The Cabals Have No CHOICE: WWIII is Their Only Option For a RESET

Vestas Wind, the largest manufacturer of Wind turbines is in deep doodoo.   June 2022, net revenue down 245%, net income -3.6%, YTD shares down 40%, can’t find parts, and buying has all but stopped – so they decided to raise the price.   SGMA Wind Turbine manufacturer, year over year revenue down 10%, net revenue down 42%, shares down 30% and net profits down 57.7%.   Renewable Energy is a joke.   Land destruction for lithium, steel graves for dead turbines, and silicon mines turn earth into land waste!

The CDC has 26 jabs recommended for babies from birth to 15 ‘months’ and have now approved the unapproved Pfizer/Moderna jab as a school mandate.   According to the CDC, vaccine records are required for adoption, foster care, childcare, and extracurricular activities.

In November 2020, WHO declared that Remdesivir as a treatment protocol for hospitalized CoVid patients had no viable improvement.   April 2022, WHO declares Remdesivir as a suitable treatment for mild CoVid. Remdesivir was initially created in 2009 for the treatment of HEP C – it failed.   The Epoch Times has stated that Remdesivir is used on death row to cause renal failure and death.

EXCESS DEATHS:   In August 2022, the EU revealed the death rate for that month compared to 2016 thru 2019 was 111% higher overall which was ‘lower’ than the month of July..   According to WHO, excess deaths in the US are roughly 25% to 50% higher.   These published statistics are AFTER vaccination plus boosters.   And we are in a parallel plane with The “Spanish/nonSpanish Flu/ Bacterial Infection of 1918 that was eradicated by the Rockefeller vaccine….wherein 50+ million died.

In 2021, The Bill and Melinda Gates Trust grew by 3.2 billion to assets of $54 billion on liabilities of $740 million.   $53.1 billion of the funds are invested in equities and government securities.   Per their 2020 990 Form: On income of $6.8 billion – $1.17 went to operating expenses, and $3.8 went to contributions – leaving unexpensed untaxed income of $1.8 billion.   Total undistributed income over previous five years amounted to $18 billion.  This means they have expenses contributions that they never PAID!

Every year contributions PAYABLE increase, in 2020 by $1.5 billion to a whopping $7.75 billion – that they – Never Paid Never Taxed – but Managed to retain their IRS exempt STATUS!

The GatesFoundations highest paid employee is their Director of China – $1.39 million.   While the majority of Grants went to Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, as well as a host of government agencies and for profits… What it does NOT do is benefit Americans.

Guess which major fund families own -0- shares of this alternative energy company?   BlackRock, Berkshire, Bloomberg, JP Morgan, etc… In fact, the fifth highest Institutional Owner is West Oak Capital with 325 shares worth $45,000.

Recently Bill Gates stated that solar and wind will never replace fossil fuels in a “Transition” – and new innovations and patents need to be developed by inventors to find a solution. Despite the fact that western nations are willing to murder their citizens in refusing necessary oil and gas.

There is only ONE US smelter that produces aluminum, yet the WH has issued new sanctions against the import by anyone of – Russian Aluminum.   Canada and Russia are the top 2 Aluminum exporters.   Eliminating Russia destroys global economies trickle by trickle.

As a result, the US has decided to station our entire 101st Airborne in Romania to fight Russia.   While our US Navy has determined that China will undoubtedly assert military occupation of Taiwan any day now – and VOILA the US has Officially declaring WWIII.   ALL while Pelosi vehemently grins that the dems will NOT lose control of Congress…   Why would that be?   Should these forces attack Russia and China – Martial Law & lockdowns would be instituted with vaccine mandates and….

The mid-term elections would be effectively – ‘cancelled’.