic interest.   Really? What underlying threat is she implying?   Strategic Interest, according to the WEF Force, is about the international order. In fact, it is a defense White Paper outlining the 2030 Agenda.  

If Modi aligns with this Order, then the liars will embrace India – albeit in name only.   Ultimately, India is NOT a country that will be embraced – due to its poverty schism and lack of future ‘resources’.   Thus, once the EU alliance is conferred, India will fall into the same spiral plaguing the EU without a Russia or Belarus trade ie oil, gas, wheat, and fertilizer.

There are only 2 EU countries that have had any relative trade influence on India; Germany and Switzerland.

India’s major imports include: mineral oil, electric machinery, gems & metals, organic chemicals, plastics, vegetable oil, iron & steel and fertilizers. Mineral fuels and oils account for their largest import.   The EU is not in the graphic – and given the ‘supply shortages’ we are facing in our today and near future, the EU has little to offer.

While the statistics available for imports and exports is dated to the Trump era, at that time the alliance was Strong and imports & exports between India and the US was dominant.   That would be when Trust became a dominant factor!

What does the EU have to offer India?   They don’t have the fertilizer, the organic chemicals, wheat or rice, or the oil to export to meet India’s needs.   A global food supply disruption will render the US and the EU powerless in the economics of trade.

As such, the only offer von der Leyen could possibly make would be ‘blackmail’.  

In so doing, Modi would be faced with the promise of personal wealth vs the starvation and total collapse of the economy of India.  

IN the western world of the US, this choice was also presented.   Our government chose wealth and cratered America as a direct result.   Our politicians, corporate Boards and CEO’s were well aware of the impact of their personal wealth choice – in this same blackmail schematic – the true narcissists.

However, today we are witness to some WINS!   Some large – some small – but each one very RELEVANT!

These wins revive Faith & Hope – two paramount Christian ideologies.   Without these values, we fall into despair and are subject to the automaton dystopia that the Marxist World Economic Forum envisions.   According to the WEF Klaus Agenda, in their dystopian world, humans will own nothing, have nothing, be nothing and will be happy.   Like an animal.   Humans will no longer be represented. And we will degenerate to the most simplistic existence – survival.  Animal.

The Hunters – them – and the Hunted – humans.

Complacency would THUS be our demise as the human race in this composite.

However, we have recent witness to many interesting albeit far fetched positives that have literally leveled the Agenda:   1)   Durham – an amazing hero is risking everything to unravel the liberal collusion!   2)   DeSantis is going against the mob rule of pedophilia and child grooming!   3)   Musk is revealing the extent of absolute censorship within the western countries! And 4)   Diligent hero’s are fighting the establishment to unveil Truth in journalism!

Within these alliances, it is important to also note – who within our American Congress is working For The People, and who is working for the Mafia Mob.   The number right now is in the realm of perhaps 5 among 435 seats – 1.15%!

ALL the more reason to SUPPORT those who are working to help the future of our country and our Global World!  

Sitting in your lazy-boy calling game shots – will NOT make a dent.   Historians have ALL agreed that complacency was the main cause of a Hitler Ascension.   He went after the Youth Market – He used Propaganda – He owned the Media – and he used Mind Manipulation or mass psychosis…   The Exact Same Chess Moves utilized today.   Old.   Worn.   Archaic.  


DISNEY WORLD – Out Finessed by Florida Governor De Santis!

Orlando Florida’s Disney World encompasses nearly 41 square miles of land use.   It is a protected self-governing district that was established in 1967 by Walt Disney.   Its status allows this corporation to self govern and avert typical laws and regulations. The 2021 assessed property tax bill, which Disney disputes, valued the property at 2.037 billion.   However, it is an ‘assessment’ not an actual land value which is significantly higher.   For example the property tax assessment on my property is about 65% of its sales value.

There are 38,000 Special Districts across the US – spurred initially by the Great Resetter himself – FDR. The purpose was to skirt the laws that are normally imposed on cities such as limitations on outstanding debt and tax evasion.   According to the Wall Street Journal, these special districts have become a bane on society and ALL should be dissolved given their tax evasion status.

The Reedy Creek District, which is Disney World, collects $105million in local property taxes.   But since the District is Disney – they tax themselves and give the money back to – themselves. A shell game. When Reedy Creek is dissolved as a district that local tax levy will be payable to Orange and Osceola Counties based on property lines and their tax rate. So no – those districts will not have increased property taxes, because Disney never actually paid anything in the first place!   

In addition, it is likely Disney taxes will increase considerably given they will be required to pay for services such as police and fire that they were not paying.   As a self governing District, they created their own police – who were bunnies with guns.

Florida initially authorized the Reedy Creek special district because Disney promised to build a new suburban community.   Walt Disney envisioned the Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow – EPCOT. Basically, it was a utopian company town with Walt Disney the self-delegated king. In essence, the same vision embraced by Gates and Bezos. Which also have never come to fruition.

When Disney died in 1968, the Corporation simply dropped the idea defrauding the contractual agreement.

Thru a maze of shell companies, Disney bought the land in 1965 for $5million, or $185 per acre – an obvious discount. It is the size of San Francisco.   The CIA connection was tapped by Disney who was already quite well-connected.   He hired Paul Helliwell who ran CIA operations in southeast Asia and Bill Donovan, the head of OSS.   Thru their connections, Disney was able to buy the land so cheaply and establish the Special District with the newly appointed governor of Florida, Claude Kirk, Jr.   Kirk had never served in any political capacity prior to this election as Governor.   His one year term was riddled with accusations and corruption – he was generally disliked by everyone including his wife who had divorced him for infidelity and drinking issues.

Bill Donovan was a court jester of the Rockefeller Foundation and profited largely on the stock market crash that led to the Great Depression. Donovan appointed MKUltra Dulles to head the CIA, and was intimately involved in MI6. A war monger, Donovan was entrenched in the global war machine understanding its profit trajectory!

Helliwell was well known for establishing CIA propriety companies with fake and dummy names. In 1965, the IRS began investigating these CIA scams under the auspices of – “Operation Tradewinds”.   The IRS unveiled a drug trafficking network was being operated by the CIA.

Was the Special District status a tit-for-tat to ensure Kirk’s win as Governor?   It is very HIGHLY to be fact.

The ‘Disney district status’ allowed Disney to issue hundreds of millions of dollars of tax-exempt “municipal” bonds that cost other Floridians and the Federal Treasury.   The current outstanding balance is $766 million, payable by the District. When the District is dissolved the legal question would be whether Disney is responsible for the outstanding bonds or Florida.

DeSantis has assured everyone that the bonds will be paid, just via another circuitous means – Disney taxes. Without district status, Disney World will have to pay for their water, sewage, police, fire, infrastructure, etc…  The press is as usual presenting false and misleading information while DeSantis is calm and collected having meticulously planned every legal angle of this move before the strike.

The bonds are secured by the District and a cash funded debt service reserve.   That reserve pledge is stated to be $1 billion.   The District board which consists of 5 members elected by Disney could also be held accountable if the funds pledged are actuarially nonexistent.   The bonds are down since the announcement making the interest rate higher…   NOT good for Disney.

While the reserve may or may not exist – Disney would be responsible for what has been represented by its elected board.      

Some naysayers believe Disney World can simply ‘move’ to a new location.   Imagine moving San Francisco…   That would include 39 square miles of ‘stuff’ including buildings… not exactly the pie that the Dallas mayor envisions when offering Dallas as a new Disney.

The District will be dissolved as of next June and may at that time ask for re-establishment based on current laws, however, it is doubtful they would succeed.

The ULTIMATE chess match – and DeSantis just scored a massive check!   The media are on Disney’s side and rattling their Don Quixote sabers made of limp lipids of lactose!   DeSantis – Very Very Impressive!  MANY KUDOOS!

PART II:   I will examine the pedophilia aspect – Club 33 – and any connection to Epstein given the savage truth to the man behind the Curtain – Walt Disney!