TTP – Farmers United – Gone Baby Gone!

Reuters is claiming that according to US farmers, the loss of the TTP deal is a huge blow to their profits in a slumping agriculture market.   They site Ron Moore, president of the American Soybean Association. 1) American Soybean Association is not a farmer, and 2) Soybeans happen to be nearly 100% GMO in the US, grati, Monsanto. 3) this ‘slump’ would thus be under the Obama administration, right? Not Bush?

Shhhh, I hear an agenda…

So I decided to research what the farming community were saying, and surprise, it didn’t coincide with the Reuters argument – at all.

While the website for the American Soybean Association was a bit scary in their attempt to sway opinion by using such gmo experts as those employed at Bayer, which is about to merge with Monsanto in one massive monopoly, obviously their opinion is rooted in hyping GMO.

Maybe the Reuter’s Chicago based journalist was aware of this conflict of opinion, or maybe he didn’t do his homework, but the bent leans a bit too close to the fake news schematic.

The other sited evidence of Reuter’s  TTP argument is by the president of the American Feed Industry Association. He feels that mounting competition would squeeze out the poor farmers in the US who produce feed for livestock and pet food. And guess what the primary ingredients are for these products? Corn (also a major Monsanto product) and Soybeans.


According to, they advocate most stridently against TTP, TTIP and NAFTA. And according to Citizen’s Trade Organization, 1525 groups banned together and urged Congress to oppose TTP. In drafting a united letter to Congress, they said that, “TPP could have detrimental impacts on American jobs, wages, environmental sustainability, public health and human rights.”

Massive protests against TTP and TTIP in Germany, Brussels, France and across much of Europe urged their politicians to oppose the deals.

Further implication that these deals were not in the best interest of The People, Obama attempted to push through ratification of these highly secretive trade deals without the approval of Congress. Obviously, he was acting for the Corporate interest exclusively.

The fact that Reuters is joining this bandwagon puts their journalism at odds with The People, including The Farmers. According to farmers, trade deals have typically a negative impact on the safety of their products and their ability to compete due to lowered standards. In fact, they claim that these deals such as NAFTA and CAFTA have caused many farmers and ranchers to close up shop.

According to the National Farmer’s Union, ranchers and farmers from coast to coast vehemently opposed TTP, saying it is modeled after failed deals of the past and is doomed to failure.

According to the East Asia Forum, Japanese farmers joined in the opposition. immense domestic political resistance by Japan’s agricultural lobby want the deal – gone baby gone!

So Reuter’s claim that farmers across the US want this deal to pass and are afraid Trump’s X Mark will further harm the US agriculture ‘slump’, is an outright, er, non-truth… or is it simply ‘fake news’?

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