Trump’s Wall – A Privacy Fence

Vatican City – walled and fortified, it is guarded by members of the Swiss Army Guard who are said to be some of most elite and well trained military and are said to be able to ‘shred you alive’. Armed with Austrian made Glocks, assault rifles, some with short barrels and others with long barrels and scopes, as well as a hefty assortment of m16 rifles, muskets, machine guns, and the Heckler and Koch MP7 which can pierce armor, they guard Vatican City 24/7.

In addition to the Swiss Guard elites, the Vatican employs their Gendarmerie Corps who provide additional security, traffic direction and investigative duties.

There are approximately 125 of each on duty to provide protection for the Pope and his papal constituency.

As of 2011, there were about 600 individuals with Vatican citizenship including about 110 of the Swiss Guards – leaving less than five hundred citizens who mostly reside ‘abroad’ being guarded against bad guys by about 250 security persons.  which translates to mean there are roughly 250 guards protecting the Vatican property which is 110 acres, 2.5 guards per acre.

The same Pope who is the appointed gatekeeper of the Vatican vehemently declares that walls must be opened and borders must be clear for anyone to enter freely.   And while the value of the closed and walled Vatican City is apparently un-calculable, estimates begin in the billions, not including investments and real estate held elsewhere.  Therefore, if walls are to protect assets, I’d say the US had a smidgeon more to protect.

The current Pope stated that if Donald Trump builds a wall between the US and Mexico, he is not a Christian and this is not in the Gospel.  Oops.

But this is by far not the only wall to keep out unwanted potential ‘bad guys’.   Israel, Macedonia, Hungary, Kenya, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Spain, India, Morocco, and even the UN all hail host to massive border walls. Hillary’s house not only has a wall but a guardhouse, Obama built a wall around the DC house he is ‘renting’, gated communities abound, gated and walled 5 star resorts, compounds housing the elite and just about everyone in Hollywood boasts a walled off property to keep out the riff-raff and possible ‘bad guys’.

De Blasio built not a wall around his house, but a privacy fence composed of brick, stone, iron and wood…

There are now 65 countries around the world that have built walls to protect them from bad guys and illegal immigrants. So why all the fuss and muss about Trump’s proposal? Because it is Trump’s proposal and demonizing is the new mental aberration.

So maybe that’s the key, we just need to rename our wall.  We aren’t building a ‘wall’ between the US and Mexico – we’re building a ‘privacy fence’…

De Blasio, De Blasio – anyone…

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