US PUBLIC Education – Grade F – A Pension Nightmare

While US schools are fumbling along with LGBTUVXYZ cues, porn filled libraries, drag shows, and CRT, students are failing math, science and reading!     IQ scores are disintegrating down the kitchen sink and teachers demand more money!   Just gimme MORE Money and everything will be different…   NOT Better, just different.

The ‘average’ IQ in the US is now a paltry 100 to 105.   But what value is an IQ?

IQ’s are a measurement of comparison.   Not a standardization.   If 5 students answer 50% of the questions correctly and 5 students answer the same questions incorrectly at 25% – that is the means of measurement.   Therefore if historically the same questions were answered by 5 students who answered 75% of the questions correctly vs the other 5 answering 37.5% correcting – the measurement would calculate the same IQ for the 75% and 50%. MAJOR FLAW>

Standardized testing is also continually modified to accommodate what is perceived as applicable to a mean of students in current time.     Schools across the US are reporting that students are failing standardized test in massive numbers.   We can thus anticipate the tests will soon be modified to dummy down to the new level of intelligence.  I remember when Firemen were subjected to physical and intellectual testing scores to qualify.   But Blacks kept failing.  The Solution was to dummy down the written portion of the testing to allow more blacks to pass.

This is how public schools justify themselves.

A college professor was recently fired because his class of students said he was ‘too hard’.   The solution?    Fire the professor and dummy down the class.   All while promoting gender and equity as new curriculums.

HOMESCHOOLING:   There are some state controlled countries that have adopted a communist approach to education wherein homeschooling is ‘a criminal offense’.   Germany outlawed home schooling because the state wanted to have full indoctrination control.   Germany is not alone. There are now 21 countries in Europe that ban homeschooling for various reasons.   Germany claims it is socialization. Sweden claims a ‘science based curriculum’ by professionals is paramount.   Other countries claim there are not enough ‘regulations’ to support homeschooling.

Unfortunately, like every other statistic in the US the number of homeschooled children varies from 3% to 17%.   Meaning statisticians must have a low IQ …   Public schools in the US spend upwards of 40% of their salaries on Pensioners.   Pensions are paid at an exorbitant level in the public K-12 system.   A teacher is eligible to gain full pension at 55 having taught for 30 years.   Yet in the ‘real world’ no one retires at that age given Social Security doesn’t kick in until 67.

The discrepancy is huge!   It is hugely unfair to students as they are required to be the brunt of this lacking.   Class sizes must compensate to cover the cost of Pensions.   Homeowner Property Taxes are raised over and over – to cover the cost of pensioners.    School funding accounts for roughly 75% of every homeowners taxes.

The argument that teacher’s don’t make a living wage compared to other professionals is absurdity. An old argument that was first eschewed 50 years ago and has been the mantra justification.

For example: In my county, the starting pay for a teacher with a bachelors degree and zero experience is $45,000 not including benefits.   Teachers work 180-190 days per year.   Most other fields work 260 days per year. Meaning a regular employee works 44% more days yet has no pension status.   To simplify, let’s assume a 55 year old retires and lives to be 85 – thus 30 years of work and 30 years of retirement.   That $45,000 a year translates to a pay of $90,000 for simple comparison purposes.   Before calculation of the time deviance.   In other words a work field that is 44% more but stretched to 67 vs 55 …   The pay equivalence becomes a complete chaos of numbers that obliterates every argument of the ‘teacher’ and reveals a bachelors equivalency with zero experiecne of $130,000 salary !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Basic Homeschooling materials run between $500-$1000 per child.   The property tax allocation of the cost for public schools is now averaging in the $14,000  per student range at the low end to the high end districts that cost upwards of $30,000 per year….  A college education equivalent without the EDUCATION.

TO mandate that cost is truly obscene.  

IF – public schooling was a cost of the parent – what would be the choice?  Imagine the cost per parent if it were by child and not by homeownership?

This is the perversion of taxes that was supposed to defer the costs over a wider range so as to create the illusion that it was affordable – especially if you OWNED NO PROPERTY!

Home ownership in the US is approximately 64%.   So 36% of the population pay nothing toward schools.   That’s called subsidized education – a communist ideology.

In my District this election cycle, they are asking for a huge increase in school funding because they claim the neighboring district has higher salaries.   In actuality, the neighboring district’s base salary is roughly 5% less based on the scale of education and tenure.   But their salary cost – which includes pensions – is higher as it thus produces a higher ‘average salary’.     WHY?   Pensions and Tenure!

The numbers play is a statistical play.   And the Politician play is a false – fake – lie.

As Mark Twain Noted:  

“There are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics”.

2 thoughts on “US PUBLIC Education – Grade F – A Pension Nightmare

  1. IQ’s are dropping due to the influx of people from other nations. Go look at the data. Of course no one will as it is not PC. Tests are now at the 5th grade level just to get some to ‘pass’.
    Then add the LBGTABCDTRANNY hype and what you end up with is a picture of our school systems and general society.

    Most ‘teachers’ have a ‘general studies’ d e g r e e. If they do have a degree it’s not usually from the STEM studies and even they have been degraded which is why many corporations bring in foreign help which aren’t a whole lot to brag about.

    Even the nazis were brought here after WWII,,, operation Paper click. That was the main reason the US got into space and developed outstanding aircraft. Think Werner Von Braun….

  2. Nice work on the column Helena

    My daughter graduated from Hillsdale a few years back. The Obama administration claimed that Hillsdale was not an accredited college but only a college the gave out accredited degrees (product of public education right there)
    So the president of Hillsdale asked the administration what Hillsdale needed to do to prove that it offered a worthy product (paraphrasing of course).
    Obama minions said that their seniors needed to take the Senior Aptitude Test – a standardized test that they gave out to about 300 colleges annually.
    Of the 7 parts of the test, Hillsdale students ranked in the 99% in 3 of the categories, and tops in the nation in the other 4.
    My daughter took the test and said it was the equivalent of a California (standardized) test that she took in the 7th grade.

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