Trump’s Attorney General – You Are Fired!

Isn’t it odd that the Democrats are fuming because the Obama Cabinet is being dismantled and a new one initiated?   When Obama took office, every single Cabinet member was replaced in 2009. Without exception. Including – the Attorney General. Yet Dems are screaming that Trump doing exactly the same thing is somehow Nixonian – fascist – a Coup!

Obama even replaced a ‘black woman’, Condoleezza Rice, with Hillarygate… No one peeped.   No Black Lives Matter protestors turned out to riot and vent and hate on him for not supporting a black woman.  Sigh.

Rep. John Conyers is raising his fist, his finger, and his condemnation calling the Trump Cabinet a ‘massacre’!   The thing is, under Obama ( a democrat if you didn’t know), not only did he change the entire Guard, he changed it a number of times while in office because, well, he didn’t like some of them because well, they didn’t do and say – what he wanted…

Bloggers and ‘journalists’ have even gone so far as to call Trump’s re-Cabinet a Coup. Of course, they could probably use a lesson in what constitutes a coup because their definition is more than a bit off the mark. But maybe that’s why they don’t understand that Yemen, Syria and Ukraine were all ‘failed coups’, that resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths.  According to Hillarygate, that’s just the way it is…

So what is a coup? It is a sudden, illegal, seizure of power over an existing government. Given that Trump is the existing government, he cannot orchestrate a coup against himself… it would have to come from someone like – Hillary or Soros or Obama or a bunch of radical rioters or even Hollywooders.

Trump is picking his own Cabinet just like every President before him, nothing different, nothing knew, just business as usual.

They verbiage tossed around include, “dangerous precedent”, “Massacre”, “reckless”, and “incompetent”.   So why then did Obama fire Condoleezza Rice?

Quora had the perfect answer: “why give a plum position to a republican when you have just smashed the GOP in the elections?” Another liberal writer offered this perspective, “…she was a Bush era political operative”.  And yet another informed writer responded, “…it would make no sense at all to choose someone for that office who doesn’t share the President’s political philosophy”.


So what was the Attorney General marry-go-round under Obama?

He immediately fired Mukasey and instituted a temp, Mark Filipe, who he immediately replaced… Then we had Eric Holder, then Loretta Lynch, then “acting Attorney General”, Sally Yates.

Maybe all these aging Democrats have Dementia or Alzheimer’s, because their memory seems to be failing miserably.

So why did Obama dump Mukasey? “By tradition, U.S. Attorneys are replaced only at the start of a new White House administration. U.S. Attorneys hold a “political” office, and therefore they are considered to “serve at the pleasure of the President.” At the beginning of a new presidential administration, it is traditional for all 93 U.S. Attorneys to submit a letter of resignation.”   Oh, I guess the Democrats just forgot…

When Eric Holder announced his resignation, he was facing a grill of issues including being found in contempt of Congress. He was consistently called out for playing “partisan politics” and the phrase ‘don’t-let-the-door-hit-you-on-the-way-out’ was the resounding response.

The there was good ole Loretta Lynch who was lynched for her clandestine meeting with Billy boy Clinton during the election.

So Rep. John Coyers of Michigan, Patrick Leahy, Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Steny Hoyer and Chuck Schumer, maybe you ought to take a look at reality or check into a memory disorder clinic…

Stupid is – as stupid does

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