FROM WUHAN to GM Mosquitoes in Florida! A Biowarfare Plague!

WUHAN BSL-4 Lab scientists were trained by French scientists in Lyon on bio-safety measures – that’s the media story.   The Chinese government had declared that because they have over a million people working in Africa, they needed to find vaccines for a number of African diseases including; Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, Ebola, Malaria, etc…  That’s the China CCP story.    How and why those experiments morphed into SARS experiments has not been identified.   But the leaks within the lab have been ongoing since it’s inception.

In 2003, members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences approached Jean-Pierre Raffarin, the Prime Minister of France, who was quite pro-China and wished to untangle France from US ties in favor of a China relationship.   He stated he wanted France to ‘gain independence from the US’.   Dr. Chen Zhu asked for France’s commitment to helping them add a BSL-4 lab at Wuhan.   President Chirac was quite impressed and agreed to provide the blueprints, know how, scientific safety measures, and construction of the lab.

As a part of the agreement, 50 French researchers would work at the lab for a period of five years beginning at its inauguration in 2017.

Despite warnings from their own intelligence and the US ambassador to Beijing, fearful of the consequences of the lab being used for biowarfare, Raffarin and Chirac were dazzled by the prospect of a ChinaFranco super-power.   While Raffarin resigned as PM due to his ineptitude and lack of support from the French people, he went on to head the France China Foundation.   And China decided to rape France of it’s basic knowledge while using their own CCP construction company to build the lab.

Given the renowned cheap quality of everything Chinese, the lab was no different.   Cutting corners.   France’s project chairman quit amid frustration that China was circumventing the initial agreement.   They knew that China would take this Level 4 Lab and turn it into a charade of security and safety.   The US knew as well under President Bush and ultimately under Obama.

Construction began in 2010, was completed in 2015 and the lab was operational as of 2017 – just 2 years before the release of CoVid.   The 50 French researchers who were slated to assist in a five year training program – were ditched by China.   And according to a report by La Figaro, Chinese media claimed lab was a joke, that researchers would sell lab ‘animals’ used in experiments for pocket money.   Those lab animals were Rhesus Macaques, not white mice.  And Bats?   Nowhere to be found.

In 2018, the American Embassy in Beijing sent science attaches to observe the lab.   Those science attaches, were likely part of NIH which had been providing funding for the lab via Anthony Fauci.   They reported that, “The new lab has a serious shortage of appropriately trained technicians and investigators needed to safely operate this high-containment laboratory.”   They specifically warned that the facility’s work on bat coronaviruses posed the risk of a new SARS-like pandemic.”

And Fauci – did – NOTHING.   Except, ask his good buddy Bill Gates for assistance.

And thus began the massive research into SARS so as to develop a vaccine should WUHAN fail.   That research was conducted at Winnipeg University in Canada and at Fort Detrick, US as of 2018.     But Fort Detrick was shut down by the CDC in 2019 after its own laboratory experienced two serious ‘safety violations’.   The commander at Fort Detrick was somewhat upset claiming no one at the lab had been exposed to anything ‘toxic’.   Interestingly, Fort Detrick ‘claimed’ their research was relegated to the same viruses WUHAN claimed to confine its studies to;   Ebola and other African born viruses. Obviously they share a common deception – honesty.

Fort Detrick doesn’t announce their more relevant experimentation;   studying how insects can be used as disease vectors – as in the Zika trial that caused encephalitis.

In 2016, Bill Gates promoted the use of ‘genetically modified’ mosquitoes to combat malaria.   Testing these GM insects in Brazil, the Cayman Islands, Malaysia and Panama, a Brazil study found them completely ineffective in reducing mosquitoes – their stated goal.

May, 2021:   Gates company, Oxitec, in conjunction with the Pentagon, was just given approval by the EPA to release up to 750 million of these GM mosquitoes in the US, specifically right now in the Florida Keys.

In time for summer!  

According to a report by NEO, New Eastern Outlet, “The CEO of Oxitec, Grey Frandsen, has a dark history with the US State Department in the Balkans, as an advisor to the US Navy, and as a Fellow of the George Soros’ International Crisis Group that played a key role in the destruction of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. With no previous experience in biotechnology, Frandsen appears as CEO of Oxitec in 2017.   Oxitec, a UK company, is now owned by Third Security, a US venture capital firm in Radford, Virginia headed by Randal J. Kirk who also owns  the gene-edited salmon producer, AquaBounty.

The Coincidence comes on the heals of Obama smugly declaring that his people in the Biden White House are finishing what he started.    Are these mosquitoes a biowarfare weapon created by Fort Detrick in conjunction with Oxitec?   Insects as disease vectors.  If so, what disease are they going to release to Floridians?

Best to look what vaccine Gates has in the works.

Florida has no malaria, single digit Dengue and Zika.   Yet despite residents and environmental groups loudly complaining – the Pentagon overrided their objections. That would be Lloyd Austin.  The Biden imposed EPA Director;  Michael S. Regan.   His specialty is Environmental Racism.  His initial career began in the Clinton administration.  Pawns and Puppets.

Florida – the residence of President Trump.

Given the timing, given previous collaboration between Gates, Fauci and Fort Detrick using human subjects to trial disease riddled mosquitoes as vectors of biowarfare, is not wholly impossible – it is –  very very plausible.  And therein will be the next Pandemic…this summer coming to a theatre near you!

ZIKA – A Frankenstein Made in GMO

ZIKA – The Frankenstein Coverup

How come there have been no microcephaly cases in Africa? Given the aedes mosquito containing the Zika Virus originated in Africa – how come they have no, as in none, nada, microcephaly?

Given the great success in the eradication of Dengue fever and Zika Virus in Brazil, the CDC and FDA are opening the doors to GM mosquitoes in Florida…

Has the world gone nuts – or is this a plan to infect the US?

While the only answer that Science can muster is that All Africans are immune to Zika, could it be that the entire issue is an elaborate scheme/hoax/fraud?

The same state of Brazil that was host to the release of millions of GM mosquitoes, Pernambuco, issued a ‘state of emergency’ for the rising number of Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika cases. Between January and February there were 170,000 cases of Dengue in Sao Paulo, a 46% increase from last year. Could the modification of mosquitoes have actually produced a ‘super-mosquito’ capable of even greater neurological damage and greater capacity to procreate?

While the eradication of the tsetse fly in Zanzibar is used as an example of how beneficial gentic modification can be, Oxitec decided to alter the methodology. Instead of using radiation to sterilize the males, they inject a gene that produces a protein that alters their cellular function. The GM males are not sterile, they are just sickened with this protein and the cure, Tetracycline, is not administered which means the sickened mosquito passes its sickness to the offspring who die and thus reduce the overall population.

But it is not working. In fact, it is backfiring, and those cities that released millions of sick mosquitoes are now the same ones with spikes in Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika.

There are two other possibilities:

  1. Millions of mosquitoes. Oxitec said it only injected males, no females because it would have no effect on them. But the margin for error would indicate that individually injecting each mosquito and determining the sex of the mosquito is not nearly the -0- Oxitec and our media might express. In fact, when talking about GM mosquitoes, it is estimated that there have been released 200-300 million! IF we anticipate a 3% error rate, that would mean an additional 9 million females released, each producing 300 eggs at a time! Do the MATH – that would mean an additional 2.7 billion mosquitoes… Hence the massive increase in Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika.

But in addition, the males have created a Frankenstein Mosquito!

  1. Secondly, the only way that the protein works is if the male mosquito is denied the Tetracycline necessary to battle the effects of the protein. But Tetracycline is a natural environmental phenomena.  Tetracyclines are found in surface water bodies impacted by sewage input or veterinary activity, especially intensive poultry and fish production. The larvae of female is laid in surface water containers. As a result they are doused in Tetracycline – albeit in small amounts, but enough. Enough that they are given a boost – and instead of dying they survive and thrive!

While Tetracycline can cause abnormalities to fetuses, the efficacy of the injection of the protein gene on fetuses has not even been studied. When in combination with Tetracycline – the potential for a Molotav Cocktail is Yuuge.

Of all the causes of neurological disorders, including biochemical factors, the one element missing from Africa is GMO Mosquitoes. Africa originated the ZIKA Virus and has NO cases of related microcephaly.

And given that their release has shown only a devastating increase in their population and an increase in the diseases they were slated to eradicate, why oh why would we then release them in Florida where there have been no known cases of any of these diseases born within the borders. ALL cases have been imported from individuals infected in South American and then coming to the states.

While the CDC, the World Health know everything I am telling you – they still have decided to ignore the facts. And that begs an even larger question – WHY?

Is it really just about the money that a vaccine will generate? Or is it something else? Create a disease, profit on the company creating the disease, and then profit again on the vaccine to prevent it. The vaccine market is worth over $61 billion.

But the media frenzy doesn’t even match the CDC website – fyi: funded by the US government, the head of which was appointed by Obama. And while even the value of the MMR vaccine when shown via charts shows that the vaccine had little to no effect on the decline of the diseases as they had already run their course and had declined from hundreds of thousands to 500 by the time the vaccine was administered – that fact is not what is publicized – by the Big Pharma. Surprise?

I imagine, the same will play out with Zika and Dengue as the GMO mosquito population will be pulled and the relative drop in the Viruses will then be credited to – the vaccine.  All the while Pharma makes big money – people suffer – and Oxitec is immune from lawsuits.