ZIKA – A Frankenstein Made in GMO

ZIKA – The Frankenstein Coverup

How come there have been no microcephaly cases in Africa? Given the aedes mosquito containing the Zika Virus originated in Africa – how come they have no, as in none, nada, microcephaly?

Given the great success in the eradication of Dengue fever and Zika Virus in Brazil, the CDC and FDA are opening the doors to GM mosquitoes in Florida…

Has the world gone nuts – or is this a plan to infect the US?

While the only answer that Science can muster is that All Africans are immune to Zika, could it be that the entire issue is an elaborate scheme/hoax/fraud?

The same state of Brazil that was host to the release of millions of GM mosquitoes, Pernambuco, issued a ‘state of emergency’ for the rising number of Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika cases. Between January and February there were 170,000 cases of Dengue in Sao Paulo, a 46% increase from last year. Could the modification of mosquitoes have actually produced a ‘super-mosquito’ capable of even greater neurological damage and greater capacity to procreate?

While the eradication of the tsetse fly in Zanzibar is used as an example of how beneficial gentic modification can be, Oxitec decided to alter the methodology. Instead of using radiation to sterilize the males, they inject a gene that produces a protein that alters their cellular function. The GM males are not sterile, they are just sickened with this protein and the cure, Tetracycline, is not administered which means the sickened mosquito passes its sickness to the offspring who die and thus reduce the overall population.

But it is not working. In fact, it is backfiring, and those cities that released millions of sick mosquitoes are now the same ones with spikes in Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika.

There are two other possibilities:

  1. Millions of mosquitoes. Oxitec said it only injected males, no females because it would have no effect on them. But the margin for error would indicate that individually injecting each mosquito and determining the sex of the mosquito is not nearly the -0- Oxitec and our media might express. In fact, when talking about GM mosquitoes, it is estimated that there have been released 200-300 million! IF we anticipate a 3% error rate, that would mean an additional 9 million females released, each producing 300 eggs at a time! Do the MATH – that would mean an additional 2.7 billion mosquitoes… Hence the massive increase in Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika.

But in addition, the males have created a Frankenstein Mosquito!

  1. Secondly, the only way that the protein works is if the male mosquito is denied the Tetracycline necessary to battle the effects of the protein. But Tetracycline is a natural environmental phenomena.  Tetracyclines are found in surface water bodies impacted by sewage input or veterinary activity, especially intensive poultry and fish production. The larvae of female is laid in surface water containers. As a result they are doused in Tetracycline – albeit in small amounts, but enough. Enough that they are given a boost – and instead of dying they survive and thrive!

While Tetracycline can cause abnormalities to fetuses, the efficacy of the injection of the protein gene on fetuses has not even been studied. When in combination with Tetracycline – the potential for a Molotav Cocktail is Yuuge.

Of all the causes of neurological disorders, including biochemical factors, the one element missing from Africa is GMO Mosquitoes. Africa originated the ZIKA Virus and has NO cases of related microcephaly.

And given that their release has shown only a devastating increase in their population and an increase in the diseases they were slated to eradicate, why oh why would we then release them in Florida where there have been no known cases of any of these diseases born within the borders. ALL cases have been imported from individuals infected in South American and then coming to the states.

While the CDC, the World Health know everything I am telling you – they still have decided to ignore the facts. And that begs an even larger question – WHY?

Is it really just about the money that a vaccine will generate? Or is it something else? Create a disease, profit on the company creating the disease, and then profit again on the vaccine to prevent it. The vaccine market is worth over $61 billion.

But the media frenzy doesn’t even match the CDC website – fyi: funded by the US government, the head of which was appointed by Obama. And while even the value of the MMR vaccine when shown via charts shows that the vaccine had little to no effect on the decline of the diseases as they had already run their course and had declined from hundreds of thousands to 500 by the time the vaccine was administered – that fact is not what is publicized – by the Big Pharma. Surprise?

I imagine, the same will play out with Zika and Dengue as the GMO mosquito population will be pulled and the relative drop in the Viruses will then be credited to – the vaccine.  All the while Pharma makes big money – people suffer – and Oxitec is immune from lawsuits.

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  1. This is really interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger. I have joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your excellent post. Also, I’ve shared your site in my social networks!

  2. Paulo – you pointed out what you thought might be mistakes but didn’t back up your statements with any factual evidence – which leaves your claims without merit. That is scientific ‘theory’ and ‘assumption’ without clear proof – a faith doctrine. While you prefer to run with the ‘trends’ that would not seem very creative or scientific – it seems rather sad as though you have given up.
    Challenging a blog and then being unable to back up your challenges – is arrogant. There is no merit in that – and I am sure you are well aware of that fact and would not put up with it if it were reversed.
    If you read your responses again you might notice the ‘disqualification’ was precipitated by you – your mode of arrogance out of the gate, condescending and belittling. Shame. Which alludes to the notion that you are ‘stuck’ in a rut of trends without evidence and not able or willing to broaden your mind. Trend conclusions are very dangerous, they make one a sheep.
    I am sorry you feel age justifies your lack of creative thought and pursuit of knowledge – that would most certainly be a sad sad state to be in.
    I extended you an olive branch … it would seem you would rather remain stifled and shallow. I am sorry you have digressed to such a place of emptiness.

  3. Cases of zika were just a few in Africa until (for many reasons, not just because immunity) recently, when the virus reached French Polynesia: cases were reported there, after a medical review of records, taking into account what was happening in Brazil. Moreover, due to normal genetic changes, common in viruses, the Brazilian ad most South and Central American zika virus isolates are different from the African ancestors by some thousand base pairs. This may also change its pathogenicity, although it is not proven.
    Dengue was never eradicated in Brazil, but Aedes aegypti was indeed eradicated in the beginning of the last century (by Oswaldo Cruz and his crew). Dengue arrived some decades ago and Zika is a very recent virus in my country.
    Moreover, your epidemiological data on dengue in areas where the GM mosquito was released as a trial to generate biosafety data are incomplete or plainly wrong: dengue cases reported in Jacobina city (not zika, not chikungunya) were not in the same neighborhoods were the GM mosquito was released. A lowering of cases was reported in other places were the GM mosquitoes was released, as in Juazeiro da Bahia and Piracicaba (São Paulo). There is no relation between the release of GM mosquitoes and the increase in flavivirus infections.
    Your knowledge on the biology of Oxitec´s GM mosquito must be improved: the few females released with the GM males may cross and even lay eggs (although with a very small chance, as they usually do not survive more than 2 days in the field), but the offspring will inevitably die in the larval stage.
    Your knowledge on environment toxicology must also improve: tetracyclins is an artificial antibiotics. Moreover, it has very limited use now and is prohibited (at least in Brazil) as additive for animal food. It can only be used in a few bacterial infections, because most bacterial pathogens are now resistant to it. The probability that a female GM mosquito finds a source of tetracycline in the environment is really meager. Moreover, it never lays eggs in the same place and usually does it INDOORS, where no tetracycline will be available in water solution for the mosquitoes, obviously.
    Furthermore, there is no mechanism by which the GM mosquito could change the virus. Virus change randomly (read some good books on evolution, please) and not because of an interplay with some gene segments in GM mosquitoes. In addition, GM mosquitoes can´t transmit the viruses, as they do now survive long enough to allow the virus to complete its cycle in the insect.
    I will not argue further. You should try to improve your knowledge om molecular biology, molecular genetics, epidemiology, virology and insect biology before trying to advance new, meaningful theories about viral diseases, their transmission and how a GM insect could control them.

    • Paulo:

      Nowhere have I stated that I am a molecular genetic scientist… I am a blogger who researches to provide alternate views without bias. That being said, your very arrogant and condescending response was a bit over board given you made supposed factual claims with no backup or basis to support your statements – something a scientist would never do…

      1. Virus’s mutate. http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/news/features/zika-virus-in-brazil-may-be-mutated-strain/
      If virus’s didn’t mutate we wouldn’t need ‘new and improved’ vaccines…
      2. Mosquitoes live 10-20 days on average with some living upwards of months. https://www.megacatch.com/mosquito-faqs/mosquito-facts/
      3. Tetracycline in Brazil: http://www.theecologist.org/News/news_analysis/2987024/pandoras_box_how_gm_mosquitos_could_have_caused_brazils_microcephaly_disaster.html
      Brazil is considered the third largest user of antibiotics in animal feed in the world. It is estimated that upwards of 75% of the antibiotics consumed by the animal are not absorbed and are eliminated in waste. A breeding ground for mosquitoes.
      4. GM Mosquitoes were released in the northeastern regions of Brazil – both Juazeiro and Jacobina are considered northeastern Brazilian cities. There is not any way to differentiate between Zika or Dengue in lab tests as their epidemiology are considered the same, therefore labs use local circumstances to make their finding fit the symptoms.
      5. My knowledge of Oxitec practices and mosquitoes was gained from Oxitec… http://www.oxitec.com/oxitec-video/more-on-the-science-how-does-oxitec-make-genetically-modified-mosquitoes/
      Your analysis and statements with regard to the biology – are false and misleading.
      6. Since there was no known test for Zika in Africa – how can you make the assumption that there were ‘just a few’? Especially given its prevalence has been for over 60 years. Its arrival only in French Polynesia only a recent phenomena and yet considered to be infecting hundreds of millions… Not very scientifically logical. Apparently, you are ok to assume the pathology of Zika in Africa has mutated – but not in Brazil despite the fact that all virus’s can mutate.
      7. While Tetracyline use in animals is regulated in Brazil – this applies only to animals – not feed – and it is only regulated in cattle – not poultry or pigs…

      In conclusion, your attitude could use a bit of humility, your science could use updating, and your knowledge could use an open intellect into possibilities and their potential outcome. You have merely helped me to prove my points with greater accuracy and discount your own –

      • Dear Blogger.

        I never imagined you were a molecular biologist and my answers are not arrogant, but perhaps blunt. I am a blogger, too (genpeace.blogspot.com), but if I put something in my blog on a new subject that I do not know adequately, I always try to follow the main trend in science. Alternative views that lack science are usually fearmongering or conspiracy theories, or both mixed up.

        I avoided to add references to my statements in my comment because they can be found in many papers from good journals. Even avoiding references, my reply was too long. Your references sometimes partially support your claims (e.g., the Harvard site: virus mutate, but mosquitoes do not increase the mutation rate or direct it to a certain base combination. Mosquito transposons can´t move to a RNA virus, etc.). In some cases, they are wrong for the GM mosquito (e.g., the megacatch ref: GM mosquitoes are expressing a deadly protein as soon as they leave the bioplant and never survive more than 7 days, the median value is 2,1 days, as I stated in my former post).

        Still some “references” are skewed and really bad: The Ecologist is no scientific source and its claims are void. The npr source is nice, but has no support from hard data, mixes up what antibiotic are used for breeding and what are used for treatment, etc. As I wrote earlier, the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture prohibited the use of tetracycline and many other antibiotics as feed additives many years ago, for all animal species (http://sistemasweb.agricultura.gov.br/sislegis/action/detalhaAto.do?method=visualizarAtoPortalMapa&chave=1984822284), not just for pigs or cattle. Even if tetracycline were still used today, it would be present in waste waters where Aedes aegypti seldom breeds. Indeed, the water collections within houses are the preferential breeding place and they will never have tetracycline. The idea of tons of tetracycline in A. aegypti breeding places is naïve and misleading.

        As for the inexistence of lab tests to differentiate between zika and dengue infections, you are wrong: they do exist and are used in many different countries now that the three flaviviruses are spreading quickly (please check the CDC info here: http://www.cdc.gov/zika/pdfs/denvchikvzikv-testing-algorithm.pdf) . But zika signs and symptoms are different from dengue and chikungunya and it is relatively easy to identify the virus behind the disease. A recent study (check here for the story and ref: http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/03/don-t-blame-sports-zika-s-spread) suggests the entrance of zika virus in Brazil about three years ago from French Polynesia (the experiments in Juazeiro and Jacobina were ending by 2013, but very, very far from the reported – or better, a posteriori discovered – cases). Anyway, it is just a hypothesis by now and has to be double checked by other authors. However, it is in agreement with molecular data and with what is known about virus spread in the World. It has absolutely nothing to do with GM mosquitoes.

        Zika virus was isolated some decades ago, but the prevalence was very low. Just have a look at the WHO data (general info: http://www.who.int/csr/disease/zika/en/; history: http://www.who.int/emergencies/zika-virus/timeline/en/) . There is no need for lab tests to come to this conclusion because the signs and symptoms are different from dengue or chikungunya (there is some overlap, I agree, but after having seen hundreds of cases anyone can come to the right diagnosis, even without a lab assay).

        Finally, you said: “Your analysis and statements with regard to the biology – are false and misleading”. Please let me know what are the false statements and I will do my best to correct them in a future comment or post. I totally agree with you that I should update my science: I must do that every day, but sometimes I lack the needed enthusiasm, maybe due to my age. Discussions like this one encourage me to search for contradictions in the available data and new possibilities. Thanks for the opportunity.

        • Paulo – your answers were most definitely arrogant and self righteous – the words of someone contained in self and ego – not in the vein of learning and growing in knowledge. And that defines you. What you do – and how you do it – is of no consequence to me or the rest of the world – it belongs to you, but when you condescend to me and the rest of the world because we do not conform to your ways – you have thus defined – you. Not me.
          The stilted mindsight of your views that opens into nothing but stilted mindviews without science, or creative thought or open thought – is not a scientific mind at all – but instead offers a very constricted, unimaginative, breed of dangerous thinking and logic.
          You have yet to provide adequate resources to your thinking – the CDC is a known consort of the US government and has no credence in the real world any longer. IN addition, the science magazine reference has little credence for anything relative to the arguments you pose. And you now cater to the norms of ‘hypothosis, and possible as your argument. WHO has no data on something that was not even tracked… and LAB tests are imperative when making medical and scientific decisions for mass inoculation of the world population!
          NO one mentioned ‘tons of tetracylcine’ – how large an amount could possibly be needed for one mosquito? Logic please.

          I do appreciate that your arrogance has been tempered – however, age is not a justification – in fact – it should be a temperance.

        • I will add – if you can lay down your arrogance, I would actually take much respect in hearing what you have to say and sharing from an open mind and heart – should you be willing… BUt then, you would have to accept me – for who I am.
          Consider it a challenge…

          • Helena, there is no arrogasnce at all, I just pointed out your mistakes.
            Go ahead disqualifying those who do not agree with your theories and conclusions. It is a wondeful way of learning…

            My age justifies the lack of enthusiasm in the daily search for knowledge, it has nothing to do with arrogance, This trait is in your mind, not in my text or my soul.


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