America Is A FAILED Socialist Country With Capitalist & Communist Overtones

The GREAT RESET – The Fourth Industrial Revolution – A New America – built on dust…

New America is an NGO founded in 1999 by Ted Halstead, Michael Lind, Sherle Schwenninger and Walter Reed.   In 2020, Ted Halstead died in an apparent ‘accident wherein he fell 30 feet while hiking’.     NO other details of his death have ever been provided.   Today, New America is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Ford Foundation, Bloomberg, and the US Department of State.   Form 990: 10% of revenue spent on Grants – 20% on Salaries, accumulated net assets of undistributed revenue is $30 million.

New America’s Board consists of;   McKinsey & Co, Harvard, The Atlantic ,and ‘Ashton Kutchner’ among others. Its CEO, Anne Marie Slaughter, was appointed in 2013. She was a member of the Clinton Klan while Hillary was Secretary of State.   Slaughter, wrote a book in 2004, “A New World Order”. The book details the fact that the Order was already in place for some time and governance was accomplished thru a complex web of government networks.

She describes it as, “a world in which government officials–police investigators, financial regulators, even judges and legislators–exchange information and coordinate activity across national borders.”

Oddly, she seems either to misrepresent the reality or be completely naïve to the fact that Elites – unelected elites – are the ones making decisions for the proletariat class citizens with the puppet enforcers, ie judges, financial regulators, police, etc… doing their bidding.

Sherle Schwenninger, founder of new America, went on to found the World Economic Roundtable, another NGO to launder the cartel money.

The New School was founded in 1919 by American & German intellectuals attracted to the ideology of Bolshevism.   Social Justice and anti-capitalism were the motto’s of these pragmatic thinkers, socialism was their ideology.   The New School’s core financing came from The Rockefeller Foundation.  This was the same timing as the formation of the Rockefeller Institute which created the very first mass vaccine agenda on soldiers.   The result?   A highly contagious bacterial pneumonia infection that wiped out 50 million people worldwide – as confirmed by Fauci in a paper written in 2008.

By 1933, the New School was predominantly endowed with Jewish scholars fleeing Nazi Germany.   And a common theme evolved – liberal intellectualism.

Self described as philosophically above others, these intellectuals had differing ideals of what and how a utopian society could be built and survive.

Plato was a socialist Marxist who believed in the communal ownership of family and property.   Aristotle believed in a polity designed around democracy and oligarchy wherein governors should be rich and virtuous. Machiovelli focused on initiative and a virtuous alignment with freedom – where arbitrary and violent measures were necessary to maintain control.

The main difference between historical socialist societies vs capitalist societies is incentive.   Socialism fails because there is a lack of incentive to produce or grow. It is the very reason that China slowly began to introduce capitalist means within a communist class system. To improve – to move forward – to make innovative gains.

Because Socialism leads to stagnation.

“Capitalism is defined as an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and their operation for profit.”   But that is not how western countries operate today.   There are roughly 27 million+ businesses in the US run on for-profit capitalist policies.   OF those 21 million have zero employees.   In fact only 18,000 US corporations have more than 500 employees.

By comparison, there are now 1.5 million non-profit NGO’s in the US, and an additional 120,000 Foundations paying $-0- taxes.   These nontaxable entities are given money by taxpayers through a twisted government system of socialist Marxism – taking from the proletariat by force, and redistributing those funds to cherry picked non-profits.   NGO’s advance their own accumulation of wealth as can be seen in the Bill & Melinda Gates 990 Form; despite being a US Foundation – almost all of the actual grant making goes over-seas.   As in, ‘nonvoluntary wealth redistribution’.  

Gates further uses the loophole of ‘undistributed revenue’ year over year to accumulate ever more value in the NGO – which now stands at roughly $53 billion NET. For Foundations to maintain their exempt status – they need only distribute 5% of net assets as qualifying distributions.

Our economy has been running a socialist agenda for a century.   IT FAILED.   We now have lost manufacturing, faked our statistical data, collapsed our economy into a hellhole of hyperinflation/recession, and accumulated $33 trillion in debt (IF we can believe these numbers!).   The extent of the fakery is unknown – because the socialist incentive of truth is no longer required, understood, or operational.

The Great RESET Revolution has exactly one motive – burying the TRUTH and the extent of the LIES.

Wealth Inequality in US

Wealth Inequality. Somehow Trump is to blame. Somehow, his new tax plan is to blame. And somehow, it is forgotten that during Obama’s tenure, wealth inequality continued it’s brisk rise.   He continued the chart unabated. But it is hardly a nuance of the last decade, or even two, the upswing actually began in 1978 during the Carter administration and continued through every single administration for the next 40 years – Democrats and Republicans

During the Obama administration, food stamp payouts doubled.   But wealth distribution continued its unabated rise. Obviously, welfare Socialism did not solve the wealth distribution issue. So what will?

The UK is labeled a Socialist Capital economy whereby high taxes are imposed to fund extensive welfare costs. But the skew of wealth distribution in the UK actually models that of the US. So obviously, Socialism is not the answer to the dreaded wealth inequality. What is?

It is said that if you are born into wealth, there you stay, and conversely if you are born into poverty – there you stay. So, which countries have the least income/wealth inequality?

The number One is Slovenia. So should everyone move to Slovenia? Most people probably don’t even know where it is or what it is. Slovenia was part of the Roman Empire and then it became part of Serbia, then it was annexed by Germany, Italy and Hungary, before becoming part of Yugoslavia, before becoming – Slovenia.

Slovenia has a population just over 2 million, a nominal GDP per capita of just over $23,000 and the lowest ‘gini score’ in the world. The gini score is what is used to rate a countries wealth distribution. So Slovenia is the place to be! Or not.

The birth rate is a negative, the population is aging, immigration isn’t enough to boost the economy, you could fit seven to ten Slovenia’s into the state of Kansas, and like other secular countries, their future is tenuous.   But most importantly, when assigning a gini score to a country it is important to understand the skews upon which the score is ranked. In Slovenia, the top “100” wealthy have a combined wealth of roughly Euro 2.9 billion.

By contrast, the US which has a much higher gini score, also has the most wealth – the top “5” wealthiest individuals combined amount to over $400 billion.  The US share of world wealth is 25.4%. The country coming in second is Japan at 9.86%.  Both have high gini scores – because that’s where the wealth is concentrated!

Barbados has a wealth per adult capita of over $144,000 and a gini of .7, the “wealth” is a concentration of ex-patriot and offshore accounts. It is meaningless.

Ireland also has a very high ‘gini score’.  Ireland too has very few formidable wealthy citizens. The wealthiest to date is a transplant from India whose net worth is estimated to be roughly $10 billion.   The third richest man in Ireland is an American who renounced citizenship and was heir to the Campbell Soup company.  And the combined net worth of the top five wealthiest living in Ireland amounts to about $22 billion, 95% less than the top tier in the US.

So when we create comparisons in the media using ‘gini scores’ in displaying the skew of US wealth distribution, the story is not exactly wholly relevant and the picture portrayed becomes rather nonsensical.  What it does is give fat to the media when it is only worthy of gristle.

And when we see that this ‘distribution’ has been on a steady rise for 40 years, despite all the Presidents and all the President’s men, it bears consideration that welfare and socialism are hardly the answer because in fact welfare and socialism in the US have followed the exact same skew.  Imagine that…

Our prison population follows the same skew. Food Stamps, Housing, Healthcare, all follow the same skew as wealth distribution. Does that mean they are contributors to wealth inequality? Most graphs tell a very limited picture.   Wealth inequality does exist, and probably always will – even in a purely Communist regime where the government holds the only wealth.   It certainly isn’t fun when you are on the bottom of the spectrum, but it’s not fun when your health insurance represents a third of your income either.

None of this denies the fact that in the US CEO’s pay themselves exorbitant salaries and benefit packages that skew the curve.   But griping isn’t the solution, nor is stacking on more and more welfare, the only solution would be to introduce more competition wherein the cost of a comparable unit is so much lower, the profit margins have to be renegotiated, and the CEO compensation package becomes the prime target. Without competition, the capital structure becomes Socialist and as the US becomes more and more Socialist, the skew deepens.

And that graph is telling.